Early 20th Century
  1. At the Cross of Je­sus There
  2. At the Dawn­ing of the Morn­ing
  3. At Thy Feet Re­pent­ant Kneel­ing
  4. Beyond Life’s Sor­rows
  5. Blood of Christ Is Flow­ing, The
  6. By and By, Life’s Tri­als
  7. By the Cra­dle Slow­ly Rock­ing
  8. Closer to Thee, My Soul
  9. Come Ho­ly Spir­it from Above
  10. Come to Je­sus To­day, Come
  11. Come un­to Christ, O Come
  12. Days Are Swift­ly Go­ing By, The
  13. Drifting up­on a Bound­less Sea
  14. Far Be­yond the Sea of Time
  15. Far from the Fa­ther, O, Pro­di­gal Son
  16. Far from the Man­sions of Hea­ven
  17. Fellow Pil­grim on Life’s Voy­age
  18. Glorious Hope That Cheers Me Ever
  19. Hark, the Bat­tle Cry Is Sound­ing
  20. Hear the Sav­ior Sweet­ly Call­ing
  21. I Am a Sin­ner Saved by Grace
  22. I Have a House Not Made with Hands
  23. I Have Found the Bless­ed Sav­ior
  24. I Have Passed Through Ma­ny
  25. I Hear That Plead­ing Voice Again
  26. I Know Thy Love So Ten­der
  27. I Shall Dwell Some Day
  28. I’m a Wand­er­er from Home
  29. I’m on My Home­ward Jour­ney Bound
  30. In a Land of Glo­ry Bright
  31. In My Dreams Again I See
  32. In Paths of Sin I Long Have Trod
  33. In Paths of Sin Too Long
  34. In the Ear­ly Morn­ing Hours
  35. In the King­dom of Our Sav­ior
  36. In the Sav­ior’s Love Abid­ing
  37. In Thy Blood, O Pre­cious Sav­ior
  38. In Thy Strength, O Lord
  39. Is Your Heart Full of Love?
  40. I’ve Groped Long in Dark­ness
  41. I’ve List­ened to the Voice of Spring
  42. Jesus Loves Us Lit­tle Child­ren
  43. Jesus, My Sav­ior, Thou Art More
  44. Jesus, Thy Love and Thy Par­don
  45. Lead Thou Me
  46. Light Is Want­ing in the West, The
  47. Keep March­ing On
  48. Meet Me on the Other Shore
  49. My Soul Would Trust Alone in Thee
  50. No Night in Hea­ven
  51. O Hear the Voice of Christ To­day
  52. O Lamb of God for Sin­ners Slain
  53. O Life’s Plea­sures Are De­clin­ing
  54. O My Sor­rows They Are Ma­ny
  55. O Rock of Ag­es, Let Me Hide With­in Thy Cleft
  56. O Sing the Old Time Songs Again
  57. O the Sav­ior Now Is Call­ing
  58. O They Tell Me of an Un­cloud­ed Day
  59. O Watch the Ris­ing of the Tide
  60. O’er the East­ern Hill­tops Break­ing
  61. On Thy Pro­mis­es I Stand
  62. Over the De­sert, ov­er the Moun­tain
  63. Pass Me Not, O Christ, My Sav­ior
  64. Sailor on Life’s Stormy Ocean
  65. Savior, I Am Com­ing Home
  66. Savior Is Wait­ing Now, The
  67. Sinner, Come and Trust in Him
  68. Sinner, Heed the Voice of Mer­cy
  69. Stormy Sea, The
  70. Streams of Sal­va­tion Are Flow­ing
  71. Swift the Days Are Pass­ing
  72. There Is a Gate That Opens
  73. There Is a Home Be­yond Death’s Sea
  74. There Is a Land of Bright­est Day
  75. There Is a Race Set for the Soul
  76. There Is No Death, Though Fades the Light
  77. There Is Par­don and Peace
  78. There’s a Home That My Sav­ior for Me Has Pre­pared
  79. There’s a Home That the Right­eous
  80. This Ho­ly Sab­bath Day, O Lord
  81. Thou Art, O Lord, My Help and Stay
  82. Thou Pil­grim on Life’s Jour­ney
  83. Though Hard the Bat­tle to Be Fought
  84. Though Sha­dows Fall Along the Way
  85. Though Trou­bles Oft Sweep o’er My Soul
  86. Thy Ho­ly Word, True and Di­vine
  87. To the Sav­ior of Sin­ners
  88. Traveling Pil­grim Far, A
  89. Unto Je­sus O Come Ere
  90. Unto the Sav­ior of Sin­ners
  91. Up to My Hea­venly Man­sion Above
  92. Wanderer I Long Have Been, A
  93. We’re March­ing to a Be­tter Land
  94. When Guilt and Fear My Soul Op­pressed
  95. When the Heart Is Filled
  96. When Tossed About by Wind and Tide
  97. While I Jour­ney Here Be­low
  98. While o’er Life’s De­sert Waste I Roam