White Robes, 1879

June 29, 1842, Stone Church, Ber­gen Town­ship, New York.

June 29, 1899 (his birth­day), Lee, Il­li­nois. Some gen­e­al­o­gies in­cor­rect­ly give his death year as 1875. The Ba­ta­via Dai­ly News es­tab­lish­es the death year as 1899.

Munger graduated from the Georgetown Medical College in Georgetown, Maryland. During the American civil war, he served as Acting Assistant Surgeon of the Armory Square Hospital in Washington, DC. He married Annie Maria Wilson (eldest daughter of George Wilson, of Portland, Maine), in 1865. Hall, page 56, said he was living in Rochester, New York, around 1879. He moved to Lee, Illinois, around 1887. His works in­clude:

  1. Christmas Morn
  2. Dark Below, but Light Above
  3. Let the Children Come
  4. This Grand Little Army
  5. Sudan
  6. Work and Pray