20th Century
  1. Across the Silent Midnight
  2. Angels Adore Him
  3. Angels Rolled the Stone Away
  4. As Far as the East
  5. At Work and at Play, by Night and by Day
  6. Awake! Awake! Break Forth in Song
  7. Be Loyal to Your Heav’nly King
  8. Be True to God
  9. Beyond Earth’s Latest Sunset
  10. Birdies Sing for Jesus, The
  11. Blessed Jesus, We Would
  12. Blessed Peace Surrounds Me, A
  13. Bright Breaks the Morn
  14. Building, Daily Building
  15. Carol of Redemption
  16. Cheery Robin Sings, The
  17. Children Everywhere
  18. Children in the Long Ago
  19. Children of the Kingdom, Never Turn Aside
  20. Children, the Wide World Over
  21. Christian, Gird You for the Coming Day
  22. Clover Blossoms Sweet, The
  23. Come, Come, Come, and See the Place
  24. Come! Come! Rally ’Neath the Standard
  25. Come, Let Us Sing of the Beautiful Child
  26. Come, Sit at the Feet of the Master
  27. Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus, He Will Heal
  28. Come with Singing, Praise the Lord Today
  29. Countless Mercies
  30. Crowds Around the Master Gathered
  31. Daisies by the Roadside Gleam
  32. Daisies o’er Meadow Smiling
  33. Dare to Be Faithful to Jesus
  34. Day of Redemption
  35. Do the Waves of Trouble O’erwhelming
  36. Do You Hear the Robin Sing Merrily?
  37. Do You Love Jesus?
  38. Do Your Very Best for Jesus
  39. Down from Above the Call Is Ringing
  40. Easter, Joyous Easter
  41. Easter Morning Brightens o’er Us
  42. Everything for Jesus, This My Joyous Song
  43. Everywhere Echo Glad Bells
  44. Fair o’er the Hillside the Verdure Is Seen
  45. Fairest Light That Ever Pierced Earth’s Darkness, The
  46. Faithful Be in Little Things
  47. Farther On, What Joys Await Us
  48. Father, Hear Me, Hear Me Now
  49. Father, Make Us Loving
  50. Father, We Have Come Today
  51. First a Gleam, and Then a Glowing
  52. Follow Thou Where Jesus Leadeth
  53. For Me, for Me, This Holy Calm
  54. Forward Now, Pass the Word
  55. From the Country of Sorrow and Sin
  56. Glory and Honor to God Our Heav’nly Father
  57. Go Forth, Ye Valiant Soldiers
  58. Glory and Honor
  59. God Is My Refuge, My Fortress Is He
  60. God the Spirit Beareth Witness
  61. God’s Word Is a Light
  62. Hark, o’er the Billow the Signal of Distress Sounds
  63. Hark, the Birds and Brooklets Singing
  64. Hark! the Sound of Soldiers Marching
  65. Have You a Song for Jesus?
  66. He Called a Little Child
  67. He Is Risen, Hallelujah
  68. He Will Gently, Gently Lead Thee
  69. Hear the Brooklet as It Hastens
  70. Hear the Gentle Voice of Jesus
  71. Hear the Happy Bells
  72. How Can I Serve Thee Best?
  73. I Am but a Little Worker
  74. I Had Wandered Far from My Father’s House
  75. I Have Come to Tell
  76. I Will Go Forward!
  77. I Wonder if That Birdie
  78. If He Will That I Shall Travel
  79. In His Name, in His Name
  80. In the Name of the King We Will Take Our Stand
  81. In the Temple, in the Temple
  82. In Thy Footsteps, Blessed Master
  83. In Yonder Stable Gleams a Light
  84. Inner Circle, The
  85. Jesus All the Way
  86. Jesus Is Our Morning Star
  87. Jesus Looketh on Children
  88. Jesus on Calvary Died for All
  89. Jesus Only
  90. Knock, and It Shall Be Opened
  91. Lay Aside the Works of Darkness
  92. Let Me Sing of His Loving Kindness
  93. Life Is Not a Cloudless Journey
  94. Lift Up the Banner!
  95. Light Beyond All Earthly Sunshine
  96. List the Words of Jesus
  97. List, to the Brooklet’s Happy Song
  98. Little Children, You May Be
  99. Little Feet May Follow Jesus
  100. Little Lord Jesus, The
  101. Little Ones May Sing Praise
  102. Little Raindrops
  103. Living for Jesus Here
  104. Long Ago
