1. Afflicted Saint, to Christ Draw Near
  2. Afflictions Do Not Come Alone
  3. Afflictions, Though They Seem Severe
  4. After the Midnight
  5. And Let This Feeble Body Fail
  6. Another Son Is Killed
  7. As Above the Darkest Storm Cloud
  8. At All Times Praise the Lord
  9. As Oft, with Worn and Weary Feet
  10. At the Breaking of the Day
  11. Be Firm and Be Faithful
  12. Be Patient
  13. Be Silent to God
  14. Begone Unbelief
  15. Behold the Miracle Renewed!
  16. Believe Not Those Who Say
  17. Belovèd, It Is Well!
  18. Bridge the Road to Heaven with a Smile
  19. Bury Thy Sorrow
  20. Carry Your Cross with a Smile
  21. Chosen Not for Good in Me
  22. Come, O My Soul, the Call Obey
  23. Commit Thou All Thy Griefs
  24. Commit Whatever Grieves Thee
  25. Consider All My Sorrows, Lord
  26. Count It All Joy
  27. Count It Joy
  28. Cross Is Not Greater, The
  29. Dear Jesus, Canst Thou Help Me?
  30. Deem Not That They Are Blest Alone
  31. Did You Think to Pray?
  32. Does the Lord Afflict His Chosen?
  33. Farther Along
  34. Father, to Thee We Look in All Our Sorrow
  35. Father, Whate’er of Earthly Bliss
  36. Father! Who in the Olive Shade
  37. Fiery Trial, The
  38. For Man the Savior Shed
  39. From the Cross to the Crown
  40. Get Close to Jesus
  41. Give Your Heart to Jesus
  42. God of My Life, to Thee I Call
  43. God, We’ve Known Such Grief and Anger
  44. God’s Anvil
  45. He Giveth His Belovèd Sleep
  46. He Knows (Dietrich)
  47. He Knows It All (Browning)
  48. He Knows It All (Morris)
  49. He Rolls the Stone Away
  50. Head of Thy Church Triumphant
  51. Held in His Mighty Arms
  52. Here We Suffer Grief and Pain
  53. Hope On
  54. His Grace Is Enough for Me
  55. How Shall I Follow Him I Serve?
  56. How Tender Is Thy Hand
  57. I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger
  58. I Asked the Lord That I Might Grow
  59. I Do Not Ask, O Lord
  60. I Love to Steal Awhile Away
  61. I Must Tell Jesus
  62. I Shall See Him By and By (Graeff)
  63. I Waited Patient for the Lord
  64. I Will Tell It to Jesus My Lord
  65. In Anger, Lord, Rebuke Me Not
  66. In Every Trying Hour
  67. In the Desert of Sorrow and Sin
  68. In the Hour of My Distress
  69. In the Hour of Trial
  70. In Time of Tribulation
  71. Is There a Heart Bent o’er with Sorrow?
  72. It Is Well with My Soul
  73. Jehovah Hear Thee in Thy Grief
  74. Jesus, in Sickness and Pain
  75. Jesus, the Helper
  76. Jesus Wept! Those Tears Are Over
  77. Jesus Will Keep Every Promise
  78. Joy Cometh in the Morning!
  79. Joy in Sorrow
  80. Keep on Praying (Smith)
  81. Leaving It All with Jesus
  82. Lift Thy Face to the Light!
  83. Light After Darkness
  84. Light Beyond the Shadows
  85. Lights Along the Shore
  86. Like as a Father
  87. Long Hast Thou Wept and Sorrowed
  88. Look Aloft
  89. Look Up! Ye Weary Ones
  90. Lord, Hear My Prayer
  91. Lord, the God of My Salvation
  92. Lost Chord, The
  93. Man Was Not Made to Mourn
  94. Mary to the Savior’s Tomb
  95. Mine the Cross
  96. Morning Star, The
  97. My God, Consider My Distress
  98. My Griefs of Heart Abound
  99. My Grieving Soul Revive, O Lord
  100. My Spirit Sinks Within Me, Lord
  101. My Times of Sorrow and of Joy
