Ju­ly 13, 1854, Stark Coun­ty, Ohio.

Ju­ly 10, 1942, Day­ton, Ohio.

Wood­land Ce­me­te­ry, Day­ton, Ohio.


The Lo­renz fa­mi­ly were Ad­vent­ists. They em­igrat­ed from Mes­ser, Rus­sia (near Sar­a­tow), to Am­er­i­ca, and lived in Day­ton, Ohio.

Edmund at­tend­ed Ot­ter­bein Un­i­vers­ity, Un­ion Bib­li­cal Sem­in­ary, Yale The­o­log­ic­al Se­mi­na­ry, and the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Leip­zig.

He served as pas­tor of the High Street Unit­ed Breth­ren Church in Day­ton, Ohio (1884–86), and as pre­si­dent of Leb­a­non Val­ley Col­lege, Ann­ville, Penn­syl­van­ia (1886–88).

He lat­er found­ed the Lo­renz mu­sic pub­lish­ing house in Day­ton.

His works in­clude:

  1. All Along Life’s Jour­ney
  2. All the World Is Com­ing
  3. All Ye His Works
  4. Alleluia, Song of Glad­ness
  5. Amid the Tri­als Which I Meet
  6. Angels Are Near Us
  7. Are You Fill­ing the World with Re­joic­ing and Cheer?
  8. Are You Seek­ing for the Truth?
  9. Are You Wea­ry, Are You Hea­vy Heart­ed?
  10. Arise and Shine
  11. As You Wan­der As­tray
  12. Behold, a Ra­di­ance From the Cross
  13. Birds Are All Sing­ing, The
  14. Bless the Lord Above
  15. Bringing Peace and Glad­ness
  16. Budding Hopes Shall Blos­som Forth
  17. By the Grace of God Re­newed
  18. Children, What Is Your Song To­day?
  19. Christ, the Rock, Stands Fast
  20. Christmas Cheer to All the World
  21. Come, Let Us All Unite to Sing
  22. Come to the Cross Where the Sav­ior Died
  23. Come to the Sun­day School
  24. Cry Rings Out o’er All the Land, The
  25. Dark May Seem the Path
  26. Dark the Sha­dows Round Them Fall
  27. Day and Night Thou Lord Art
  28. Death Re­joic­ing o’er His Prey
  29. Do You Slum­ber in Your Tent?
  30. Down in the Church­yard Robed in Dai­sies
  31. Dwell in My Heart, Dear Sav­ior
  32. Everywhere the Leaves Are Danc­ing
  33. Far Away, in For­eign Clime
  34. Far, Far, ov­er the Sea
  35. Fearing No Ev­il
  36. Fill with Lof­ty Praise
  37. Garnered Sheaves
  38. God Help­ing Me, I’ll Do No Ev­il
  39. Hail Ye the King, as He Comes
  40. Having Wan­dered Far Away
  41. Hear, Oh Hear Him Now
  42. Hear the Bat­tle Shout
  43. Hear the Mer­ry Mu­sic Ring­ing
  44. Hear the Mu­sic Ring­ing, Ring­ing
  45. Hear the Shout of Tri­umph
  46. Hear the Song of the Throng
  47. Hear Ye Not the Voice of Je­sus?
  48. Help Me, Sav­ior, More Each Day
  49. He’s the Dear­est Friend to Me
  50. Hollow of God’s Hand, The
  51. Holy Je­sus, Ten­der Shep­herd
  52. Horror and Fear Lay up­on the Tomb
  53. How Can We Show Our Love to Him?
  54. How Full of Cheer Life’s Sun­ny Day
  55. I Am Look­ing, Lord, for Thy Par­don­ing Face
  56. I Am Walk­ing with the Sav­ior
  57. I Be­long to Je­sus
  58. I Have Chos­en the Bet­ter Part
  59. I Have Found a Dear Sav­ior
  60. I Have Found a Friend Abid­ing!
  61. I Have Found a Peace Abid­ing
  62. I Have Found Re­pose for My Wea­ry Soul
  63. I Heard a Hap­py Bird­ie Sing
  64. I Love to Be Where Sac­red
  65. I Stand in Am­aze and Won­der
  66. I Will Jour­ney on with Je­sus
  67. In Joy­ful High and Ho­ly Lays
