Circa 1873–?

Born: Circa 1873, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Edna was the daughter of Thomas Worchester Worrell and Nina Acadia Turner, and was said to be a great-great-grandniece of Betsy Ross. She was living in Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia, in 1880. In 1910, she was still living in Phil­a­del­phia with her parents; she was also there in 1920.

Worrell’s works in­clude:

  1. Are You a Hero?
  2. Beautiful Eastertide
  3. Clinging, My Savior
  4. Dawn of Victory, The
  5. Don’t Stop Praying
  6. Forget Not All the Lord Has Done
  7. Gentle Jesus, Loving Shepherd
  8. Have You Burdens?
  9. He’s Calling to You
  10. I Would I Had More Love for God
  11. In His Name
  12. It’s Just Like His Great Love
  13. Jesus in My Heart
  14. Jesus Is My Shepherd Kind
  15. Just One Path in Life Is Made Complete
  16. Just the Day’s Needs
  17. King of Glory, The
  18. Life Is What We Make It
  19. Little Children, Do You Know?
  20. Lord Is My Light, The
  21. Message of Springtime, The
  22. Music, Music Everywhere
  23. My Way, Not Thine
  24. Praise the Lord of Life, Ye People!
  25. Ringing in the Sunlight
  26. Risen, as He Said
  27. Sin Comes Marching Down Life’s Pathway
  28. Someone’s Last Call
  29. Star of Bethlehem
  30. Sweet Sabbath Bells
  31. Thankfulness
  32. There Are Times When One Is Lonely
  33. There’s a Love That Passeth Knowledge
  34. Time of Peace, The
  35. We’re Sailing
  36. When His Loved One Sleepeth
  37. When the Lord Was Crucified
  38. Winning Fight, A
  39. Wondrous Work of God
  1. Croatia