The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


My Father Knows13 Nov
God, as We Stand Amid Your World12 Nov
Beyond the Mystic River12 Nov
Trusting in Jesus Alone12 Nov
Calling for Me11 Nov
O Lord, Descend11 Nov
The Broken Chord10 Nov
This Wide World for Jesus9 Nov
My Savior’s Footsteps9 Nov
He Careth for Me8 Nov
Speed the Light7 Nov
Jesus Will Be with Us6 Nov
I Want to Be More Like Jesus5 Nov
Heaven’s Harbor4 Nov
Christmas Bells4 Nov
Suffer the Children3 Nov
List to the Clanging Bells of Time2 Nov
I Will Pray1 Nov
Light of the Wandering31 Oct
Keep Step with the Master31 Oct
Gather Them into the Fold30 Oct
Never Lose Sight of Jesus30 Oct
Glory to God in the Highest29 Oct
Roll On, Sweet Galilee28 Oct
My Reward27 Oct
Gathering in the Sheaves27 Oct
Living in Sunlight26 Oct
Tomb, Thou Shalt Not Hold Him Longer26 Oct
Called to Foreign Fields25 Oct
Lord, Show Me What It Means25 Oct
The Final Judgment Day24 Oct
The Lord Is My Shepherd23 Oct
Jesus Is Calling for Thee22 Oct
Zion Is My Home22 Oct
Jesus Is Coming Again (Tate)21 Oct
The First and Second Blessing20 Oct
Will You Miss Me?20 Oct
We Shall Know Each Other There19 Oct
We Are Going One by One18 Oct
I Want My Life to Count for Jesus17 Oct
Song of the Aged Christian17 Oct
In the Light of God’s Wonderful Love16 Oct
Lamb of God, Thy Right We Own16 Oct
What Are You Doing for Them?15 Oct
The Last Lovely Morning15 Oct
Hymn for Christmas14 Oct
When the King of Kings Comes14 Oct