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Though this not a commercial site, the site name is trademarked to protect our continued ability to use it, since some unethical people have created links with the Cyber Hymnal™ name that lead to other sites.

We’ve tried to be extremely careful to include only material:

In some cases, we could not fully trace the origin of a hymn, but due to its source, it is believed to be in the public domain. If we have inadvertently included a work with a copyright still in force, let us know & we will remove it immediately. If any copyright infringement has occurred, it was unintentional. This site is non-commercial, and generates no income. Its sole purpose is to provide a worship and teaching resource, and help advance God’s kingdom.

To repeat: Please do not download or reproduce any material with a copyright notice, unless the notice grants permission to do so. However, the vast majority of the material in the Cyber Hymnal™ is in the public domain, so enjoy!