1. Across the Eastern Hilltops
  2. Again the Lord of Light and Life
  3. Alive Again
  4. All Hail Glad Day
  5. All Hail the Gladsome Easter Morn
  6. All Hail, Thou Resurrection!
  7. All Hail to the Prince of Life
  8. All the Sacrifice Is Ended
  9. All Ye That Seek the Lord Who Died
  10. Alleluia! King Victorious
  11. Alleluia! Sing the Triumph
  12. Alleluia, Song of Gladness
  13. Always Near
  14. Angels Broke the Seal
  15. Angels, Roll the Rock Away
  16. Arise, My Soul, Awake and Sing
  17. As the Dawn Was Breaking
  18. At Easter Time
  19. At the Feet of Jesus
  20. At the Grave
  21. At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing
  22. Awake and Sing
  23. Awake, Glad Soul
  24. Awake, My Heart, with Gladness
  25. Awake, Ye Saints, Awake
  26. Battle of Calvary, The
  27. Beautiful Easter
  28. Beautiful Eastertide
  29. Beautiful Lilies
  30. Beautiful Morning
  31. Because You Live, O Christ
  32. Behold Christ Rising from the Grave
  33. Believing Souls, Rejoice and Sing
  34. Bells, The
  35. Bells of Easter, The
  36. Bells of Hope, The
  37. Blest Morning, Whose Young Dawning Rays
  38. Blow, Golden Trumpets
  39. Break Forth into Praise
  40. Bright Easter Skies
  41. Brighter Are the Sunbeams
  42. Brighter Dawn Is Breaking, A
  43. Buds and Blossoms of the Spring
  44. Buds Are Bursting on the Trees, The
  45. Christ Has Arisen
  46. Christ Has Risen
  47. Christ Hath Arisen
  48. Christ in the Bands Was Laid
  49. Christ Is Risen (Bird)
  50. Christ Is Risen! (Crosby)
  51. Christ Is Risen! (Kimball)
  52. Christ Is Risen (Lane)
  53. Christ Is Risen (Root)
  54. Christ Is Risen (Russell)
  55. Christ Is Risen, Christ Is Living
  56. Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen!
  57. Christ Is Risen from the Dead
  58. Christ Is Risen! Hallelujah!
  59. Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna!
  60. Christ Is Risen (Thompson)
  61. Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands
  62. Christ the Lord Is Risen Again
  63. Christ, the Lord, Is Risen Today (Crosby)
  64. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Lyra)
  65. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (Leeson)
  66. Christ, Who Left His Home in Glory
  67. Christians, Dismiss Your Fear
  68. Clap Hands, O Ye Heavens
  69. Come, Every Pious Heart
  70. Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lies
  71. Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lay (Kelly)
  72. Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lay (Russell)
