Scripture Verse

He is risen from the dead. Matthew 28:7


Isaac H. Meredith

Words: Ed­ith S. Til­lot­son, in The Ex­cel­si­or Hym­nal, ed­it­ed by Is­aac Me­re­dith & Grant C. Tul­lar (New York: Tul­lar-Mer­e­dith, 1919), page 232.

Music: Is­aac H. Me­re­dith (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you have ac­cess to a bet­ter pho­to of Til­lot­son, would you ?

Edith J. S. Tillotson


The blessèd Easter comes again,
The holy Sabbath dawning,
With anthems sweet we come to greet,
The Resurrection Morning.


Hail the day! hail the day!
Sing with joy and mirth;
Flowers fair, everywhere,
Gladness fills the earth.
He is risen from the grave,
He is ris’n, the world to save,
Hail the day, hail the day,
Hail the Easter day!

We meet within the house of praise,
With flow’rs for its adorning,
And gladly sing, to Him, our king,
This Resurrection Morning.


As all the wonder of His love
Within our hearts is dawning,
We’ll live with care, that we may share
His Resurrection Morning.