Scripture Verse

The Lord is risen indeed. Luke 24:34


George S. Schuler (1882–1973)

Words: Will­iam M. Ken­dall, 1910.

Music: George S. Schul­er (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know where to get a good pho­to of Ken­dall (head & shoul­ders, at least 200×300 pix­els),


It is a day of glad­ness,
This bless­èd East­er morn,
O day of ban­ished sad­ness,
The day when hope was born;
A time of great re­joic­ing,
When men and an­gels sing,
With loud ho­san­nas voic­ing
The praise of Christ the King.


Jesus is ris­en! O swell the re­frain;
Jesus the Cru­ci­fied liv­eth again!
Grave, thou art con­quered;
O Death, thou art vain!
Jesus is ris­en, and liv­eth again!

With joy our voic­es rais­ing,
We join the glad ac­claim,
To tell His strength amaz­ing,
And praise His match­less name;
For in the East­er’s break­ing,
Long cen­tu­ries ago,
The Son of God was wak­ing
Triumphant o’er His foe.


O tell the East­er sto­ry,
How Je­sus burst the tomb,
And pierced with shafts of glo­ry
Our night of grief and gloom.
No more death’s sting shall harm us;
No more we fear the grave;
No more can sin alarm us;
The ris­en Christ doth save.


O souls that need sal­va­tion,
As far from Christ you stray,
Hear now His in­vi­ta­tion,
Make this your East­er day;
The Christ is loud­ly cry­ing,
Amid earth’s storm and strife,
To souls in tres­pass dy­ing—
I bring abun­dant life.