Scripture Verse

The Lord is risen. Luke 24:34


James Rowe

Words: James Rowe, 1911.

Music: How­ard E. Smith (🔊 pdf nwc).

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Hail, glorious Easter! beautiful time of spring!
Cold winter is ended, song birds begin to sing.
Hail, morning of triumph! welcome we sing to thee!
Christ is alive, offering liberty.


Sweet Easter-time, time so sublime,
Welcome we sing to thee,
Glad day of liberty.
Sweet Easter-time, ring, bells, and chime;
Welcome with carols of gladness,
Sweet Easter-time.

Hail, glorious Easter! morning of joy and light!
Christ Jesus is victor, gone is the dreary night.
Sin’s fetters are broken, death has aside been hurled;
Christ is alive, ready to save the world.


Hail, glorious Easter! gladness we have to spare;
Sweet carols to Jesus speed on the morning air.
Hail, time of rejoicing! welcome we sing to thee!
Christ is alive, sin fettered hearts to free.