The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


Sweet Rest at Home16 Jan
Oh, Drink at the Fountain15 Jan
Christian Safety14 Jan
Sing We Now of Christmas13 Jan
Rejoice, Ye Saints12 Jan
Waiting at the Cross11 Jan
Sabbath Evening10 Jan
Asking Thy Care9 Jan
Memories of the Past8 Jan
Faith and Sight7 Jan
In Heaven’s Eternal Glories Blessed6 Jan
I Come to Thee5 Jan
Come While You May4 Jan
With God and His Friendship4 Jan
Oh, How Majestic and Glorious3 Jan
Teach Me to Pray3 Jan
More Precious to Me3 Jan
Children of the Heavenly Father2 Jan
Only Believe1 Jan
It Is the Lord! Behold His Hand31 Dec
O Let the Land Mourn Through Its Coasts30 Dec
Blest Be th’Eternal Infinite!29 Dec
With This New Year We Raise New Songs28 Dec
A New Year’s Greeting27 Dec
This Solemn Hour O Let Us Be26 Dec
’Tis Merry Christmas Time25 Dec
Out of Every Clime and People25 Dec
Welcome Be Our Heavenly King25 Dec
As I Kept Watch Beside My Sheep24 Dec
Happy Christmas Day23 Dec
God Give Ye Merry Christmas Tide22 Dec
Happy Christmas21 Dec
Gentle Jesus, Pure and Holy20 Dec
Christmas Night19 Dec
Blessèd Gift18 Dec
Song of Christmas Eve17 Dec