The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


They Shall Be Comforted17 Jan
He Keepeth His Promise17 Jan
Chosen Not for Good in Me17 Jan
When the Pearly Gates Unfold16 Jan
Anchored16 Jan
Dark Was the Night15 Jan
In Every Trying Hour15 Jan
The Bells of Conscience15 Jan
The Work That Saves14 Jan
True and Faithful Witness13 Jan
I Am Coming Back13 Jan
Lost and Found13 Jan
He Bore Our Sins12 Jan
I Come To Thee12 Jan
By Willful Sin the Man Who Wrongs11 Jan
The Caution Is Not Vain11 Jan
Jesus of Nazareth, Healer of Men11 Jan
Jesus, to Me the Joy Impart11 Jan
The Friendship of Jesus11 Jan
How Can the Brethren Testify?10 Jan
Some Glad Day10 Jan
Why Should I Ask the Future Load? 9 Jan
The Past No Longer in My Power9 Jan
Must We Not Then in Patience Wait?9 Jan
Evil I Then Must Be9 Jan
What Shall We Bring to Thee?8 Jan
In Hunger, Watch, and Prayer8 Jan
Now Are the Days of Humblest Prayer7 Jan
Giver of the Perfect Gift7 Jan
Jesus Is Calling You Now6 Jan
Let Us Hear You Tell It6 Jan
When the Harvest Comes6 Jan
Blessèd Are the Peacemakers5 Jan
’Tis Better Higher Up4 Jan
Christ, Our Rock!4 Jan
I Belong to Jesus3 Jan
Father of Light, Conduct My Feet3 Jan
O God, Our Light3 Jan
This Is a Day of New Beginnings2 Jan
His Loving Arms Around Me2 Jan
In the Bliss of Old Predicted1 Jan
Behold the Bridegroom! (Methodius)1 Jan
A Halo Rests upon Thy Brow31 Dec
Lord, Let Us Feel That Thou Art Near31 Dec
Sin Has Undone Our Wretched Race30 Dec
O Praise the Lord of Heaven30 Dec
As on a Hill Top Gained at Last30 Dec
O Happy Place That Heard the Voice29 Dec
Jesus! Shall the Watchword Be29 Dec
Another Year of Setting Suns29 Dec
Bless, O Lord, the Opening Year29 Dec
Ye Worms of Earth, Arise28 Dec
Confidence27 Dec
Hark, the Heav’nly Voices Sing27 Dec
O Joyful Bells of Christmas-Tide27 Dec
Oh Wouldst Thou in Thy Glory Come27 Dec
The New-Born Child This Early Morn26 Dec
Star of the East, How Sweet Art Thou26 Dec
The Year Begins with Thee26 Dec
Lord, a Vessel Thou has Fashioned26 Dec
We Sing of God, the Mighty Source25 Dec
Now Sing We, Now Rejoice24 Dec
Where Is This Stupendous Stranger?23 Dec
The Battle Song of the Church22 Dec
Bethlehem in Land of Judah22 Dec
The Anthem the Angels Were Singing21 Dec
Lord, You Alone Are Worthy!21 Dec
’Round Our Sparkling Christmas Tree21 Dec
Ere One Creation Pillar Stood20 Dec
Gather and Sing20 Dec
Ring the Bells20 Dec
Hark! The Merry, Merry Bells20 Dec
Long, Long Ago in Manger Low19 Dec
The Christmas Message19 Dec
Jesus Is Coming19 Dec
The God of Israel Is Real18 Dec
What Hinders?18 Dec