The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


Song of the Lilies22 May
Awake, Thou Wintry Earth21 May
To Thee, O God, We Offer20 May
Tender, and Trusty, and True20 May
Is This Thy Will, and Must I Be19 May
Oh, May the Days of Childhood18 May
Dying Millions17 May
Lord, How Large Thy Bounties Are16 May
O God, What Offering Shall I Give?15 May
Peace, Be Still!14 May
By Faith, I See Uplaid13 May
Lord, on Thy Promise I Rely12 May
Softly Sing Our Parting Lay12 May
Come, Lord in Mercy Come Again11 May
Sweet Surprises10 May
Father, Before Thy Throne9 May
Let Them Come unto Me8 May
The Little Pilgrims7 May
Arise, Christian Soldier6 May
What Will It Matter?5 May
There’ll Be Joy By and By4 May
The Wonderful Story Is True3 May
’Neath the Shadow of Thy Wing2 May
Little Soldiers of the King1 May
Come Today30 Apr
Lift Him Up29 Apr
Bring Peace to My Soul28 Apr
Broken Hearts27 Apr
Something to Do in Heaven26 Apr
Scatter Smiles as You Go25 Apr
Where Should I Be, if God Should Say24 Apr
O Thou, the Helpless Orphan’s Hope23 Apr
In This Lone Hour of Deep Distress23 Apr
Yes, She Is Gone23 Apr