Lasting Songs, 1910

May 25, 1874, Dallas, Georgia.

October 7, 1945, Douglasville, Georgia.

Douglasville Cemetery, Douglasville, Georgia.


Benjamin was the son of No­ble New­man Beall and Eli­za Car­o­line Brown, and husband of Ma­no Eliz­a­beth Clonts.

He graduated in music and elocution from the Tex­as Musical Institute. His works include:

  1. Missionary Prayer Hymn
  1. Come Soon, O Golden Day
  2. Debden
  3. Gather Golden Fruit for Jesus
  4. God Is Love
  5. Just for You
  6. Let Heaven Be Your Goal
  7. Lift Him Up
  8. My Father’s Storehouse
  9. Sing to Me of Heaven
  10. Tell It Out with Joy
  11. That’s His Word
  12. Then Sing It Again
  13. This Is My Mission, to Shine
  14. Willow and the Oak, The