The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


Merry Christmas26 Nov
Christmas Song25 Nov
Of All the Happy Golden Days24 Nov
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks23 Nov
Lift Up the Advent Strain!22 Nov
Behold! Behold, He Cometh22 Nov
Long Ago, in Solemn Midnight21 Nov
Lo, He Comes! Let All Adore Him21 Nov
A Great and Mighty Wonder20 Nov
We’ll Sing, in Spite of Scorn19 Nov
Glory to God!18 Nov
New Heaven, New War18 Nov
The Burning Babe17 Nov
The Claims of the Poor17 Nov
Singing of Jesus16 Nov
The Joy of Christmas16 Nov
Jesu, Our Captain and Our King15 Nov
Kind Framer of the Firmament15 Nov
The Storm of Sorrow Howls Around14 Nov
Lo—On the Inglorious Tree14 Nov
The Well of Sychar13 Nov
Hark, a Joyful Voice Is Thrilling13 Nov
Hark! The Clear Voice12 Nov
The Army of the Lord12 Nov
My Heart’s Prayer11 Nov
The Lowliness of the Messiah11 Nov
Murder of the Innocents10 Nov
The Wise Men’s Offering10 Nov
The Stable at Bethlehem9 Nov
The Angel’s Message9 Nov
Glory to God in the Highest8 Nov
Song of the Ages8 Nov
Death and Resurrection7 Nov
I Would Be7 Nov
We Offer Praises6 Nov
Happy Christmas Time5 Nov
Merry, Merry Christmas5 Nov
The Angel Chorus4 Nov
His Word En­dur­eth3 Nov
Alone at Eve2 Nov
If Life Be Long1 Nov
God Is with Me31 Oct
This Great Salvation30 Oct
I’ll Follow Where He Leads29 Oct
Tell the Story of His Love28 Oct
Do Not Pass Me By27 Oct