Born: No­vem­ber 27, 1891, Berne, In­di­a­na.

Died: De­cem­ber 31, 1951, Glen­dale, Ca­li­for­nia.


Roth at­tend­ed the Fort Wayne (In­di­a­na) Bi­ble School and the Moo­dy Bi­ble Ins­ti­tute in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois.

He worked with tra­vel­ing ev­an­gel­ist tours, and taught mu­sic at the Al­li­ance Bi­ble schools in St. Paul, Min­ne­so­ta, and New York Ci­ty; the Bi­ble In­sti­tute, Los An­ge­les, Ca­li­for­nia; Bap­tist The­o­lo­gic­al Col­lege; and Ci­ty Col­lege of Los An­ge­les.

His Ec­cle­sia Choir toured through­out Am­er­i­ca in 1931.

He wrote ov­er 100 hymns, and a num­ber of an­thems.

  1. Come un­to Me, Said Je­sus
  2. Dear and Ev­er Near
  3. Dear Lord, I Place My Hand in Thine
  4. End of the Road, The
  5. He Did Not Die in Vain
  6. His Love Is Like a Ri­ver Flow­ing
  7. How Can I Help but Love Him?
  8. I Have a Song That Je­sus Gave Me
  9. In the Dawn of Eter­nal Day
  10. Jesus Left the Splen­dent Realms of Glo­ry
  11. List to the Sav­ior’s Plead­ing Voice
  12. My Rich Do­main
  13. Out in the Fields All Gold­en
  14. Pilgrim Road, The
  15. There Is Mu­sic in My Heart To­day
  16. Walking with my Sav­ior I Have Joy To­day
  17. We Would Be the Sun­shine Mak­ers
  18. What a Sac­red Hour When I Felt His Pow­er
  19. Workers for Je­sus