March 21, 1872, Norristown, Pennsylvania.

November 2, 1962, Orlando, Florida.

Greenwood Union Cemetery, Rye, New York.


Meredith’s father played the violin, and his mother sang in the church choir. By age 10, Isaac was taking organ lessons. By age 12, he was singing alto in the choir at the Oak Street Meth­od­ist Church in Nor­ris­town.

At 13, he was converted by the personal invitation of his brother. For a number of years, he sang to prisoners in the county jail each Sunday morning. In the summer of 1891, while vacationing in Ocean Grove, New Jer­sey, a Dr. Mun­hall invited him to sing in evangelistic meetings.

Shortly thereafter, he entered evangelism & began writing Gos­pel songs. In 1893, Mer­e­dith & Grant Tul­lar founded the Tul­lar-Mer­e­dith music publishing house. Mer­e­dith himself composed over 1,000 songs.

During World War I, he served in France with the Young Men Chris­tian’s Association. After the war, in addition to his music business, he served as music director for (at various times) the Bush­wick Avenue Meth­od­ist Church, Brook­lyn, New York; and the Ped­die Memorial Bap­tist Church and Centenary Meth­od­ist Church, New­ark, New Jer­sey.

His works include:

  1. Addis Ababa
  2. All Hail to the Prince of Life
  3. All in the Silent Night
  4. All the Way to Calvary
  5. Angels Adore Him
  6. Beautiful Words of Jesus
  7. Bells of Hope, The
  8. Building, Daily Building
  9. Come with the Wise Men
  10. Comrades of the Cross
  11. Dwelling in Me
  12. Father, Make Us Loving
  13. First Christmas Song, The
  14. For Me
  15. For the Man of Galilee
  16. Garden of Childhood
  17. Hail, Mighty Victor
  18. Happy New Year!
  19. He Lives! The Savior Lives!
  20. If Ye Then with Christ Be Risen (1926)
  21. Jesus Is Precious
  22. Let the Laurel Twine
  23. Let Us Sing for Joy
  24. Long Ago on Christmas Day
  25. Marching On to Victory
  26. Move Forward
  27. O Holy Bible
  28. Our Message
  29. Precious Friend, The
  30. Seal Us, O Holy Spirit
  31. Sealed Was the Tomb
  32. Shine On, Bethlehem’s Star
  33. Signal Lights
  34. Someone Is Praying for You
  35. Spirit and Bride Say Come, The
  36. Stowell
  37. Syracuse
  38. Tell It Out
  39. That Ye Might Have Life
  40. Thy Word
  41. Wake, Sweetest Strain
  42. Waking Out of Silence
  43. We Will Follow Jesus
  44. When Jesus Came My Way
  45. Wonderful, Counselor!