The Cyber Hymnal™


This feature plays each hymn, then goes to the next one automatically. You’ll see the word AUTOPLAY at the top of the page when Autoplay is running. To stop Autoplay, press one of the arrow buttons at the top of the page.

Start at a random hymn
Start at this hymn
Play each hymn seconds


  1. The random hymn feature may not work on some older browsers. If this happens, get the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge; these browsers handle the random hymn correctly.
  2. Some browsers don’t handle Autoplay properly if you have a slow Internet connection & enter a number of seconds less than the time it takes the page to load. If this happens, try a larger value.
  3. You can also start Autoplay by entering the URL in your browser’s address/location window, followed by (1) a question mark, (2) the word delay, (3) an equals sign (=), and (4) the number of seconds to play each page (no spaces). The following example starts Autoplay at “Amazing Grace” & plays each page 30 seconds:


Whether the music plays automatically depends on whether you’ve selected that feature on the site home page, and your browser supports it.

Once Autoplay is running, you can stop it by clicking the Home button on your browser, or at the top of the page. Or, you can just close the browser.