Scripture Verse

He is risen, as He said. Matthew 28:6


Mary A. Lathbury

Words: Ma­ry A. Lath­bury, in Lit­tle Pil­grim Songs, by Mrs. Wil­bur F. Crafts & Hu­bert P. Main (New York: Big­low & Main, 1883), num­ber 64.

Music: Ma­ry C. Sew­ard (🔊 pdf nwc).

Mary C. Seward


Lift up, O little children,
Your voices clear and sweet,
And sing the blessèd story
Of Christ, the Lord of glory,
And worship at His feet,
And worship at His feet.


Oh, sing the blessèd story!
The Lord of life and glory
Is risen, as He said,
Is risen from the dead!

Lift up, O tender lilies,
Your whiteness to the sun;
The earth is not our prison,
Since Christ Himself hath risen,
The life of ev’ry one,
The life of ev’ry one.


Ring, all ye bells of Easter,
Your chimes of joy again,
Ring out the night of sadness
Ring in the morn of gladness,
For death no more shall reign,
For death no more shall reign.