  68. In Ocean Deep, on Moun­tain Tall
  69. In That Land of Joy and Song
  70. In the Cross of Christ Is All Our Glo­ry
  71. In the Hol­low of God’s Hand
  72. In the Le­gion So Brave
  73. In This World of Sin and Woe
  74. Jesus Is My Joy To­day
  75. Jesus, Weep­ing o’er the Wan­der­er
  76. Jewels for the King of Glo­ry
  77. Joy Su­preme My Soul Has Found
  78. Lead Me to Je­sus
  79. Let the An­gel Hosts on High
  80. Let the Light of Life Now Shine
  81. Let Us Sing the Praise of Je­sus
  82. Let Us Walk in the Way of the Lord
  83. Life Is Full of Hea­vy Bur­dens
  84. Like Child­ren in the Tem­ple
  85. Like the Sound of Ma­ny Wa­ters
  86. Little Ones Sing­ing Sweet
  87. Lord Has Long Been Wait­ing, The
  88. Lord Is Good and Kind Al­way, The
  89. Lord Is Kind, The
  90. Many Lit­tle Child­ren Sing No Songs of Joy
  91. Master’s Call, The
  92. Message Blest Again Re­peat, The
  93. My Bo­dy, Mind and Spir­it
  94. My Sav­ior with Me Is Abid­ing
  95. My Soul Is Filled with Glad­ness
  96. Neath the Shade of Its Trees
  97. O How Love­ly and How True
  98. O Je­sus, Per­fect Sav­ior
  99. O the Hour of Pray­er Is Bright
  100. O the Peace of God, How It Thrills My Soul
  101. O the Peace That Fills My Soul
  102. O What a Les­son We All May Learn
  103. O What a Won­der­ful Sav­ior
  104. O Why Do Wait, Why Long­er?
  105. O’er the Earth the Shout
  106. O’er the Tur­moil of Earth
  107. O’er the World of Sin
  108. Oft I’ve Heard the Bless­ed News
  109. Only a Word for Je­sus
  110. Open Are the Arms of Je­sus
  111. Open Your Heart to the Spir­it’s En­treat­ing
  112. Oppressed with Grief and with Bur­dens Sore
  113. Out in the Moun­tains of Sin and of Shame
  114. Over the Hills Notes Di­vine
  115. Rejoice in the Lord, Let Your Joy Abound
  116. Rest up­on Us Now, O Ho­ly Spir­it
  117. Riches of Grace
  118. Roses So Red, Ros­es So Fair
  119. Sabbath Hours Are End­ing, The
  120. Safe from All the World’s Al­arms
  121. Safe With­in the Fold
  122. Saved by the Blood
  123. Savior Loves Us, The
  124. Searching the Scrip­tures
  125. Send Us a Sav­ior
  126. Shades of Des­pair Have De­part­ed, The
  127. Sin Again Shall Be My Mas­ter
  128. Sleeper, Awake, the Sun Is High
  129. Some Day the Veil Will Be Lift­ed
  130. Springtime Days May Lose Their Beau­ty, The
  131. Strait Is the Gate, and Nar­row the Way
  132. Sweet Is the Mes­sage the Word of God Brings
  133. Swiftly the Years Like the Clouds Pass Us By
  134. Swing the Li­lies, White East­er Li­lies!
  135. There’s a Voice of Ten­der Love
  136. There’s Pow­er in Je­sus’ Blood
  137. This Is the Mot­to We All Would Obey
  138. This World Is Not All Wil­der­ness
  139. Thou Know­est, Lord, I Would Love Thee
  140. Thou Think­est, Lord, of Me
  141. Though Hearts Are Oft­en Wea­ry
  142. Though I Tread a Path of Dark­est Night
  143. Though Oft I Stray from My Lord Away
  144. Though Our Life Be Full of Tri­al
  145. Thro’ All Our Days We Sing God’s Praise
  146. ’Tis a Fount of Plea­sure
  147. ’Tis a Lamp un­to My Feet
  148. ’Tis a Ve­ry Pret­ty Place
  149. ’Tis Je­sus in the Morn­ing
