The Cyber Hymnal™



Please do not download copyrighted material unless there is a notice giving permission to do so. Click here for details on what is copyrighted, and what is not.

How to Download a File

The following instructions apply to any file for which we provide a link (underlined in blue)

Site Index

To download the site index, click here. This file includes an alphabetical index of hymn titles, and shows the MIDI file used as the primary background tune for each hymn.

Archive Format

The archive files linked below were created with a tool called 7-Zip, which compresses them to save space. Most of these files can be opened with other tools as well, such as WinZip. However, if you want to use 7-Zip itself, you can download for free at Note: 7-Zip is not our product: Please direct any questions on its use to its creators at their Web site.

MIDI Files

If you want MIDI files for a small number of specific hymns, most browsers let you do this by right clicking the 🔊 symbol. To get compressed archives with our public domain MIDI files, click the file names below. The files are divided into small chunks to make them easier to download (you don’t lose as much if your connection goes down in mid-transfer).

Note: Some files have an additional “organ” version; when present, this is a file of the same name, with an added “-o”.


If you want scores (sheet music) for a small number of specific hymns, click the illustration (PDF) or illustration (NWC) image on individual pages. To download compressed archives with our public domain scores in NWC format, click the file names below.



To get lyrics, copy and paste from your browser.