Scripture Verse

The blood of Jesus Christ…cleanseth us from all sin.@1 John 1:7

Words: F. L. Sny­der, 1899.

Music: A. F. My­ers (🔊 pdf nwc).

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There is a stream that flows from Calvary,
A crimson tide so deep and wide.
It washes whiter than the purest snow;
It cleanseth me, I know.


Hallelujah! ’tis His blood that cleanseth me,
’Tis His grace that makes me free.
And my brother, ’tis for thee.
Oh, hallelujah! ’tis salvation full and free;
And it cleanseth, yes, it cleanseth me.

Its saving virtues ever are the same,
It cleanseth still, and always will.
Poor sinners who will seek the Savior’s face
Shall know His wondrous grace.


No other fountain can for sin atone
But Jesus’ blood, O precious flood!
And whosoever will may plunge therein,
And be made free from sin.