The Cyber Hymnal™

Recent Additions


Come, Come Today27 May
My Great Physician27 May
Work, Watch, Pray26 May
He Cares for Me26 May
Guard Thy Lips26 May
Safe with Jesus25 May
A Stronger Faith25 May
I Will Sing of Thy Redemption24 May
Thou Lord of Life and Death24 May
Land of Our Birth, We Pledge to Thee23 May
When We Waken in the Morning23 May
The Coming Christ22 May
The Prospect22 May
Christ’s Coming21 May
The Fountain of Life21 May
He’s Coming This Way20 May
The Golden City19 May
The Clouds Are the Dust of His Feet19 May
He Leadeth Me18 May
Just Beyond17 May
The Loyal Call17 May
The Bargain16 May
Christmas Tears15 May
So Do I14 May
Father of All, Before Thy Throne14 May
Met Again in Jesus’ Name13 May
While o’er the Deep Thy Servants Sail12 May
From This Hour11 May
When the Clouds Were Dark11 May
A Little Word10 May
Are You Ready for His Coming?10 May
Thou Wilt Defend Us9 May
Children of God, Renounce Your Fears9 May
Hosannah to Jesus on High!8 May
Hosanna to Jesus8 May
Then Do I Love Jesus7 May
Attend, My People, to My Law7 May
The Impenitent Man’s Lot6 May
Christ the Conquering King6 May
The Fountain6 May
Savior! Hear Us, We Pray5 May
Onward Pressing5 May
The New Song4 May
Beyond the Hills4 May
The Jasper Sea4 May
Wonderful Virtue in Prayer4 May
Succor of the Tempted3 May
How I Love to Speak for Jesus3 May
Watch and Pray2 May
Breathe upon Me2 May
Lighted Lamps2 May
The Blessèd Hope1 May
Under the Shadow of Thy Wing1 May
Father! To Thy Kind Love We Owe30 Apr
O Lord of Health and Life30 Apr
The Heart Dejected Sighs to Know30 Apr
That Solemn Day Will Soon Arrive29 Apr
What Shall I Do with Jesus?29 Apr
I’m but a Little Child28 Apr
God’s Three Hundred28 Apr