The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


The Beauty of Holiness17 May
One by One16 May
On to Victory15 May
The Lord of Hosts, th’Almighty Lord14 May
God of All Power, and Truth, and Grace13 May
Captives of Israel, Hear13 May
Awakened by Thy Threatenings, Lord13 May
Beneath the Cross of Jesus12 May
Awake, Jerusalem, Awake11 May
The Good Shepherd11 May
Only Trusting10 May
For a Sick Friend in Darkness9 May
And Must Thou Perish in Thy Blood?9 May
Now, Sinner, Now What Is Thy Hope?9 May
Faith8 May
How Can I Live for Jesus?7 May
Kept6 May
The Angels in the Air5 May
My Heart’s Prayer4 May
Have I Done Any Good?3 May
Do Right2 May
In the Morning1 May
Our Shepherd Leads with Gentle Hand30 Apr
Out of Touch29 Apr
Early Seeking, Early Finding28 Apr
I’m on the Rock28 Apr
Jesus Will Never Forget27 Apr
Day of Wrath27 Apr
The Heavenly Road26 Apr
The Master’s Work25 Apr
Deceivers as the World May Deem24 Apr
The Rich and Poor Together Meet24 Apr
The Rich and Poor Together Meet24 Apr
Somewhere There’s a World of Beauty23 Apr
We Shall Know Each Other There22 Apr
Holy Name of Jesus21 Apr
Work On20 Apr
Come to the Fount19 Apr
Blood-Bought18 Apr
Consecration18 Apr