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Thou, Sore Oppressed17 May
Lord Jesus, Who Didst Once Appear16 May
Fools Make a Mock at Sin16 May
My Home15 May
Alas, What Mean Those Fears?14 May
Savior, Bless Me Now14 May
Let Wanton Men Beware13 May
Our Abiding Home13 May
Jesus Bids You13 May
Redeeming Love12 May
Tho’ Scorners Thee Defy12 May
The Lord Will Provide11 May
Shed Not a Tear10 May
In Thy Great Indignation, Lord9 May
Blest He Who Wisely Helps the Poor8 May
Yet God Is Good to Israel7 May
He Trieth the Righteous6 May
Descend upon Us5 May
Rest in Heaven4 May
My Thoughts, That Often Mount the Skies3 May
O Lord, the Savior and Defense2 May
Father of Mercies, Send Thy Grace1 May
When Christ His Body Up Had Born30 Apr
The Song of the New Crusade29 Apr
In Yonder Home28 Apr
Be a Witness for the Master27 Apr
City of Salvation26 Apr
Sunday School Lesson Hymn26 Apr
It Is I25 Apr
The Coming of Our Lord24 Apr
A Mission Hymn23 Apr
Light of Life22 Apr
Let All Men Praise the Lord21 Apr
Praise the Lord, When Blushing Morning20 Apr
Illustrious Sires! Undaunted Seers!19 Apr
Little Things18 Apr