October 12, 1851, Pennsylvania.

February 14, 1920, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Brauff was blinded by a severe illness in infancy, and was educated at the School for the Blind in Philadelphia. Her first hymn was published in 1894.

  1. All Our Songs of Grateful Praise
  2. As a Shepherd Seeks His Flock
  3. As We March Beneath His Banner
  4. Christ Was Once a Little Baby
  5. Easter Morn Is Breaking
  6. Farewell, Farewell, Christmas Morn
  7. Field Is White with Ripened Grain, The
  8. For Me the Bread of Life Was Broken
  9. God’s Word Is a Bright and Shining Light
  10. Golden Light of Easter Day, The
  11. Hearts Grow Firm and Strong
  12. I Am Simply Trusting in My Savior
  13. I Am the Tender Shepherd
  14. I Have a Blessed Savior
  15. I Have a Friend in Jesus
  16. I Have Never Found a Friend Like Jesus
  17. I Was Once a Weary Pilgrim
  18. Jesus Died for You and Me
  19. Jesus Is Pleading with the Sinful Soul
  20. Jesus Will Come in and Sup
  21. Let Every Heart Rejoice and Sing the Song
  22. Let Every Thankful Heart Rejoice
  23. Light of Truth Is Burning, The
  24. Little Lord Jesus, The
  25. Lord, Our Dear King, The
  26. Lord, We Know That Thou Wilt Hear Us
  27. Love of God Is Boundless, The
  28. Morning Bright, The
  29. My Heart Is Fixed on Jesus
  30. My Presence Shall Go with Thee
  31. Our Hearts Are Filled with Gladness
  32. Our Song Is One of Loving Praise
  33. Our Way Grows Bright with a Holy Light
  34. Over the River of Death
  35. O Lamb of God, Reveal Thy Holy Spirit’s Power
  36. O the Blessedness of Knowing
  37. Pearly Dew Drops Glisten
  38. Praise the Lord for All His Goodness
  39. Put on the Armor of the Lord
  40. Rejoice in Christ Your Savior
  41. Sepulcher Was Empty, The
  42. Songs We Sing in Our Sabbath Home, The
  43. Study of God’s Word, The
  44. Thanks Be to God for the Clear Morning Light
  45. There Is a Home Among the Blest
  46. There Is a Land of Perfect Peace
  47. They Tell Me All the Roses
  48. Trust in Jesus all the Way
  49. We Are Children of a Savior
  50. We Are Marching Onward, Singing as We Go
  51. We Are Marching to the Heavenly Land
  52. We Know That Jesus Loves to Hear
  53. We May Sing of Sunlit Meadows
  54. With Joyful Songs and Happy Cheer
  55. World Was Hushed in a Dreamless Sleep, The