Scripture Verse

Let all the angels of God worship Him. Hebrews 1:6


Isaac H. Meredith (1872–1962)

Words: Flo­ra Kirk­land, in Sun­day School Hymns No. 1 (New York: Tul­lar-Me­re­dith, 1903), num­ber 259.

Music: Is­aac H. Me­re­dith, Sun­day School Hymns No. 1 (New York: Tul­lar-Me­re­dith, 1903), num­ber 68 (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a good pho­to of Kirk­land (head & shoul­ders, at least 200×300 pix­els),


Grigory Gagarin (1811–1893)

O’er the hills in far Ju­dea,
Rang the first glad Christ­mas song;
’Twas a grand an­gel­ic cho­rus,
Shepherds saw the shin­ing throng.
Glory streamed across the hea­vens,
Music ech­oed thro’ the air;
Christ the Morn­ing Star hath ris­en!
Tell the tid­ings ev­ery­where.


Angels adore Him,
Hark! We seem to hear
Echoes from Hea­ven,
Angel ech­oes clear.
Jesus the migh­ty
Came to earth to bring
Priceless re­demp­tion
Christ our pro­phet, priest and king!

Tell again the sweet old sto­ry,
Of the shep­herds on the hill,
When the ang­els from the glo­ry
Sang while all the world was still.
Tell again the story won­drous,
Of the In­fant in the stall,
Of the guid­ing star above Him,
Shining o’er the Lord of all.


Angels wond­ered at His com­ing,
To this scene of earth­ly night,
From the fade­less day in glo­ry,
From His home so won­drous bright;
Angels looked in deep amaze­ment,
At the man­ger of His birth,
Understanding not His pur­pose,
To re­deem this sin­ful earth.