  73. Come Then, Thou Prophet of the Lord
  74. Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain
  75. Come Ye Saints, Look Here and Wonder
  76. Come Ye That Seek the Lord
  77. Coming to the Garden
  78. Conqueror, The
  79. Could We Refuse
  80. Crown Him Conqueror
  81. Day Draws on with Golden Light, The
  82. Day Hath Dawned—The Day of Days, The
  83. Day of God, Thou Blessèd Day
  84. Day of Life and Joy!
  85. Day of Resurrection, The
  86. Day of Wonder
  87. Death Hath No Terrors
  88. Death Is Conquered, Hallelujah!
  89. Do We Not Know That Solemn Word?
  90. Do You Wonder Why We’re Glad?
  91. Down from Their Home on High
  92. Early Ere the Dawn of the Morning
  93. Easter After Calvary
  94. Easter Bells (Akers)
  95. Easter Bells (Camp)
  96. Easter Bells (Cleator)
  97. Easter Bells (Gabriel)
  98. Easter Bells (Pettingell)
  99. Easter Bells, The
  100. Easter Bells Are Pealing
  101. Easter Carol (Barton)
  102. Easter Carol (Crosby)
  103. Easter Carol (Lathbury)
  104. Easter, Dawn, The
  105. Easter Day Hath Dawned Again
  106. Easter Flowers
  107. Easter Flowers Are Blooming Bright
  108. Easter Flowers, Easter Carols
  109. Easter Gifts
  110. Easter Hymn
  111. Easter Joy
  112. Easter, Joyous Easter
  113. Easter Lilies
  114. Easter Lilies Pure and Lovely
  115. Easter Morn Is Breaking
  116. Easter Morning
  117. Easter Offerings (Goodman)
  118. Easter Offerings (Sherman)
  119. Easter Song (Andrews)
  120. Easter Song (Blaikie)
  121. Easter Song (Lathbury)
  122. Easter Song (Sparrow)
  123. Easter Sunshine Breaks Again, The
  124. Easter Visits Earth Again
  125. Ere Yet the Dawn Has Filled the Skies
  126. Exalt the King
  127. Fair Lilies We Bring You
  128. Fair Shines the Morning Star
  129. Far Be Sorrow, Tears, and Sighing
  130. Father, God, We Glorify
  131. Finished Is the Battle Now
  132. Flee Away, Ye Shades of Night!
  133. Forty Days Thy Seer of Old
  134. Friend of Sinners Dies, The
  135. Glad Easter Morn
  136. Glorious Resurrection
  137. Glory to God! the Morn Appointed Breaks
  138. Go to Dark Gethsemane
  139. God Hath Sent His Angels
  140. God Is Gone Up with Joyful Sound
  141. God of Might Dispels the Night, The
  142. Grand Is the Song
  143. Grave Itself a Garden Is, The
  144. Great God and Saviour
  145. Hail, All Hail!
  146. Hail, Mighty Victor
  147. Hail the Blessèd Easter Morning
  148. Hallelujah! Christ Is Risen (Hall)
  149. Hallelujah! Christ Is Risen (Wordsworth)
  150. Hallelujah, Hallelujah (Mack)
  151. Hallelujah, He Is Risen!
  152. Hallelujah, Jesus Is Lord
  153. Hallelujah! Jesus Lives!
  154. Hallelujah unto Jesus
  155. Hallow We with Praise the Day
  156. Happy Magdalene, to Whom
  157. Happy Morn Is Come, The
  158. Hark! The Angels Bright Are Singing
  159. Hark! the Springtide Breezes
  160. He Arose (Hugg)
  161. He Arose (Martin)
  162. He Arose Today
  163. He Did Not Die in Vain
  164. He Is Arisen! Glorious Word!
  165. He Is Not Here, but Is Risen!
  166. He Is Risen (Alexander)
  167. He Is Risen (Bateman)
  168. He Is Risen (Bonar)
  169. He Is Risen (Latta)
  170. He Is Risen (Newell)
  171. He Is Risen!
  172. He Lives
  173. He Lives Again (Burns)
  174. He Lives Again (Smith)
  175. He Lives and Reigns
  176. He Lives! O Fainting Heart, Anew
  177. He Lives! The Savior Lives!
  178. He Rose from the Dead
  179. He Rose! O Morn of Wonder!
  180. He Stood in the Midst
  181. Hear the Chiming Easter Bells
  182. Hearts to Heaven and Voices Raise
  183. Heaven with Rosy Morn Is Glowing
  184. Heralds of Easter
  185. Him Dead and Buried We Confess
  186. His Be the Victor’s Name
