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Keep Praying and Singing3 Feb
Dare to Be a Daniel2 Feb
’Neath the Shadow of His Wings1 Feb
Mother and Home31 Jan
Beautiful City of Gold30 Jan
The Crimson Wave Is Flowing29 Jan
When Jesus Laid His Hand on Me28 Jan
Whispering Hope (Mc­Clel­land)27 Jan
I Am a Little Soldier25 Jan
The Hidden Years at Nazareth24 Jan
Nearer to Thee24 Jan
Christ Is Risen23 Jan
The Land Immortal22 Jan
Bring in the Children21 Jan
There Are No Tears in Heaven20 Jan
One Thousand-Million Souls19 Jan
Just Over the Stars18 Jan
Fountain of Love17 Jan
’Tis Never Too Late to Be Working16 Jan
He’s My Friend15 Jan
God, Who Madest Earth and Heaven14 Jan
My Inmost Heart Now Raises13 Jan
The Radiant Sun Shines in the Skies12 Jan
Let Not Thy Hands Be Slack11 Jan
Jesus, Hear My Prayer10 Jan
How Gladly I My Place Have Taken9 Jan
O Son of God, in Co-Eternal Might8 Jan
Jesus Saves Me7 Jan
Father in Heav’n, Look Down, I Pray6 Jan
Lord God! Thou Art for Evermore5 Jan
My Jesus!4 Jan