The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


A Prayer for Guidance18 Nov
Ah! Whither Should We Fly?17 Nov
Fountain of Power and Dignity16 Nov
Spirit of Heav’nly Counsel, Come16 Nov
If Now Thou Dost Thy Work Revive16 Nov
There’s Joy in Heaven16 Nov
Glorious Land15 Nov
While Angels Sing14 Nov
O Radiant Morn13 Nov
Rejoice!12 Nov
Nothing Between Us11 Nov
The Star and the Angels11 Nov
Lead On10 Nov
O Praise Ye the Lord, with Heart and with Voice9 Nov
Hosannah to the King9 Nov
Star of Bethlehem8 Nov
All Hail! Happy Day7 Nov
Christmas Bells6 Nov
Hear the Bells5 Nov
Some Happy Day5 Nov
A Child Is Born—The Birth Proclaim4 Nov
Sleep, Weary World4 Nov
You Can Shine3 Nov
Battle Hymn2 Nov
Where Shall I Be?2 Nov
Let the Little Children Come2 Nov
Our Promised Help1 Nov
Shelter Near the Cross31 Oct
The Master Calleth31 Oct
Not in the Hour of Death30 Oct
Only Thee29 Oct
Heaven to the Soul28 Oct
Grace and Glory27 Oct
Old and New26 Oct
Farewell, Bright Christmas25 Oct
A Christmas Carol24 Oct
There’s a Friend23 Oct
Our Home Beyond the River22 Oct
In the Fiery Furnace21 Oct
O That Sweet Day21 Oct
How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me, O Lord?20 Oct
The Great Message20 Oct
The Last Appeal19 Oct
At the Door19 Oct