The Cyber Hymnal™

Dedicated to the Glory of God

Established 1996

This site has ov­er 14,000 Chris­tian hymns & Gos­pel songs from ma­ny de­nom­in­a­tions & lan­guag­es: Lyr­ics, sheet mu­sic, au­dio, pic­tures, bi­og­ra­phies, his­to­ry & more.

To hear the mu­sic, you’ll need speak­ers, head phones, or ear buds; a sound card; and soft­ware that can play MI­DI files.

To see the sheet mu­sic, you’ll need:

  1. Adobe Ac­ro­bat Reade­r, or
  2. NoteWorthy Com­pos­er (NWC), or
  3. The NWC view­er, or
  4. Software that can read Music­XML files

Finally, Ja­va­Script must be en­a­bled in your brows­er.

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