Scripture Verse

Come over…and help us.@Acts 16:9

Words & Mu­sic: A. F. My­ers, The Seed Sow­er, a Col­lect­ion of Songs for Sun­day Schools and Gos­pel Meet­ings (To­le­do, Ohio: Wil­lard W. Whit­ney, 1897) (🔊 pdf nwc).

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A voice comes o’er the waters,
A voice both loud and clear,
Come over here and help us,
We’re bound in slavish fear!
Our chains do now confine us
In darkness and in doubt,
No light to shine upon us,
No hand to bring us out.


Come over and help us!
Come over and help us!
Come over and help us!
Come over and help us today.

Our idols cannot help us;
We only deeper fall;
And dimmer grows our vision,
When on their names we call,
We look and wait and wonder
If someone o’er the sea
Will hasten to relieve us,
Will come and set us free.


We hear that o’er the waters
A glorious light doth shine,
A light sent down from Heaven,
Oh, send that light divine!
We hear that one called Jesus
Can save us from our sin;
We want to hear his footsteps,
We want to let Him in.