Scripture Verse

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.@Matthew 28:19


Words: Sa­rah C. Moore, in Last­ing Songs, by Ben­ja­min B. Beall et al. (Doug­las­ville, Geor­gia: B. B. Beall, 1910), num­ber 2.

Music: Tho­mas N. Beall (🔊 pdf nwc). Beall was Moore’s half brother.

If you have ac­cess to a pho­to of Moore (or a bet­ter one of Beall), would you send us an e-mail?

Thomas N. Beall


Let us send the Gospel message
Far across the ocean wave,
To the millions who have never
Heard of Jesus’ power to save;
To the people who are living
In a land of darkest gloom
Where they have no thought of Heaven,
And no hope beyond the tomb.


Let us send the message, blessèd Gospel message,
That the nations may all hear of Jesus’ name;
Let us send the message, blessèd Gospel message,
That the heathen may be saved from sin and shame.

In our minds now, let us picture
Such a people, such a land,
And ourselves among the number,
With no sign of helping hand.
O the pain, the bitter sorrow
Of a life in such a place,
Ne’er to feel the peace and comfort
Of the Savior’s pardoning grace!


Brethren, sisters, ’tis our duty,
And our privilege as well,
To this lost and dying people
Of a Savior’s love to tell.
Jesus said, Go teach all nations;
Dare we slight His last command?
No, we’ll send the Gospel message
Into every heathen land.