The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


Hark! The Trumpet, Earth’s Four Regions20 Jan
The Descent from the Cross19 Jan
The Lord’s Knocking18 Jan
Leaning on Jesus17 Jan
Waiting for the Promise16 Jan
Repent Ye16 Jan
Fear Thou Not15 Jan
Abundantly Able to Save14 Jan
There Is None Righteous14 Jan
I Love the Lord, Who Died for Me13 Jan
Thy Father’s House12 Jan
Disowned of Heav’n, by Man Oppressed11 Jan
Why, on the Bending Willows Hung11 Jan
We Stand in Deep Repentance10 Jan
Fount of Everlasting Love9 Jan
Sunshine of Love8 Jan
The Lion of Judah7 Jan
Closer Walk with Thee6 Jan
Thou, Who Dwell’st Enthroned on High5 Jan
Now Joyful Strains We Lift on High4 Jan
Let All the Lands, with Shouts of Joy3 Jan
Ye Tribes of Adam, Join3 Jan
Angels, Assist to Sing2 Jan
To Praise Our Shepherd’s Care2 Jan
Ye Hosts of Heaven, Ye Mighty Ones1 Jan
O God, My Heart Is Fully Bent1 Jan
All Ye Nations, Praise the Lord31 Dec
My Few Revolving Years31 Dec
Joy! Joy! A Year Is Born30 Dec
Our Father! Through the Coming Year30 Dec
O God! To Thee Our Hearts Would Pay29 Dec
O Lord, by Thy Supporting Hand29 Dec
On This Day of Celebration28 Dec
Now a New Year Opens27 Dec
Glory Be to God on High!26 Dec
To Christ the Lord!26 Dec
See, Where a Tender Mother Fondly Bends25 Dec
All Hail, Thou Night, Than Day More Bright25 Dec
Him Whom the Skies, the Earth, the Sea24 Dec
Hark! Heard Ye Not the Ancient Seer?24 Dec
Thrice Joyful Night24 Dec
What Within Me and Without23 Dec
Bend to Our Hymns, Redeemer23 Dec
A Child Is Born in Bethlehem22 Dec
Glory to God! We Were in Bitter Need22 Dec
Hush! The Virgin’s Song Is Ringing22 Dec
Great King! From Heaven’s High Throne21 Dec
In Her Lord His Church Rejoices21 Dec