  150. Under Sweet Com­pul­sion of a Lov­ing Heart
  151. Voices of Mirth Awake to Glad­ness
  152. Wages of Sin Is Death, The
  153. Wake, Arm of the Spir­it
  154. Wake the Voice of Glad­ness
  155. Walk with the Sav­ior
  156. Watch and Pray, When Sa­tan Tempts Thee
  157. We Are Rest­ing in Peace
  158. We Are the Lambs, How Bless­ed Is the Pro­mise
  159. We Have En­tered Roy­al Ser­vice
  160. We Have Found a Gold­en Task
  161. We Have Heard a Voice of Glad­ness
  162. We Have Heard Thy Call
  163. We Praise Thee and Bless Thee
  164. Well We Know the Shep­herd’s Voice
  165. What a Sav­ior Meek and Mild
  166. What Friend Have We
  167. What Glad­ness and Joy Now My Soul Hath Found
  168. What Though Life’s Mys­ter­ies Sur­round
  169. What Though the Dark­ness Sur­round
  170. Whate’er Our Place or Sta­tion
  171. When Earth and Sea Take Up
  172. When Ev­ery Pow­er with Heart
  173. When Gloomy Clouds Be­set the Sky
  174. When Has Come the Day of Crown­ing
  175. When I Walk Through the Val­ley of Sha­dow and Gloom
  176. When I Walked with My Lord in the Sun­shine
  177. When the Week of Toil Is Over
  178. When Thou Hast Sown the Pre­cious Seed
  179. Where the Sav­ior Leads His Own
  180. Who Shall Be Able to Stand?
  181. Why Do You Ling­er Long­er?
  182. Why Mid Dan­gers Stray­ing
  183. Why Should We Praise Him?
  184. Winter Gloom and Dread Is Past, The
  185. Winter Reigns No More, The
  186. With Hosts Re­deemed to Walk
  187. Winning Souls for the Mas­ter
  188. With Swift Winged Feet the Mo­ments Fly
  189. Wonderful Blood, The
  190. Wonderful Gos­pel of Je­sus
  191. Wonderful Love of Je­sus
  192. You Have Heard the Mes­sage of Peace
  193. Youth Is the Seed Time
  1. Always Rea­dy
  2. Angels Would Tell It
  3. Are You Rea­dy?
  4. At Christ­mas Time
  5. Because It Is Christ­mas Time
  6. Cagliari
  7. Call to Ral­ly, The
  8. Called to the Feast
  9. Christ for the World
  10. Come un­to Me
  11. Doing His Will
  12. Draw Me to Thee
  13. Fear Not
  14. Foundation of God Stand­eth Sure, The
  15. Gates of Praise
  16. Go Forth to Meet Him
  17. God Is Love
  18. Going Home at Last
  19. He Chang­es Not
  20. Heathen at Your Door, The
  21. Hold the Lamp of Life Aloft
  22. Hosanna We Sing
  23. How Can I but Love Him?
  24. I’m Com­ing to Thee
  25. Life, We Hail Thee
  26. Light up­on the Way, The
  27. Like a Star of the Morn­ing
  28. Listening to God
  29. Lord Will Ap­pear, The
  30. Love Makes Our Toil Worth­while
  31. Merry Mis­sion­ar­ies
  32. My Times Are in His Hands
  33. Name of Je­sus, The
  34. No Va­cant Chair
  35. On with the Cross
  36. Only Where Je­sus Is
  37. Search the Scrip­tures
  38. Shine On, O Star!
  39. Song in the Night, A
  40. Souls We Brought to Je­sus, The
  41. Swing, Snowy Li­lies
  42. Tell It to Je­sus
  43. They Are Com­ing Home
  44. Trusting in the Pro­mise
  45. Waiting for the King
  46. Welcome the Spir­it In
  47. When the Har­vest Comes
  48. Whispers of Je­sus, The
  49. Who Will Run with the Tid­ings?
  50. Wienland
  51. With Cour­age Strong
  52. Word of Pray­er, A