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Do You Know the Wondrous Story?13 Apr
Cast Thy Bread upon the Waters12 Apr
Let Me Lean on Thy Bosom11 Apr
Jesus Died for All10 Apr
Oh, Speak to Me, My Savior9 Apr
The Bible8 Apr
Heavenly Light7 Apr
By the Jasper Sea6 Apr
Dare to Do Right5 Apr
God of Mercy and Compassion4 Apr
He Comes in Glory3 Apr
Strength to Shun Evil2 Apr
In Pleasant Lands1 Apr
I Cannot Walk in Darkness Long31 Mar
Caleb and Joshua30 Mar
Christ’s Coming29 Mar
Immortality28 Mar
Be Faithful27 Mar
Shout to the Lord, and Let Our Joys26 Mar
Arise, My Soul, This Easter Morn25 Mar
We Will Carol Joyfully24 Mar
Rise We So Joyful23 Mar
Jesus Lives! O Day of Days!22 Mar
Father of All, in Whom Alone21 Mar
How in the Flowery Spring20 Mar
Welcome, Easter Day19 Mar
Hail, Easter Day!18 Mar
The Easter Lilies17 Mar
Seeking the Master16 Mar