  102. No Cross for Me?
  103. O, from These Visions Dark and Drear
  104. O God of Mercy! Hearken Now
  105. O God of Mighty Wind and Flame
  106. O God, Our Hearts Were Shattered
  107. O God, Our Words Cannot Express
  108. O God, We Have Heard
  109. O God, Whom I Delight to Praise
  110. O God, Whose Smile Is in the Sky
  111. O Gracious God, Forsake Me Not
  112. O How I Love Thy Holy Word
  113. O Let Him Whose Sorrow
  114. O Love Divine, That Stooped to Share
  115. O Mean May Seem This House of Clay
  116. O Perfect God, Thy Love
  117. O Sleepless Nights, O Cheerless Days
  118. O Teach Thou Us to Count Our Days
  119. O That I Knew the Secret Place
  120. O Thou Through Suffering Perfect Made
  121. O Thou Who Driest the Mourner’s Tear
  122. O Troubled Sea of Galilee
  123. O Why Should Gloomy Thoughts Arise?
  124. Only a Little While
  125. Onward, Christian, Though the Region
  126. Other Side, The
  127. Our Highest Joys Succeed Our Griefs
  128. Out of the Deeps of Long Distress
  129. Out of the Depths I Cry to Thee
  130. Out of the Depths to Thee I Cry
  131. Pilgrims Here on Earth and Strangers
  132. Pour Thy Blessings, Lord, Like Showers
  133. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
  134. Rainbow on the Cloud, A
  135. Resignation
  136. Rest at Home
  137. Rock That Is Higher Than I, The
  138. Roll the Clouds Away
  139. Songs by Night
  140. Shepherd Divine, Our Wants Relieve
  141. Sail On!
  142. Save Me, O God
  143. Savior, Shine and Cheer My Soul
  144. Solace
  145. Some Day
  146. Some Day He’ll Make It Plain
  147. Somebody Cares
  148. Sometime We’ll Understand
  149. Sometimes a Light Surprises
  150. Songs in the Night
  151. Sovereign Lord
  152. Storm Is Passing Over, The
  153. Sunshine and Rain
  154. To Thee, Dear Lord, I Go
  155. Tell It All
  156. Tell It to Jesus (Lorenz)
  157. There Is No Sorrow, Lord, Too Light
  158. They’ll Soon Be O’er
  159. Thou Knowest, Lord
  160. Thou My Shield
  161. Thou That Dost Save Through Pain
  162. Though Sorrows Rise and Dangers Roll
  163. Through the Valley
  164. Thy Lovingkindness, Lord, Is Good and Free
  165. ’Tis My Happiness Below
  166. To a Place of Celebration
  167. To God for Help Will I Repair
  168. To God I Cried with Mournful Voice
  169. To God My Earnest Voice I Raise
  170. To God Will I Direct My Prayer
  171. Tried Is Every Faithful Man
  172. Unknown Traveler to Emmaus, The
  173. Wait, My Soul, upon the Lord
  174. We Have Felt the Love of Jesus
  175. Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus
  176. We Journey Through a Vale of Tears
  177. We Praise Thee, Lord, for Hours of Bliss
  178. What God Hath Promised
  179. What Would We Do Without the Clouds?
  180. When Gloomy Thoughts and Fears
  181. When Hannah, Pressed with Grief
  182. When Languor and Disease Invade
  183. When Our Heads Are Bowed with Woe
  184. When the Storms of Life Surround Me
  185. Where High the Heavenly Temple Stands
  186. Who Will Suffer with the Savior?
  187. Why Dost Thou Stand Afar
  188. Why Should Cross and Trial Grieve Me?
  189. Willow and the Oak, The
  190. With Earnest Longings of the Mind
  191. With Tearful Eyes I Look Around