Scripture Verse

Why seek ye the living among the dead? Luke 24:5


Isaac H. Meredith

Words: Jes­sie Mac­Don­ald, in Sun­day School Hymns No. 2 (New York: Tul­lar-Me­re­dith, 1912), page 233.

Music: Ar­ranged from Giu­sep­pe Ver­di by Is­aac H. Me­re­dith (🔊 pdf nwc).

Giuseppe Verdi


Silent a garden resteth in shadow—
Shadow the moonlight cannot dispel;
Soldiers in armor, grim Roman soldiers,
Watch o’er a sleeper, guarding Him well.
Over Judea lately He trod
On errands of love to lead men to God.


O blest Easter story, O foretaste of glory,
Triumphant o’er death, Jesus rose from the dead;
Redeemer and Savior! Exalted forever!
Repeat the blest words, He is ris’n as He said!

Stillness unbroken! far in the distance
White gleam the roadways, midnight has sped;
Lo! earth is shaken! God sends an angel!
Soldiers in terror fall as if dead!
Seal, thou art broken, He who was there
Is mighty to save! His power you declare!


Morning approacheth, earth’s fairest morning,
Bright in the heavens, glory appears;
Visions of angels seen in the dawning,
Voices of angels calming earth’s fears.
Why seek the living here ’mid the dead?
For Jesus the Lord is ris’n as He said.


He lives, the Savior lives!
He lives, the Savior lives!