Early 20th Century

Mack & Lincoln Hall founded the Hall-Mack music publishing house (later bought by the Rodeheaver Com­pa­ny). We speculate he may be Irvin H. Mack (1870–1950), buried in Northwood Cemetery, Phil­a­del­phia, Penn­syl­van­ia.

Mack’s works in­clude:

  1. Afar From the Turmoil
  2. All That I Have of Peace
  3. Amidst a World of Sin and Grief
  4. As Flowers in the Morning Sun
  5. Beaming Bright
  6. Beautiful Story
  7. Bells, The
  8. Beside the Grave the Savior Stands
  9. Bethlehem Star, Beautiful Star
  10. Blessed Jesus I Cry
  11. Boundless Love
  12. Breezes Blow, Softly Blow
  13. Church of Jesus, Onward Moving
  14. Complete in Him, O Precious Word
  15. Dim, Soft Light of Early Morn, The
  16. Do Not Despise the Christian Path
  17. Drifting, Drifting with the Current
  18. Flowers in Fragrance Growing
  19. Follow the Master Where’er He May Lead You
  20. Forward March with Steady Tread
  21. Gates of Glory Lifted Are, The
  22. Glory to God in the Highest
  23. God Be in the Farewell Chorus
  24. Hail Again the Time of Joy and Gladness
  25. Hallelujah, Hallelujah
  26. Have You Ever Thought of What the Lord Hath Done?
  27. Hear the Merry Laughter
  28. Holy Babe in Lowly Manger
  29. Hosanna on This Day Shall Be Our Song
  30. How Grandly the Returning Spring
  31. How Oft Across Life’s Narrow Path
  32. I Am Weary Today, and My Heart Is Cast Down
  33. I Feel in My Heart a Blessing Divine
  34. I Have a Song Within My Heart
  35. I Was Wandering on in Darkness
  36. In Happy Springtime Forth We Go
  37. In the Day of the Lord
  38. In Thy Gracious Name We Gather
  39. Jesus Reigns
  40. Led by the Savior’s Guiding
  41. Let Us Carry the Message That Jesus
  42. Let Us Sing the Sweet Song
  43. Lift on High Your Happy Voices
  44. Light Beyond the Shadows
  45. Light from the Tomb
  46. Loving Savior, Kind and Gentle
  47. Mandates of the Lord Are Just, The
  48. March On, March On
  49. Merrily, Cheerily
  50. My Sins Were Very Pressing
  51. O for a Nobler, Brighter Life
  52. O Haste to Thy Labor
  53. O What Happiness, O What Peace I Know
  54. On Eastern Plain Reclining
  55. On the Heights of Mountains Steep
  56. Praise the Lord, O Starry Skies
  57. Rejoice, Rejoice, Behold the Newborn King
  58. Ring the Bells
  59. Roses Are Blooming
  60. Sabbath Bells
  61. Sacrifice Is Now Completed, The
  62. Savior, as a Little Child, The
  63. Savior Leads His Faithful On, The
  64. Secure From Storms and Sinful Blasts
  65. See the Army
  66. Send Thy Blessing
  67. Should the Savior Come to Call Me
  68. Smiling Flowers, The
  69. Somewhere the Sun Is Brightly Beaming
  70. Song the World Is Singing, A
  71. Sovereign Grace
  72. Star of the East
  73. Steadily Advancing, See the Banner
  74. Strive to Be Doing Some Good Every Day
  75. Sweet Moments When We Feel
  76. Sweet Old Story, The
  77. Sweet Peace Is Flooding My Soul
  78. Sweet Smiling Rose
  79. Tell Me About the Master
  80. Tell of Love
  81. There Are Those in Glory Blest
  82. There Are Times When Life Seems Dreary
  83. There Came a Man to Jesus
  84. There Is a Healing Foun­tain
  85. Though I’m Walking on Life’s Path
  86. Through the Gates to the City, into Endless Day
  87. Through a World Base and Craven
  88. Through All the World the Gospel Sound
  89. Till We Meet Again in Thy House
  90. To Sunny Fields and Shaded Nooks
  91. To the Cross of Christ I Cling
  92. Victory
  93. We Are Traveling Home to Glory
  94. What Shall Be Given to Him Who Bestows
  95. What Tho’ Temptation’s Power
  96. When the Cares of Life
  97. When the Lord Shall Come to Call You
  98. With Joy the Morn Is Waking
  99. Would You Labor for the Master?