July 13, 1854, Stark Coun­ty, Ohio.

July 10, 1942, Day­ton, Ohio.

Wood­land Cem­e­te­ry, Day­ton, Ohio.


The Lore­nz fam­i­ly were Ad­vent­ists, and em­igrat­ed from Mes­ser, Rus­sia (near Sar­a­tow), to Amer­i­ca, and lived in Day­ton, Ohio.

Edmund at­tended Ot­ter­bein Un­i­vers­ity, Un­ion Bib­li­cal Sem­in­ary, Yale The­o­log­ic­al Sem­in­a­ry, and the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Leip­zig.

He served as pas­tor of the High Street Unit­ed Breth­ren Church in Day­ton, Ohio (1884–86), and as pres­i­dent of Leb­a­non Val­ley Col­lege, Ann­ville, Penn­syl­vania (1886–88). He lat­er found­ed the Lor­enz and Com­pa­ny mu­sic pub­lish­ing house in Day­ton. His works in­clude:

  1. All Along Life’s Jour­ney
  2. All Ye His Works
  3. Alleluia, Song of Glad­ness
  4. Amid the Tri­als Which I Meet
  5. Angels Are Near Us
  6. Are You Fill­ing the World with Re­joic­ing and Cheer?
  7. Are You Seek­ing for the Truth?
  8. Are You Wea­ry, Are You Heavy Heart­ed?
  9. Arise and Shine
  10. As You Wander As­tray
  11. Behold, a Ra­di­ance From the Cross
  12. Birds Are All Sing­ing, The
  13. Bless the Lord Above
  14. Bringing Peace and Glad­ness
  15. Budding Hopes Shall Blos­som Forth
  16. By the Grace of God Re­newed
  17. Children, What Is Your Song To­day?
  18. Christ, the Rock, Stands Fast
  19. Come, Let Us All Unite to Sing
  20. Come to the Cross Where the Sav­ior Died
  21. Come to the Sun­day School
  22. Cry Rings Out o’er All the Land, The
  23. Dark May Seem the Path
  24. Dark the Sha­dows Round Them Fall
  25. Day and Night Thou Lord Art
  26. Death Re­joic­ing o’er His Prey
  27. Do You Slum­ber in Your Tent?
  28. Down in the Church­yard Robed in Dai­sies
  29. Dwell in My Heart, Dear Sav­ior
  30. Everywhere the Leaves Are Danc­ing
  31. Far Away, in For­eign Clime
  32. Far, Far, Over the Sea
  33. Fearing No Evil
  34. Fill with Lof­ty Praise
  35. Garnered Sheaves
  36. God Help­ing Me, I’ll Do No Evil
  37. Hail Ye the King, as He Comes
  38. Happy the Day Re­turn­ing Year By Year
  39. Having Wan­dered Far Away
  40. Hear, Oh Hear Him Now
  41. Hear the Bat­tle Shout
  42. Hear the Mer­ry Mu­sic Ring­ing
  43. Hear the Mu­sic Ring­ing, Ring­ing
  44. Hear the Shout of Tri­umph
  45. Hear the Song of the Throng
  46. Hear the Tramp of the Mil­lions of the Earth
  47. Hear Ye Not the Voice of Je­sus?
  48. Help Me, Sav­ior, More Each Day
  49. He’s the Dear­est Friend to Me
  50. Hollow of God’s Hand, The
  51. Holy Je­sus, Ten­der Shep­herd
  52. Horror and Fear Lay up­on the Tomb
  53. How Can We Show Our Love to Him?
  54. How Full of Cheer Life’s Sun­ny Day
  55. I Am Look­ing, Lord, for Thy Par­don­ing Face
  56. I Am Wal­king with the Sav­ior
  57. I Belong to Je­sus
  58. I Have Chos­en the Bet­ter Part
  59. I Have Found a Dear Sav­ior
  60. I Have Found a Friend Abid­ing!
  61. I Have Found a Peace Abidi­ng
  62. I Have Found Re­pose for My Wea­ry Soul
  63. I Heard a Hap­py Bir­die Sing
  64. I Love to Be Where Sac­red
  65. I Stand in Amaze and Won­der
  66. I Will Jour­ney on with Je­sus
