Pictures Needed

We’re seek­ing por­traits of hymn writ­ers, trans­lat­ors, com­pos­ers & ar­rang­ers to il­lus­trate this site (see re­quests on in­di­vid­ual hymn and bi­o­gra­phy pag­es).

If you find one of the re­quest­ed im­ag­es on­line, at­tach it to an e-mail and send it to us.

If you have a phys­i­cal co­py of a re­quest­ed im­age (for ex­am­ple, a pho­to­graph­ic print) please scan it for us. Scan­ning is the pro­cess of stor­ing a pic­ture elec­tron­ic­al­ly so a com­put­er can dis­play it.

We can use scanned pic­tures in JPG (pre­ferred), TIFF, BMP, GIF, PCX, FPX, PNG, ACC and MIX for­mats. Note: If you send us sheet mu­sic, a file in Note­Wor­thy Com­pos­er or Muse­Score for­mat is the most ef­fi­cient for us. If you can’t do that, a scanned im­age is OK.

About Co­py­rights: Pho­to­s of peo­ple who died in or ear­li­er are us­u­al­ly in the pub­lic do­main (that is, not co­py­right­ed).

We can post co­py­right­ed ma­ter­i­al on­ly if the co­py­right hold­er has giv­en writ­ten per­miss­ion. If you send us co­py­right­ed ma­ter­i­al, please in­clude the per­mis­sion state­ment from co­py­right hold­er.

There are ma­ny im­ag­es we need, but the lists be­low show our great­est needs. For most of these peo­ple, we have poor qual­i­ty or ve­ry small im­ag­es. For oth­ers, we have no im­age at all.

If you have (or can find) good qual­i­ty head-and-shoulders pic­tures (at least 200×300 pixels) of these peo­ple (or an­y­one else whose pic­ture we’re mis­sing), it would a great bless­ing!

Highest Priority Picture Needs

  1. Alonzo J. Abbey
  2. Lizzie DeArmond
  3. François H. Barthélémon
  4. John B. Calkin
  5. William C. Dix
  6. George A. Löhr
  7. C. Harold Lowden
  8. Joseph Scriven
  9. John W. Work, Jr.

Other Picture Needs

  1. Alfred H. Ackley
  2. Miriam E. Arnold
  3. Jonathan B. Atchinson
  4. Henry W. Baker
  5. Edward S. Barnes
  6. Eugene M. Bart­lett, Sr.
  7. John O. Beall
  8. Thomas N. Beall
  9. C. Louise Bell
  10. Emma F. Bevan
  11. William B. Blake, Sr.
  12. Claude H. Bottoms
  13. Edmond L. Budry
  14. Lavinia E. Brauff
  15. Elizabeth H. Codner
  16. Hart P. Danks
  17. J. Howard Entwisle
  18. Thomas J. Farris
  19. Hattie T. Griswold
  20. Archer T. Gurney
  21. Dorothy F. Gurney
  22. Catherine Hankey
  23. Palmer Hartsough
  24. Eliza Hewitt
  25. Laurene Highfield
  26. Henry J. E. Holmes
  27. S. L. Howard
  28. Ralph E. Hudson
  29. John Hughes
  30. Asa Hull
  31. Mrs. J. M. Hunter
  32. Mary D. James
  33. Charles P. Jones
  34. Harriet E. Jones
  35. Robert G. Katsunoff
  36. J. S. Kimbrough
  37. James M. Kirk
  38. Flora Kirkland
  39. John H. Kurzenknabe
  40. J. H. Leslie
  41. William J. Lowe
  42. R. B. Mahaffey
  43. Irvin H. Mack
  44. Frederick C. Maker
  45. William E. Marks
  46. Civilla D. Martin
  47. Walter S. Martin
  48. Mary F. Maude
  49. Cleland B. McAfee
  50. John S. B. Monsell
  51. Merritt J. Munger
  52. John Needham
  53. William H. Neidlinger
  54. William H. Neilson, Jr.
  55. Augustus Nelson
  56. Henry E. Nichol
  57. Johnson Oatman, Jr.
  58. Edward Osler
  59. Kristian Ostergaard
  60. William G. Ovens
  61. Moreton W. Owen
  62. Priscilla J. Owens
  63. Michele Palma
  64. Joseph Parker
  65. William O. Perkins
  66. Sylvanus D. Phelps
  67. Thomas B. Pollock
  68. William A. Post
  69. William J. Ramsay
  70. Benjamin M. Ramsey
  71. George Rawson
  72. Isham E. Reynolds
  73. Ditlef Ris­tad
  74. A. J. Robertson
  75. Henri L. Rossier
  76. Elton M. Roth
  77. Thomas Ryder
  78. Clement C. Scholefield
  79. Edmund H. Sears
  80. John M. Sloan
  81. Georgiana M. Taylor
  82. Gerhard Tersteegen
  83. Ernest L. Thompson
  84. Edith J. S. Tillotson
  85. Henry L. Tucker
  86. Henry Twells
  87. Edwin Ufford
  88. William R. Waghorne
  89. A. Samuel Wallgren
  90. Thomas M. D. Ward
  91. George J. Webb
  92. Joseph P. Webster
  93. Amos R. Wells
  94. Robert A. West
  95. Benjamin F. White
  96. Edna Worrell