Scripture Verse

He is risen, as He said. Matthew 28:6


Mary A. Lathbury (1841–1913)

Words: Ma­ry A. Lath­bury, in Lit­tle Pil­grim Songs, by Mrs. Wil­bur F. Crafts & Hu­bert P. Main (New York: Big­low & Main, 1883), num­ber 64.

Music: Ma­ry C. Sew­ard (🔊 pdf nwc).

Mary C. Seward (1839–1919)


Lift up, O lit­tle child­ren,
Your voic­es clear and sweet,
And sing the bless­èd story
Of Christ, the Lord of glo­ry,
And wor­ship at His feet,
And wor­ship at His feet.


Oh, sing the bless­èd sto­ry!
The Lord of life and glo­ry
Is ris­en, as He said,
Is ris­en from the dead!

Lift up, O ten­der li­lies,
Your white­ness to the sun;
The earth is not our pri­son,
Since Christ Him­self hath ris­en,
The life of ev­ery one,
The life of ev­ery one.


Ring, all ye bells of East­er,
Your chimes of joy again,
Ring out the night of sad­ness
Ring in the morn of glad­ness,
For death no more shall reign,
For death no more shall reign.