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The Clefted Side16 Aug
First Came the Hour of Prayer16 Aug
The Tares15 Aug
Dropping Pennies14 Sep
Go Bear the Glad Tidings13 Sep
Who Dares Attempt th’Eternal Name?12 Sep
Jesu, Accept the Grateful Song12 Sep
Walking in the Way with Jesus11 Sep
They Are Waiting and Watching10 Sep
Made Perfectly Whole9 Sep
The Savior Is My All in All8 Sep
There Is Rest in the Lord7 Sep
Behold, How Good a Thing6 Sep
O Lord and Leader of Our Needy Race5 Sep
Who Shall Be Able to Stand?4 Sep
Always Ready3 Sep
Waiting for the King (Ackley)2 Sep
Waiting for the King (Servoss)1 Sep
Righteous, Sin-Avenging God31 Aug
Our Hymn of Thanks We Sing Today30 Aug
Dear Dying Lamb29 Aug
Jesu, the Growing Work Is Thine28 Aug
The Better Day27 Aug
Come Back, Come Back Again26 Aug
Away My Needless Fears25 Aug
The Voice of the Bridegroom24 Aug
There Is a Land23 Aug
One of These Little Ones22 Aug
I Will Give You Rest21 Aug
God of All Power, Truth and Grace20 Aug
One by One20 Aug
When on Clouds of Glory19 Aug
My Pilot18 Aug
My God, Thy Service Well Demands17 Aug