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I Come from th’Lofty Heav’ns Today10 Dec
Merry, Merry Christmas Time9 Dec
Immanuel, We Sing Thy Praise8 Dec
While Shepherds Kept Their Flocks by Night8 Dec
Jesus, Thou Everlasting Word8 Dec
Begin a Joyful Song7 Dec
A Lost and Sinful World to Save7 Dec
Long Did Both Kings and Prophets Wait7 Dec
Hail to the Virgin Born6 Dec
Gloomy Night Embraced the Place6 Dec
Peace for the Valley6 Dec
All the Skies Tonight Sing o’er Us5 Dec
Jesu, Who from Thy Father’s Throne5 Dec
Now the Long Expected Savior4 Dec
Let Us All with Grateful Praises4 Dec
How Blest Is the Season4 Dec
What Good News the Angels Bring4 Dec
Hark the Bells3 Dec
Praise Be to Our Infant Savior3 Dec
The Angels Sang One Starry Night2 Dec
Hosanna to King David’s Son2 Dec
Childling of a Maiden Bright1 Dec
Light of the World, Come Nigh and Bless1 Dec
Christ the Lord, the Lord Most Glorious30 Nov
Lord Jesus Christ, All Praise to Thee30 Nov
What Offering Shall I Bring to Thee?29 Nov
Rejoice, Our Nature Christ Assumes29 Nov
O God of Peace, Thee We Implore28 Nov
Macedonia27 Nov
When He Shall Appear27 Nov
Thy Cross, O Jesus, Thou Didst Bear27 Nov
Over and Over26 Nov
Use Me, Savior25 Nov
The Cleansing Blood24 Nov
Unto Us a Child is Born23 Nov
Slumber, Sweetly Slumber23 Nov
There’s a Light at the River22 Nov
There’s a Wonderful Star21 Nov
Sing and Rejoice20 Nov
Missing19 Nov
We Have Come to Worship You, O Lord19 Nov
Drifting Away18 Nov
Thou, Who Our Faithless Hearts Can Read17 Nov
Jesus Knows Thy Sorrow16 Nov
My God, I Love Thee for Thyself15 Nov
Working for the Crown15 Nov
Now Let Us See Thy Beauty, Lord14 Nov
My Father Knows13 Nov
God, as We Stand Amid Your World12 Nov
Beyond the Mystic River12 Nov
Trusting in Jesus Alone12 Nov
Calling for Me11 Nov
O Lord, Descend11 Nov