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Together for Our Country Now We Pray6 Mar
With Many a Swift and Crashing Stroke5 Mar
There Is Purpose in This Waste5 Mar
What! Is This the Only Rest?5 Mar
Today They Know Not What They Do4 Mar
The Glory of God from the Way of the East3 Mar
Arise, Sad Heart, Arise in Haste3 Mar
Come Forth with Twice-Anointed Feet3 Mar
Who Will Roll Away the Stone?3 Mar
Come unto Me, All Ye Who Mourn2 Mar
Hail, Sacred Truth!1 Mar
Before Thy Face, with Lifted Hands28 Feb
Obedient to Thy Sacred Word27 Feb
Our Other Home26 Feb
Blessèd Shepherd26 Feb
How Can I Keep from Singing All the Day?25 Feb
Our Hope24 Feb
More Like Jesus23 Feb
O That Mine Eye Might Closèd Be22 Feb
Where Is My Savior Now?22 Feb
The Gospel Invitation21 Feb
A Song of Praise20 Feb
The Cross19 Feb
If Life’s Pleasures Charm Thee18 Feb
I Have Given All to Jesus!17 Feb
The Love of God16 Feb
He Will Guide Me15 Feb
Sweet Rest in Jesus14 Feb
Beauties of Zion13 Feb
Little Pilgrims12 Feb
Heavenly Bread11 Feb
The Castle of the Human Heart10 Feb
What Is the Angel Recording?9 Feb
Immanuel’s Land8 Feb
Dying Creator, Slaughtered Lamb7 Feb