The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


We Praise Thee13 Aug
As Wandering on Life’s Journey12 Aug
Children, to the Rescue11 Aug
We Will Chant in Psalms of Glory11 Aug
Savior, I Am Coming Home10 Aug
The Wondrous Story9 Aug
Give Your Heart to Jesus8 Aug
O Blessèd Rest7 Aug
Come, O Blessèd Spirit6 Aug
The Christian’s Pentecost5 Aug
Hear Our Prayer4 Aug
Going Down to Judgment3 Aug
I’ll Go with Thee!2 Aug
With Jesus, Hand in Hand2 Aug
Thy Kingdom Come1 Aug
Tell It Today1 Aug
Have I Done My Best for Jesus?31 Jul
Let Us Carry the Sunshine31 Jul
Do Not Say Tomorrow30 Jul
In the Paradise of Jesus29 Jul
Settle the Question29 Jul
Touch the Hem of His Garment28 Jul
Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do?27 Jul
Looking on the Bright Side27 Jul
Fighting at Our King’s Command26 Jul
’Tis Beautiful26 Jul
Thanks We Give25 Jul
The Children Are Coming25 Jul
The Sure By and By24 Jul
Beautiful Land of Light24 Jul
The Shepherds on Fair Bethlehem’s Plain23 Jul
Shepherds Watching o’er the Plain22 Jul
Christ Is a Wonderful Savior22 Jul
Hosanna to the Prince of Grace21 Jul
How Sweet20 Jul
’Neath Elim’s Cooling Palms20 Jul
The Two Homes19 Jul
Today19 Jul
River of Death18 Jul
The River of Life18 Jul
Voyage of Life18 Jul
Beautiful Stars17 Jul
Lo! I Am with You17 Jul
Judah Restored16 Jul
The Idol of Dura16 Jul
Ever Onward16 Jul
Judah’s Light16 Jul
On the Shoals15 Jul
Jesus Is Merciful15 Jul
I Will Trust in the Lord14 Jul
O! How Sweet to Trust in the Lord14 Jul