The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


Eternal and Immortal King20 Jan
Father, We Come in Jesus’ Name20 Jan
Lo, a Fair Rose Ablooming19 Jan
God Is in His Holy Temple19 Jan
Often When We Sit and Ponder18 Jan
No More Good-Byes18 Jan
The Ninety-Nine17 Jan
God Loves Me Dearly17 Jan
The Evening Winds Begin to Blow16 Jan
For Me16 Jan
We Bow to Thee, O Lord15 Jan
Song of the Soul Winner15 Jan
I’ll Tell to All That God Is Love14 Jan
Son of God! All Glorious Savior14 Jan
Who’ll Stand Up for Jesus?14 Jan
Hark! ’Tis the Trump of God13 Jan
Renew Me, O Eternal Light13 Jan
O My Savior, Thou Art Precious12 Jan
Longing12 Jan
Bringing Our Sheaves with Us11 Jan
Go with Thy Servant, Lord10 Jan
Have You Heard the Sobbing?10 Jan
A Call for Help10 Jan
Great God, Thou Giver of All Good9 Jan
O God, Thy Patience Moves My Soul9 Jan
Wait on God and Trust Him8 Jan
Go Wash in the Beautiful Stream8 Jan
What Should We Do Without Jesus?7 Jan
Be Not Afraid7 Jan
The Cleft of the Rock6 Jan
Take My Hand and Lead Me, Father5 Jan
Awake, O Earth5 Jan
Wherefore Should Man, Frail Child of Clay4 Jan
Behold, Where in a Mortal Form3 Jan
O, Weary Wanderer, Come Home3 Jan
Some Sweet Day2 Jan
Land of Love2 Jan
No Night in Heaven1 Jan
Dearer Than All1 Jan
Preserve Thy Faithful Servant, Lord1 Jan
Fearful Thought of Endless Doom1 Jan
Zion, Awake, Thy Strength Renew31 Dec
O Turn, Great Ruler of the Skies31 Dec
Praise Ye the Lord, Let Praise Employ30 Dec
The Lord in Zion Ever Reigns30 Dec
’Tis the Fair Dawn of Heav’nly Day29 Dec
Who, from the Gloomy Shades of Night29 Dec
O Savior, Awful Was the Word28 Dec
Ye Who Messiah Seek28 Dec
Day of Wrath27 Dec
Thou from the Cradle to the Grave27 Dec
Christ Was Born on Christmas Day26 Dec
From Dayspring’s Faintest Eastern Goal26 Dec
First of Cities, Bethlehem25 Dec
Why, Herod, Why the Godhead Fear?25 Dec
The Angels Sing Around the Stall25 Dec
Beside the Manger24 Dec
New Prince, New Pomp23 Dec
A Child for Us Is Born This Day22 Dec
From the Far-Blazing Gate of Morn22 Dec
Holy Babe, Our Great Salvation22 Dec
Sent from His Heav’nly Throne on High22 Dec
Now Ancient Shadows Flee21 Dec
Jesus, Redeemer, Ere the Light21 Dec