  105. Long Ago, Long Ago
  106. Long Ago Within the Temple
  107. Lord Jesus, Low We Bow
  108. Lord, We Come to Thy House Today
  109. Lost One, the Savior Calls
  110. Love That Bought Thee
  111. Love That Passeth Knowledge
  112. March On, Ye Legions of the Light!
  113. Music of God’s Word, The
  114. ’Neath the Banner of the King of Glory
  115. O Beautiful Blossom of Pity!
  116. O Blessed Holy Spirit, Most Precious
  117. O Bring Your Hearts, An Offering
  118. O Child of God, Be Trustful
  119. O Come in Childhood’s Sunny Hour
  120. O Condescension Wonderful
  121. O Father, Grant Us Now Thy Blessing
  122. O Follow in His Footsteps
  123. O Let the Length and the Breadth
  124. O Little Town of Nazareth
  125. O Praise the Lord for Lovely Summer Time
  126. O That Wonderful Hand of Jesus
  127. O the Length and Breadth and the Depth
  128. O to What Wondrous Oneness
  129. On Christ the Sure Foundation
  130. Once Again the Bells of Easter
  131. Only One Soul for Jesus
  132. Our Shepherd Guides Us as We Go
  133. Out in the Darkness, Shadowed by Sin
  134. Out of the Reach of Storm
  135. Over All the World Today
  136. Over and Over Glad Voices We Hear
  137. Palace of God’s Perfect Peace, The
  138. Paschal Lambs in Silence Pointed, The
  139. Patient Neath Thy Hand, Lord
  140. Pilgrims, Traveling to Yon City
  141. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord
  142. Praise Ye the Lord for His Loving Kindness
  143. Rally, Christian Soldiers
  144. Remember Thy Great Creator
  145. Rest for the Weary Feet
  146. Ring, Ye Chiming Bells
  147. Sabbath Bells Are Ringing
  148. Saved to Save Others
  149. Sealed Was the Tomb
  150. See the Easter Sunlight
  151. See the Light Is Shining!
  152. See the People Stand
  153. Shine, Beautiful Sun
  154. Shining Down
  155. Shining Little Candles
  156. Shining Out of Darkness
  157. Shout and Sing!
  158. Sing a Song of Daisies
  159. Sing for Jesus, Little Children
  160. Sing Out Your Gladsome Carols
  161. Soldiers of the Cross, Arise
  162. Sound the Glad Carols
  163. Star of Fulfillment
  164. Strength for My Weakness
  165. Take Thy Need unto the Father
  166. Tell Again the Sweet Old Story
  167. Tell It Out
  168. There Came One Running Eagerly
  169. There Is a Blessed Harbor
  170. There Is a Day Between the Spring and Summer
  171. There Is a Hope That Never Fades
  172. There Is Rapture Tonight
  173. There Shineth a Gleam of Safety
  174. There’s a Beautiful Promise of Jesus
  175. There’s a Promise Hid in the Word of God
  176. There’s a Sacred Day for Children
  177. There’s a Vessel That Saileth Ever
  178. There’s a Wonderful Star
  179. There’s Never a Pathway So Lonely
  180. Thou Knowest All About Me
  181. To a Dear and Blessed Country
  182. To Grow in the Knowledge of Jesus!
  183. Unto Us a Child Is Born
  184. Valley Lilies
  185. Vessel Prepared for His Service, A
  186. Victory in Trial We May Know
  187. Waking Out of Silence
  188. Walking in the Sunshine of the Savior’s Love
  189. We Are Little Lights
  190. We Are Little Servants of the King
  191. We Are Traveling Over to the Promised Land
  192. We Come, We Come, God’s Will to Do
  193. We Lift Our Hearts in Joyful Praise
  194. We Shall Be Like Him
  195. We Shall Prove That Blessed Promise
  196. Weary Soul, in Sorrow Pining
  197. Welcome the Day
  198. Welcome, Welcome, Fair Easter
  199. When I Lie Down to Sleep at Night
  200. When the Clouds of Trouble Gather
  201. Where Shall I Go, Lord?
  202. Whither Art Thou Drifting?
  203. Who Will Volunteer?
  204. With Our Banners Waving High
  205. Wondrous Advent, The
  206. Wondrous Love
  207. Work for Jesus, Little Ones