Thy Word is truth.@John 17:17
Isaac H. Meredith (1872–1962)

Grant C. Tullar, The Bible School Hymnal (New York: Tullar-Meredith, 1907), number 1.

Isaac H. Meredith (🔊 pdf nwc).

Grant C. Tullar (1869–1950)

Thou Word Incarnate, truth so divine,
Thou dost illumine each path of mine.
Never a sorrow can e’er abide,
While in thy refuge in safety I hide.


O Holy Bible, truth so divine,
Treasure from Heaven,
I know thou art mine.

Thou Bread of Heaven, sent from above,
Gift of the Father, message of love.
Stream by the wayside, sparkling and clear,
Fountains of cleansing, in thee do appear.


Thou art my Wisdom, Treasure complete,
Sweeter than honey, lamp to my feet.
Thou art my Counsel, Word of the Lord,
Keeping thy precepts brings blessèd reward.