The Cyber Hymnal™


Material on our site which does not have a co­py­right no­tice is, to the best of our know­ledge, in the pub­lic do­main. You may post our pub­lic do­main MIDI files, scores, pic­tures, etc. on an­oth­er Web site, pro­vid­ed you at­trib­ute them to the Cyber Hymn­al™ & include a link to .

The de­sign & HTML code of our Web pages are co­pyrigh­ted, & may not be re­pro­duced. Oth­er co­py­right­ed ma­ter­i­al is clear­ly marked as such, & is sub­ject to the us­u­al, un­for­tu­nate, le­gal re­stric­tions.

Though this is a non-com­mer­cial site, the site name is trade­marked to pro­tect our ab­il­i­ty to con­tin­ue us­ing it, since some un­eth­ic­al peo­ple have created links with the Cyber Hym­nal™ name that lead to oth­er sites.

We’ve tried to be ex­treme­ly care­ful to in­clude on­ly ma­ter­i­al:

In some cases, we could not ful­ly trace the or­i­gin of a hymn, but due to its source, it is be­lieved to be in the pub­lic do­main. If we have in­ad­vert­ent­ly in­clud­ed a work with a co­py­right still in force, let us know & we will re­move it. If any co­py­right in­fringe­ment has oc­curred, it was un­in­ten­tion­al. This site is non-com­mer­cial, and gen­er­ates no in­come. Its sole purpose is to pro­vide a wor­ship and teach­ing re­source, and help ad­vance God’s king­dom.

To re­peat: Please do not down­load or re­pro­duce any ma­ter­i­al with a co­py­right no­tice, un­less the notice grants per­mis­sion to do so. How­ev­er, the vast ma­jor­i­ty of the ma­ter­i­al in the Cy­ber Hym­nal™ is in the pub­lic do­main, so en­joy!