The Lord is risen indeed.@Luke 24:34

William Newton, in Hymnal of the Reformed Episcopal Church (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Covenant Publishing Company, 1879).

Monkland John Antes, in A Collection of Hymn Tunes Chiefly Composed for Private Amusement by John Antes, circa 1790; arranged by John B. Wilkes in Hymns Ancient and Modern, 1861 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Christ is risen from the dead:
He has set His people free;
Bruised for us the serpent’s head,
Won for us the victory!

Christ is risen from the dead,
Mighty in His power to save!
And, as our ascended head,
Reaps the harvest of the grave.

Now, before the throne He stands,
Crowned the victor in the strife,
Shows His wounded feet and hands,
In the power of endless life.

As our first-fruits He appears,
In Him all His people rise;
And through everlasting years
Share His glory in the skies.