The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


All Hail the Morn!21 Sep
Oh, the Precious Love of Jesus20 Sep
The New Name20 Sep
Beside Thy Manger Here I Stand19 Sep
The Last Loud Trumpet’s Wondrous Sound18 Sep
I Come to Thee17 Sep
None Is Like Jeshurun’s God17 Sep
On the Rock16 Sep
The City of Light16 Sep
Let Earth and Hell Their Powers Employ15 Sep
But if Thou Wilt Not Save Us Here15 Sep
I Have Found the Way14 Sep
Wonderful Jesus14 Sep
Lord, from Far Severed Climes We Come13 Sep
Let Fierce, Horrific Kings Appear13 Sep
O for the Faith in Jesu’s Name13 Sep
God of Heav’n, Appear Below12 Sep
Jesus, Fix Thy Kingdom Here!12 Sep
Promise of My Father’s Love, The11 Sep
Let Us Adore th’Eternal Word11 Sep
The Days and Years of Time Are Fled10 Sep
I Left the God of Truth and Light9 Sep
When War on Earth Suspended9 Sep
Upon a World of Guilt and Night9 Sep
Thou from Whom All Being Sprang9 Sep
Hark ’Tis the Trumpet’s Sound!8 Sep
I’m Going That Way8 Sep
The Bond of Perfectness7 Sep
We’ll Be Like Him7 Sep
The Dawn of Victory6 Sep
In Canaan Now6 Sep
Wonderful Morning5 Sep
Beautiful Eastertide4 Sep
Then, Then, th’Intestine War Is O’er3 Sep
Warned of That Vindictive Day3 Sep
In Sweetest Accord3 Sep
Never Alone2 Sep
What Hath This Wretched World to Give?1 Sep
Throughout My Fallen Soul I Feel1 Sep
I Seek the Kingdom First31 Aug
My God Will Add the Rest31 Aug
River of Peace30 Aug
What a Mighty God We Serve!30 Aug
Jesus, Your Name30 Aug
Who Shall Condemn to Endless Flames29 Aug
How Should We Spend Our Time?29 Aug
The Living Way28 Aug
Dwelling in Me28 Aug
Let Us Awake27 Aug
Even Now26 Aug
Jesus, My Saviour25 Aug
Hence from My Soul, Sad Thoughts, Begone25 Aug
Choose Ye Today24 Aug
By Simple Faith23 Aug
O Faith! Thou Workest Miracles23 Aug
A Worship Hymn23 Aug
At Our Post22 Aug
Calling, Gently Calling22 Aug