The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


To Thee, Most Holy, and Most High26 May
Will You Be Washed in the Blood?26 May
Jesus Knocks at Thy Heart26 May
The Lord, the Judge, His Churches Warns25 May
In the Cleft of the Rock25 May
’Tis Well24 May
Come Over into Canaan24 May
The King, O Lord, with Songs of Praise23 May
Blest Trinity, from Mortal Sight23 May
O Sacred Head, Surrounded23 May
The Old Year’s Long Campaign is O’er22 May
Encompassed by Clouds of Distress22 May
My God, Now I from Sleep Awake22 May
There Are Coming Changes Great21 May
Great Redeemer, Friend of Sinners21 May
Crown Him Conqueror20 May
Let the Laurel Twine20 May
Lord, Have Mercy When We Pray19 May
Brother, Thou Art Gone Before Us19 May
Come Away with Jesus18 May
Lord! Whose Love, in Power Excelling18 May
Incarnate Word, Who, Wont to Dwell18 May
Oh Hand of Bounty, Largely Spread18 May
O Weep Not o’er Thy Children’s Tomb17 May
The Winds Were Howling o’er the Deep17 May
The God of Glory Walks His Round16 May
Jesus Christ Our Savior16 May
The Turf Shall Be My Fragrant Shrine16 May
The Bird, Let Loose in Eastern Skies16 May
Elijah’s Interview with God15 May
Sweet Is the Solemn Voice That Calls15 May
The Leaves Around Me Falling15 May
The Mercies of My God and King15 May
The Pilgrim’s Song15 May
I’m Saved by the Blood14 May
Forsaken, Yet Hoping14 May
Happy the City13 May
The Humble Inquiry12 May
Upheld by Hope11 May
This Is Merry Christmas Day10 May
To the Harvest Field10 May
Only a Touch!9 May
Marching On to Victory9 May
Sleep, Thou Dust and Ashes9 May
We Are the Children of the Church8 May
My Infant, Lord, to Thee I Gladly Bring8 May
Yes, My Native Land, I Love Thee7 May
Remember Thy Creator7 May
Joy in Heaven7 May
In Mercy, Not in Wrath, Rebuke6 May
Christ Has Risen6 May
Uncertain How the Way to Find6 May
O Lord, How Vile Am I6 May
By Various Maxims, Forms and Rules5 May
Prepare a Thankful Song5 May
My Barns Are Full5 May
Harvest Song5 May
Let Us Go Forth5 May
Having Done All, to Stand4 May
I Am Saved by His Blood4 May
When Jesus Comes Again4 May
Saved to Serve3 May
That City3 May
Come, Holy Spirit3 May
My Mother’s Hands3 May
Stand on Thy Guard2 May
My Hope Is Still in Jesus2 May
My Savior Walks with Me1 May
He Lives! The Savior Lives!1 May
My Father Planned It All30 Apr
O Lord Our God, with Earnest Care30 Apr
Father! I Go to Thee!30 Apr
Message of Mercy29 Apr
Crown Him29 Apr
Holy Spirit28 Apr
Try to Carry Sunshine28 Apr
Following the Master27 Apr
Closer Still27 Apr
Burst, Ye Emerald Gates27 Apr