The Cyber Hymnal™


This fea­ture plays each hymn, then goes to the next one au­to­ma­tic­al­ly. You’ll see the word AU­TO­PLAY at the top of the page when Au­to­play is run­ning. To stop Au­to­play, press one of the ar­row but­tons at the top of the page.

Start at a ran­dom hymn
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Play each hymn seconds


  1. The ran­dom hymn fea­ture may not work on old­er brows­ers. If this hap­pens, in­stall the lat­est version of Fire­fox, Chrome or Mi­cro­soft Edge—these brows­ers han­dle the ran­dom hymn cor­rect­ly.
  2. Some brows­ers don’t han­dle Au­to­play pro­per­ly if you have a slow In­ter­net con­nect­ion & en­ter a num­ber of se­conds less than the time it takes the page to load. If this hap­pens, try a larg­er value.
  3. You can al­so start Au­to­play by en­ter­ing the URL in your brows­er’s ad­dress/lo­cation win­dow, fol­lowed by (1) a ques­tion mark, (2) the word de­lay, (3) an eq­uals sign (=), and (4) the num­ber of se­conds to display each page (no spaces). The fol­low­ing ex­am­ple starts Au­to­play at Am­az­ing Grace and dis­plays each page for 30 se­conds:


The mu­sic for each page plays au­to­ma­tic­al­ly if you’ve se­lect­ed that fea­ture on the site home page, and your brows­er sup­ports it. So far, Chrome is the on­ly brows­er we’ve seen that plays the mu­sic au­to­ma­tic­ally.

Once Au­to­play is run­ning, you can stop it by click­ing the Home but­ton on your brows­er, or at the top of the page. Or, just close the brows­er.