  187. His Cheering Message from the Grave
  188. Holy Anthem, The
  189. Holy Dawn, The
  190. Hosanna to the King!
  191. Hosannah to the Prince of Light
  192. How Bitter-Sweet the Mystery
  193. How Calm and Beautiful the Morn
  194. How Sweetly the Morn of the Sabbath Arose
  195. I Am, Saith Christ
  196. I Know Not How That Bethlehem’s Babe
  197. I Know That My Redeemer Lives
  198. I Say to All Men Far and Near
  199. If Angels Sang Our Savior’s Birth
  200. If Jesus Rose Not from the Grave
  201. In Lowering Gloom and Cloudiness
  202. In the Bonds of Death He Lay
  203. In Thy Glorious Resurrection
  204. Into the Dim Earth���s Lowest Parts Descending
  205. Jesu, the World’s Redeeming Lord
  206. Jesus Arose!
  207. Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
  208. Jesus Christ, My Sure Defense
  209. Jesus Christ, Our Great Redeemer
  210. Jesus Has Lived!
  211. Jesus Is Living
  212. Jesus Is Risen!
  213. Jesus Is Risen (Kendall)
  214. Jesus Is Risen (Pease)
  215. Jesus Is Victor
  216. Jesus Lives
  217. Jesus Lives!
  218. Jesus, Lord, We Joy Before Thee
  219. Jesus, o’er the Grave Victorious
  220. Jesus Reigns
  221. Jesus the Crucified Reigns
  222. Jesus, the Rising Lord of All
  223. Jesus, Who Died a World to Save
  224. Joy Dawned Again on Easter Day
  225. Joy Dispels Our Sorrow
  226. Joy, Joy, Immortal Joy
  227. Joy-Bells
  228. Jubilate!
  229. Lamb’s High Banquet Called to Share, The
  230. Lamb’s High Banquet We Await, The
  231. Last Command, The
  232. Let Us Rejoice, the Fight Is Won
  233. Let Us Rise in Early Morning
  234. Let Us Sing for Joy
  235. Life Through the Son
  236. Life, We Hail Thee
  237. Lift Up, Lift Up Your Voices Now
  238. Lift Up Your Hearts, Ye People
  239. Lift Up Your Voices
  240. Lift Your Glad Voices in Triumph on High
  241. Light Breaks upon the Tomb
  242. Light from the Tomb
  243. Light of the World! Forever, Ever Shining
  244. Light’s Glittering Morn Bedecks the Sky
  245. Like the Golden Sun Ascending
  246. Listen, Sisters! Listen, Brothers!
  247. Listen to the Song
  248. Little Bells of Easter
  249. Living Now in Glory
  250. Lo! the Lord, the Mighty Savior
  251. Lo, the Winter Is Past
  252. Lord Appears to Earth Again, The
  253. Lord Arose, The
  254. Lord Hath Risen, The
  255. Lord Is Risen, The
  256. Lord Is Risen, Indeed!, The
  257. Lord Is Ris’n Indeed, The
  258. Lord of Life
  259. Lord of Life Is Risen, The
  260. Lord of Sabbath Let Us Praise, The
  261. Lord, Who Late Was Dead, The
  262. Low in the Grave He Lay
  263. Mary to Her Savior’s Tomb
  264. Mary to the Savior’s Tomb
  265. Merrily, Cheerily
  266. Message of Gladness, The
  267. Mighty Conqueror, The
  268. Mighty Victor, A
  269. Morn of Joy
  270. Morning Breaks upon the Tomb
  271. Morning Kindles All the Sky, The
  272. Morning Purples All the Sky, The
  273. Morning Red
  274. Morning Spreads Her Crimson Rays
  275. Morn’s Roseate Hues Have Decked the Sky
  276. My Lord, Didst Thou Endure Such Smart?
  277. Now All the Bells Are Ringing
  278. Now Dawning Glows the Day of Days
  279. Now Let the Vault of Heaven Resound
  280. Now the Green Blade Rises
  281. Now the World New Pleasures Finds
  282. O Blessèd Day!
  283. O Christ the Heavens’ Eternal King
  284. O Day of Light and Gladness
  285. O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?
  286. Oh, Earth! Throughout Thy Borders
  287. O Jesus, Our King
  288. O Joyful Sound!
  289. O Paschal Feast, What Joy Is Thine
  290. O Resurrection Morn
  291. O Short Was His Slumber
  292. O Show Me Not My Savior Dying
  293. O Sons and Daughters, Let Us Sing!
