September 20, 1800, near Spartanburg, South Carolina.

December 5, 1879, Atlanta, Georgia, of injuries received in a fall.

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia.

White began his musical career playing the fife in the War of 1812. He later collaborated with his brother-in-law, Will­iam Walk­er, in collecting folk tunes and camp meeting melodies, but when Walker published The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion in 1835, he gave no credit to White, creating a lifelong rift between the two men.

In 1844, White published The Sacred Harp, which like Walker’s volume, used shaped notes. White worked as a newspaper editor in Har­ris County, Georg­ia, in the 1840’s, and taught music at the Ham­il­ton Female Institute there. In 1865, he was elected mayor of Ham­il­ton, Georg­ia.

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