The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


Weeps the Savior o’er His Foe16 Jul
Save, Save One16 Jul
Work to Do for Jesus15 Jul
The Coming of the Kingdom Draweth Near!14 Jul
Bear the Burden of the Present13 Jul
How Is Our Nature Spoiled by Sin!12 Jul
Oh for the Death of Those12 Jul
The God of Love Will Sure Indulge11 Jul
Hence from My Soul, My Sins, Depart10 Jul
The Heavens Invite Mine Eye10 Jul
Out of the Shadow-Land9 Jul
O Christian Youth, Arise!9 Jul
Marching in His Name9 Jul
For Me! For Me!8 Jul
My Friend8 Jul
If the Light Has Gone Out7 Jul
Zaccheus7 Jul
Mighty, Yet Meek6 Jul
Cling to the Bible6 Jul
Do You Know Him?6 Jul
That Will Be Glory5 Jul
There Is a Sea5 Jul
The Signs Which God to Gideon Gave4 Jul
When Joshua, by God’s Command4 Jul
How Blest the Righteous Are3 Jul
The Lambs of the Upper Fold2 Jul
When He Comes in Glory By and By1 Jul
The New Glory Song1 Jul
Christ’s Everlasting Gospel30 Jun
Blessèd Angels30 Jun
Why Keep Jesus Waiting?29 Jun
What Would You Give in Exchange?29 Jun
Up to the Hills I Lift Mine Eyes28 Jun
Hark! The Redeemer from on High28 Jun
O Grant Me, Lord, That Sweet Content27 Jun
The Lord Is King!27 Jun
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be26 Jun
Precious Words26 Jun
The Kingdom Shall Stand26 Jun
Pure Gold25 Jun
Revive Thy Work, O Lord25 Jun
Beautiful Mansions24 Jun
How Blest and How Joyous24 Jun
Be Strong in the Faith23 Jun
Jesus Through Samaria23 Jun
Growing Up for Jesus22 Jun
Be a Light for Jesus22 Jun
O, the Things We May Do21 Jun
Ever Will I Pray21 Jun
Jesus, My Sorrow Lies Too Deep21 Jun
Truth Is Marching On20 Jun
Bending Before Thee20 Jun
The Soul’s Bright Land Above19 Jun
Heaven Is Mine19 Jun
Who’ll Be Sowing?18 Jun
Come, Holy Spirit18 Jun
Glory, Glory18 Jun
Will You Come to the Cross?18 Jun
My Father Blessed Me17 Jun
Our Children16 Jun