The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


Angel of Easter9 Apr
Wake, O Favored Nation8 Apr
Cross, Crown and Throne8 Apr
O Swing the Gates Wide Open7 Apr
Beautiful Morn6 Apr
Bring the Easter Lilies6 Apr
In the Shade of His Wings5 Apr
Under His Wings5 Apr
Oh Say Not, I Will Yet Delay4 Apr
When All the Powers of Nature Fail4 Apr
When Sickness Shakes the Languid Frame4 Apr
A Little Ship Was on the Sea3 Apr
To Calm the Sorrows of the Mind3 Apr
Sovereign Ruler of the Skies2 Apr
I Take the Journey of a Day2 Apr
Thus Far on Life’s Bewildering Path1 Apr
Lo! the Desert Depths Are Stirred1 Apr
Ruler of the Dread Immense1 Apr
Oft Have I Sat in Secret Sighs31 Mar
Blest Is the Man, Supremely Blest31 Mar
We Sing the Glories of Thy Love30 Mar
When We Are Raised from Deep Distress30 Mar
Thee We Adore, Eternal Name30 Mar
Perfect Trust29 Mar
Washed in the Blood29 Mar
Those Who Love the Lord28 Mar
What I’ve Found in Jesus28 Mar
The Lord Is Coming27 Mar
Soon the Summer Will be Ended27 Mar
Lord, We Have Broke Thy Holy Laws27 Mar
He Comes, Thy God26 Mar
Eternal Praises to the Lord26 Mar
God, to Correct a Guilty World25 Mar
Great Source of Life, Our Souls Confess25 Mar
Sovereign of Life, I Own Thy Hand25 Mar
Look Back, My Soul, with Grateful Love24 Mar
Incarnate God! The Soul That Knows23 Mar
Pensive, Doubting, Fearful Heart23 Mar
Heav’n Has Confirmed the Great Decree23 Mar
At the Judgment Seat22 Mar
Eternal God, Our Wondering Souls21 Mar
The Lord, Our Lord, How Rich His Grace!21 Mar
Ye Heav’ns, with Sounds of Triumph Ring21 Mar
Our Nation Seemed to Ruin Doomed20 Mar
Awake, My Drowsy Soul20 Mar
When the King Draws Nigh19 Mar
Complete in Him19 Mar
When He Comes18 Mar
Father of Mercies, Heavenly Friend17 Mar
Angel of Love17 Mar
Love Each Other16 Mar
Jesus Cares15 Mar
God’s Care14 Mar
Glory Hallelujah13 Mar
He Shall Cover Thee12 Mar
Thy Will Alone11 Mar
Alone with Jesus, ’Tis So Sweet11 Mar
I’ll Not Be Afraid11 Mar
The Riches of His Grace10 Mar