  67. In Joy­ful High and Ho­ly Lays
  68. In Lands Where Sin’s Dark­ness Doth Low­er
  69. In Ocean Deep, on Moun­tain Tall
  70. In That Land of Joy and Song
  71. In the Cross of Christ Is All Our Glo­ry
  72. In the Hol­low of God’s Hand
  73. In the Le­gion So Brave
  74. In This World of Sin and Woe
  75. Jesus Is My Joy To­day
  76. Jesus, Weep­ing o’er the Wan­der­er
  77. Jewels for the King of Glo­ry
  78. Joy Su­preme My Soul Has Found
  79. Lead Me to Je­sus
  80. Let the An­gel Hosts on High
  81. Let the Light of Life Now Shine
  82. Let Us Sing the Praise of Je­sus
  83. Let Us Walk in the Way of the Lord
  84. Life Is Full of Hea­vy Bur­dens
  85. Like Child­ren in the Tem­ple
  86. Like the Sound of Ma­ny Wa­ters
  87. Little Ones Sing­ing Sweet
  88. Lord Has Long Been Wait­ing, The
  89. Lord Is Good and Kind Al­way, The
  90. Lord Is Kind, The
  91. Many Lit­tle Child­ren Sing No Songs of Joy
  92. Master’s Call, The
  93. Message Blest Again Re­peat, The
  94. My Body, Mind and Spir­it
  95. My Sav­ior with Me Is Abid­ing
  96. My Soul Is Filled with Glad­ness
  97. Neath the Shade of Its Trees
  98. O How Love­ly and How True
  99. O Je­sus, Per­fect Sav­ior
  100. O the Hour of Pray­er Is Bright
  101. O the Peace of God, How It Thrills My Soul
  102. O the Peace That Fills My Soul
  103. O What a Les­son We All May Learn
  104. O What a Won­der­ful Sav­ior
  105. O Why Do Wait, Why Long­er?
  106. O’er the Earth the Shout
  107. O’er the Tur­moil of Earth
  108. O’er the World of Sin
  109. Oft I’ve Heard the Bless­ed News
  110. Only a Word for Je­sus
  111. Open Are the Arms of Je­sus
  112. Open Your Heart to the Spir­it’s En­treat­ing
  113. Oppressed with Grief and with Bur­dens Sore
  114. Out in the Moun­tains of Sin and of Shame
  115. Over the Hills Notes Di­vine
  116. Rejoice in the Lord, Let Your Joy Abound
  117. Rest upon Us Now, O Ho­ly Spir­it
  118. Riches of Grace
  119. Roses So Red, Rose­s So Fair
  120. Sabbath Hours Are End­ing, The
  121. Safe From All the World’s Ala­rms
  122. Safe With­in the Fold
  123. Saved By the Blood
  124. Savior Loves Us, The
  125. Searching the Scrip­tures
  126. Send Us a Sav­ior
  127. Shades of Des­pair Have De­part­ed, The
  128. Sin Again Shall Be My Mas­ter
  129. Sleeper, Awake, the Sun Is High
  130. Some Day the Veil Will Be Lift­ed
  131. Springtime Days May Lose Their Beau­ty, The
  132. Straight Is the Gate, and Nar­row the Way
  133. Sweet Is the Mes­sage the Word of God Brings
  134. Swiftly the Years Like the Clouds Pass Us By
  135. Swing the Lil­ies, White Eas­ter Lil­ies!
  136. There’s a Voice of Ten­der Love
  137. There’s Pow­er in Je­sus’ Blood
  138. This Is the Mot­to We All Would Obey
  139. This World Is Not All Wild­er­ness
  140. Thou Know­est, Lord, I Would Love Thee
  141. Thou Think­est, Lord, of Me
  142. Though Hearts Are Oft­en Wea­ry
  143. Though I Tread a Path of Dark­est Night
  144. Though Oft I Stray From My Lord Away
  145. Though Our Life Be Full of Tri­al
  146. Thro’ All Our Days We Sing God’s Praise
  147. ’Tis a Fount of Plea­sure
  148. ’Tis a Lamp un­to My Feet