  294. O Voice of the Belovèd
  295. Object of All Our Knowledge Here
  296. Old Story, The
  297. On Easter Day the Savior Rose
  298. On the Resurrection Morning
  299. On This Glorious Easter Morning
  300. On This Morn We See the Dawning
  301. On Wings of Living Light
  302. On with the Cross
  303. Our Lord Christ Hath Risen
  304. Our Lord Is Risen from the Dead
  305. Our Lord’s Resurrection
  306. Our Risen Lord
  307. Our Risen Savior!
  308. Out of the Shadow
  309. Pain and Toil Are Over Now
  310. Praise His Name Forever
  311. Praise the Redeemer, Almighty to Save
  312. Praise the Savior, Now and Ever
  313. Proclaim the Tidings
  314. Rejoice! Rejoice!
  315. Rejoice, the King Is Risen
  316. Resting from His Work Today
  317. Resurrection and the Life, The
  318. Resurrection Day, The
  319. Resurrection Morn so Fair
  320. Ring, Happy Bells of Easter Time
  321. Ring Out, Sweet Easter Bells
  322. Ring the Bells
  323. Ring the Joy-Bells, Christ Has Risen
  324. Ring, Ye Chiming Bells
  325. Rise All Who Seek the Crucified
  326. Risen
  327. Risen for Me
  328. Risen! Hallelujah!
  329. Risen Jesus, The
  330. Risen Lord Today Is King, The
  331. Rosy Morn Has Robed the Sky, The
  332. Savior Is Risen for You and for Me, The
  333. Savior Lives, No More to Die, The
  334. Sealed Was the Tomb
  335. See! From the Morning Land
  336. Send Out the Tidings
  337. Shall Man, O God of Light and Life
  338. Shines Our Morning Star
  339. Shout Forth the Tidings
  340. Shout! Shout for Joy
  341. Sing Hallelujah, Christ Doth Live
  342. Sing, O Earth and Heaven!
  343. Sing, Oh Sing
  344. Sing the Glorious Victory
  345. Sing We Now Our Hymns of Gladness
  346. Sing with All the Saints in Glory
  347. Sinners, Dismiss Your Fear
  348. So Rest—My Rest!
  349. Soft the Bells Are Ringing
  350. Son of David Bowed to Die, The
  351. Song of the Morning, The
  352. Stone Rolled Away, The
  353. Strife Is o’er, the Battle Done, The
  354. Stupendous Grace!
  355. Sun of Righteousness Appears, The
  356. Sweet and Clear the Birds Are Singing
  357. Sweet Easter Bells
  358. Sweet Easter Bells A-Chime
  359. Sweet Easter-Time
  360. Swing, Snowy Lilies
  361. Tell It with a Shout
  362. That Eastertide with Joy Was Bright
  363. Thine Is the Glory
  364. Third Day, The
  365. This Joyful Easter-Tide
  366. This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made
  367. Thou Didst Think of Me
  368. Thou Hallowed Chosen Morn of Praise
  369. Thou, Whom Their Maker Heav’n and Earth
  370. Through Midnight Ages Dark and Lone
  371. To Thee and to Thy Christ, O God
  372. ’Twas at the Matin Hour
  373. Unknown Traveler to Emmaus, The
  374. Upon the Sixth Day of the Week
  375. Uprising from the Darksome Tomb
  376. Victorious
  377. Wake, Sweetest Strain
  378. Wake the Joyful Echoes
  379. Way of Sorrows, The
  380. We Shall Rise
  381. We Welcome Glad Easter
  382. Weep No More This Holy Morning
  383. Welcome, Happy Morning!
  384. Welcome, Thou Victor in the Strife
  385. What Do the Flowers Say?
  386. What Easter Brings
  387. When Christ Arose
  388. When I the Lonely Tomb Survey
  389. Where Is Thy Sting?
  390. Who Shall Roll the Stone Away? (Croll)
  391. Who Shall Roll the Stone Away? (Engström)
  392. With Harp and with Trumpet
  393. With Joy the Morn Is Waking
  394. Worthy the Lamb of Boundless Sway
  395. Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem
  396. Ye Fainting Souls, Lift Up Your Eyes
  397. Ye Faithful Souls, Who Jesus Know
  398. Ye Humble Souls That Seek the Lord
  399. Ye Men of Israel, Hear
  400. Yes, the Redeemer Rose