September 15, 1855, Neuenheim, Germany.

August 3, 1933, Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Northwood Cemetery, Penn­syl­van­ia, Penn­syl­van­ia.


Though blinded by an eye infection at age eight, Geibel was a successful composer, conductor, and organist.

Emigrating from Germany probably around 1864, he studied at the Penn­syl­van­ia Institute for the Blind, and wrote a number of Gospel songs, anthems, cantatas, etc. He was well known for secular songs like Kentucky Babe and Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.

He founded the Adam Geibel Music Com­pa­ny, which later evolved into the Hall-Mack Com­pa­ny, then merged to become the Rodeheaver Hall-Mack Com­pa­ny.

In 1885, Geibel organized the J. B. Stetson Mission. He conducted the Stetson Chorus of Penn­syl­van­ia, and was a music instructor at the Penn­syl­van­ia Institution for the Instruction of the Blind (1884–1901). His works in­clude:

  1. Savior Is Risen for You and for Me, The
  1. Anglesey
  2. As We March Beneath His Banner
  3. Basilicata
  4. Beautiful Waters of Eden
  5. Bethesda
  6. Blessèd Book, The
  7. Caridad
  8. Carry the Light
  9. Columbia Heights
  10. Dearer Than Heaven
  11. Dugdale
  12. Easter Bells
  13. El Cobre
  14. Finger Lakes
  15. Glens Falls
  16. God’s Way, His Will Be Done
  17. Hail the Lord of Glory
  18. Heavenly Power
  19. He’ll Drive All the Shadows Away
  20. I Belong to Jesus
  21. I Love to Think of Jesus
  22. I’m Going Home at Last
  23. Jamestown
  24. Joyful Song, The
  25. Lake District
  26. Let the Gospel Light Shine Out
  27. Linköping
  28. Make Me More Like Jesus
  29. Marching with the Heroes
  30. Mighty Conqueror, The
  31. Mont Blanc
  32. Nearer Every Day
  33. Never Alone
  34. O Beautiful Blossom of Pity!
  35. Open Thy Heart
  36. Praise the Name of Christ
  37. Resignation
  38. Rosario
  39. Shout Forth the Tidings
  40. Śląsk
  41. Sleep, My Little Jesus
  42. Some Day He’ll Make It Plain
  43. Someone Must Tell the Glad Story
  44. Songs of the Kingdom
  45. Stand Up for Jesus
  46. Sverdrup
  47. Sweet Old Story
  48. That Means Me
  49. There’s a Wonderful Star
  50. Try to Carry Sunshine
  51. Tucson
  52. We Rally Today
  53. What Will You Do?