  149. ’Tis a Ve­ry Pret­ty Place Is This
  150. ’Tis Je­sus in the Morn­ing
  151. Under Sweet Com­pul­sion of a Lov­ing Heart
  152. Voices of Mirth Awake to Glad­ness
  153. Wages of Sin Is Death, The
  154. Wake, Arm of the Spir­it
  155. Wake the Voice of Glad­ness
  156. Walk with the Sav­ior, Make His
  157. Watch and Pray, When Sa­tan Tempts Thee
  158. We Are Rest­ing in Peace
  159. We Are the Lambs, How Bless­ed Is the Prom­ise
  160. We Have Entered Roy­al Ser­vice
  161. We Have Found a Gold­en Task
  162. We Have Heard a Voice of Glad­ness
  163. We Have Heard Thy Call, Bless­ed Sav­ior
  164. We Praise Thee and Bless Thee
  165. Well We Know the Shep­herd’s Voice
  166. What a Sav­ior Meek and Mild
  167. What Friend Have We
  168. What Glad­ness and Joy Now My Soul Hath Found
  169. What Though Life’s Mys­ter­ies Sur­round
  170. What Though the Dark­ness Sur­round
  171. Whate’er Our Place or Sta­tion
  172. When Earth and Sea Take Up
  173. When Ev­ery Pow­er with Heart
  174. When Gloomy Clouds Be­set the Sky
  175. When Has Come the Day of Crown­ing
  176. When I Walk Through the Valley of Sha­dow and Gloom
  177. When I Walked with My Lord in the Sun­shine
  178. When the Aw­ful Judg­ment Day
  179. When the Week of Toil Is Over
  180. When Thou Hast Sown the Pre­cious Seed
  181. Where the Sav­ior Leads His Own
  182. Why Do You Lin­ger Lon­ger?
  183. Why Mid Dan­gers Stray­ing
  184. Why Should We Praise Him?
  185. Winter Gloom and Dread Is Past, The
  186. Winter Reigns No More, The
  187. With Hosts Redeemed to Walk
  188. Winning Souls for the Mas­ter
  189. With Swift Winged Feet the Mo­ments Fly
  190. Wonderful Blood, The
  191. Wonderful Gos­pel of Je­sus
  192. Wonderful Love of Je­sus
  193. You Have Heard the Mes­sage of Peace
  194. Youth Is the Seed Time
  1. Angels Would Tell It
  2. Are You Ready?
  3. At Christ­mas Time
  4. Because It Is Christ­mas Time
  5. Cagliari
  6. Call to Ral­ly, The
  7. Called to the Feast
  8. Come unto Me
  9. Doing His Will
  10. Draw Me to Thee
  11. Fear Not
  12. Foundation of God Stand­eth Sure, The
  13. Gates of Praise
  14. Go Forth to Meet Him
  15. God Is Love
  16. Going Home at Last
  17. He Chang­es Not
  18. Heathen at Your Door, The
  19. Hold the Lamp of Life Aloft
  20. Hosanna We Sing
  21. How Can I but Love Him?
  22. I’m Com­ing to Thee
  23. Life, We Hail Thee
  24. Light up­on the Way, The
  25. Like a Star of the Morn­ing
  26. Listening to God
  27. Lord Will Ap­pear, The
  28. Love Makes Our Toil Worth­while
  29. Merry Mis­sion­ar­ies
  30. My Times Are in His Hands
  31. Name of Je­sus, The
  32. No Va­cant Chair
  33. On with the Cross
  34. Only Where Je­sus Is
  35. Search the Scrip­tures
  36. Shine On, O Star!
  37. Song in the Night, A
  38. Souls We Brought to Je­sus, The
  39. Swing, Snowy Lil­ies
  40. Tell It to Je­sus
  41. Trusting in the Prom­ise
  42. Welcome the Spir­it In
  43. When the Har­vest Comes
  44. Whispers of Je­sus, The
  45. Who Will Run with the Tid­ings?
  46. Wienland
  47. With Cour­age Strong
  48. Word of Pray­er, A