19th Century

Myers’ Seed Sow­er and Search Light were pub­lished in To­le­do, Ohio, so pre­sum­a­bly he lived in or near To­le­do around 1900.

The in­tro­duc­tion to the 1899 New Cen­tu­ry Ca­rols re­fers to him as Prof. A. F. My­ers, the auth­or, a pop­u­lar com­pos­er and song writ­er.

We spe­cu­late he is the A. F. My­ers (1850–1902) who is bur­ied in To­le­do’s Wood­lawn Ce­me­te­ry.

Myers’ works in­clude:

  1. Blood of Je­sus Cleans­eth Me, The
  2. Children, Je­sus Calls You
  3. Come Ov­er and Help Us
  4. Come to the Land Where the Ser­a­phim Shine
  5. Do the Cares of Life Op­press?
  6. Drinking at the Foun­tain Pure
  7. Follow, Fol­low, Fol­low­ing Je­sus the Mas­ter
  8. Friend After Friend Must Leave Us Here
  9. Go Ear­nest­ly For­ward
  10. Go Out in the High­ways and Hedg­es
  11. God Has Work for All
  12. Grant Me thy Boun­ti­ful Bless­ing
  13. Hark! I Hear the Sav­ior Say­ing Fol­low Me
  14. Hark, I Hear the Sav­ior Speaking Ten­der­ly
  15. Have You Asked of God a Fa­vor?
  16. Have You, My Bro­ther, Ev­er
  17. Have You Sad and Wea­ry Grown?
  18. Hear the Lov­ing Sav­ior Say­ing
  19. Hear the Sav­ior Say­ing, Come to Me
  20. I Am Sa­tis­fied with Je­sus
  21. I Glad­ly Will Fol­low My Blessed Re­deem­er
  22. I Had Wan­dered Afar from the Shep­herd
  23. I Know at the Ri­ver of Death
  24. I Know the Re­deem­er Can
  25. I Know When the Ri­ver I Cross
  26. I Read of a Beau­ti­ful Ci­ty
  27. I Was Once Lost in Sin
  28. I Will Glad­ly Fol­low
  29. I Will Meet You at the Foun­tain
  30. I Will Sing of His Mer­cy So Won­drous­ly Free
  31. If We Are Christ’s, We’ll Fol­low
  32. If You Come in Faith and Pray­er
  33. If You Want Par­don, if You Want Peace
  34. I’m Sa­tis­fied with Je­sus’ Way
  35. I’ve Found the Liv­ing Waters
  36. Jesus Will Car­ry Me over the Ri­ver
  37. Keep Close to the Sav­ior
  38. Let the Bless­èd Sun­light In
  39. Lo! The Day Is Pass­ing the Mas­ter Calls
  40. Lovingly, Ten­der­ly, Bring in the Lost Ones
  41. May I Fol­low Thee, Blessed Lord of Love
  42. O How Joy­ful We Should Be
  43. O My Bro­ther, Have You Start­ed for the Hea­ven­ly Land?
  44. O Sav­ior, Help Me
  45. Oh, Beau­ti­ful, Beau­ti­ful Sto­ry of Old
  46. On Sin’s Bar­ren, Rocky Coast
  47. Rejoice, Re­joice, My Soul It Sings
  48. Saints Re­joic­ing, An­gels Sing­ing
  49. Say, Is Your Light Shin­ing?
  50. Scattering Beams of Sun­shine
  51. Singing for Je­sus, Trying to Serve Him
  52. Soul, Have You Heard Him?
  53. Sowing by Word and Deed
  54. Sowing with Song and Pray­er
  55. Story’s Oft Been Told, The
  56. There Is Joy
  57. There’s a Hap­py Land
  58. Though I Am Weak and Sin­ful
  59. ’Tis Through This Grace I Am To­day
  60. Unto Ev­ery Thirs­ty One
  61. Upon the Cross
  62. We Are Work­ing, We Are Pray­ing
  63. We Have Met in Je­sus’ Name
  64. We May Do Some Good
  65. We Will Walk the Streets of Gold
  66. What Can Sa­tis­fy My Soul?
  67. What Was It Bore the Cross
  68. When a Temp­ta­tion As­sails
  69. When but a Child I Learned to Pray
  70. When I Came to the Sav­ior
  71. When Temp­ta­tion Sorely Tries You
  72. Who Is It Tra­vels, East and West
  73. Why Do You Ling­er, My Bro­ther?
  74. Wondrous Sto­ry of His Love
  75. You Ask Me How I Know I’m Saved
  1. Birthday of Our King, The
  2. Hail! Glo­ri­ous Ar­my
  3. Hallelujah, I’ll Be There
  4. I’ll Sing My Temp­ta­tions Away
  5. It Cleans­eth Me
  6. La Hab­ra
  7. Mighty Ar­my of the Young
  8. Read to Me the Bless­èd Bible
  9. Search Light
  10. Sometime, Some­where
  11. Sugarloaf Moun­tain
  12. This Is Child­ren’s Day
  13. Thy Word, O Lord
  14. Toil and Pray
  15. We Are but a Band of Child­ren