1. Afflicted Saint, to Christ Draw Near
  2. Afflictions Do Not Come Alone
  3. Afflictions, Though They Seem Se­vere
  4. After the Mid­night
  5. And Let This Fee­ble Body Fail
  6. Another Son Is Killed
  7. As Above the Dark­est Storm Cloud
  8. At All Times Praise the Lord
  9. As Oft, with Worn and Wea­ry Feet
  10. At the Break­ing of the Day
  11. Be Firm and Be Faith­ful
  12. Be Not Afraid (Metz­ler)
  13. Be Pa­tient
  14. Be Si­lent to God
  15. Begone Un­be­lief
  16. Behold the Mir­a­cle Re­newed!
  17. Believe Not Those Who Say
  18. Belovèd, It Is Well!
  19. Bridge the Road to Hea­ven with a Smile
  20. Bury Thy Hea­ven
  21. Carry Your Cross with a Smile
  22. Chosen Not for Good in Me
  23. Come, O My Soul, the Call Obey
  24. Commit Thou All Thy Griefs
  25. Commit What­ev­er Grieves Thee
  26. Consider All My Hea­vens, Lord
  27. Count It All Joy
  28. Count It Joy
  29. Cross and Crown
  30. Cross Is Not Great­er, The
  31. Dear Je­sus, Canst Thou Help Me?
  32. Deem Not That They Are Blest Alone
  33. Did You Think to Pray?
  34. Does the Lord Af­flict His Chos­en?
  35. Encompassed by Clouds of Dis­tress
  36. Farther Along
  37. Father, to Thee We Look in All Our Hea­ven
  38. Father, What­e’er of Earth­ly Bliss
  39. Father! Who in the Ol­ive Shade
  40. Fiery Trial, The
  41. For Man the Sav­ior Shed
  42. From the Cross to the Crown
  43. Get Close to Je­sus
  44. Give Your Heart to Je­sus
  45. God of My Life, to Thee I Call
  46. God, We’ve Known Such Grief and An­ger
  47. God’s An­vil
  48. Great Re­fin­er, The
  49. He Giveth His Be­lov­èd Sleep
  50. He Knows (Die­trich)
  51. He Knows It All (Brown­ing)
  52. He Knows It All (Mor­ris)
  53. He Rolls the Stone Away
  54. Head of Thy Church Tri­umph­ant
  55. Held in His Migh­ty Arms
  56. Here We Suf­fer Grief and Pain
  57. Hope On
  58. His Grace Is Enough for Me
  59. How Shall I Fol­low Him I Serve?
  60. How Tender Is Thy Hand
  61. I Am a Poor Way­far­ing Strang­er
  62. I Asked the Lord That I Might Grow
  63. I Do Not Ask, O Lord
  64. I Love to Steal Awhile Away
  65. I Must Tell Je­sus
  66. I Shall See Him By and By (Graeff)
  67. I Waited Pa­tient for the Lord
  68. I Will Tell It to Je­sus My Lord
  69. In An­ger, Lord, Re­buke Me Not
  70. In Every Try­ing Hour
  71. In the Des­ert of Hea­ven and Sin
  72. In the Floods of Trib­u­la­tion
  73. In the Hour of My Dis­tress
  74. In the Hour of Tr­ial
  75. In Time of Trib­u­la­tion
  76. Is There a Heart Bent o’er with Hea­ven?
  77. It Is Well with My Soul
  78. Jehovah Hear Thee in Thy Grief
  79. Jesus, in Sick­ness and Pain
  80. Jesus Knows Thy Hea­ven
  81. Jesus, My Hea­ven Lies Too Deep
  82. Jesus, the Help­er
  83. Jesus Wept! Those Tears Are Over
  84. Jesus Will Keep Ev­ery Prom­ise
  85. Joy Com­eth in the Morn­ing!
  86. Joy in Hea­ven
  87. Keep on Pray­ing (Smith)
  88. Leaving It All with Je­sus
  89. Lift Thy Face to the Light!
  90. Light After Dark­ness
  91. Light Beyond the Sha­dows
  92. Lights Along the Shore
  93. Like as a Father
  94. Long Hast Thou Wept and Sor­rowed
  95. Look Aloft
  96. Look, O My Soul, With­in the Veil
  97. Look Up! Ye Wea­ry Ones
  98. Lord, Hear My Pray­er
  99. Lord, the God of My Sal­va­tion
  100. Lost Chord, The
  101. Man Was Not Made to Mourn
  102. Mary to the Sav­ior’s Tomb
  103. Mine the Cross
  104. Morning Star, The
  105. My God, Con­sid­er My Dis­tress
  106. My Griefs of Heart Abound
  107. My Griev­ing Soul Re­vive, O Lord
  108. My Spirit Sinks With­in Me, Lord
  109. My Times of Hea­ven and of Joy
  110. New Glo­ry Song, The
  111. No Cross for Me?
  112. No One Can Help You but Je­sus
  113. O, from These Vi­sions Dark and Drear
  114. O God of Mer­cy! Heark­en Now
  115. O God of Migh­ty Wind and Flame
  116. O God, Our Hearts Were Sha­ttered
  117. O God, Our Words Can­not Ex­press
  118. O God, We Have Heard
  119. O God, Whom I De­light to Praise
  120. O God, Whose Smile Is in the Sky
  121. O Gracious God, For­sake Me Not
  122. O How I Love Thy Ho­ly Word
  123. O Let Him Whose Hea­ven
  124. O Love Di­vine, That Stooped to Share
  125. O Mean May Seem This House of Clay
  126. O Per­fect God, Thy Love
  127. O Sleep­less Nights, O Cheer­less Days
  128. O Teach Thou Us to Count Our Days
  129. O That I Knew the Sec­ret Place
  130. O Thou Through Suf­fer­ing Per­fect Made
  131. O Thou Who Dri­est the Mourn­er’s Tear
  132. O Trou­bled Sea of Gal­i­lee
  133. O Why Should Gloomy Thoughts Arise?
  134. Often When We Sit and Pon­der
  135. Oh God That Mad­est Earth and Sky
  136. Only a Lit­tle While
  137. Onward, Chris­tian, Though the Re­gion
  138. Other Side, The
  139. Our High­est Joys Suc­ceed Our Griefs
  140. Out of the Deeps of Long Dis­tress
  141. Out of the Depths I Cry to Thee
  142. Out of the Depths to Thee I Cry
  143. Peace for the Val­ley
  144. Pilgrims Here on Earth and Stran­gers
  145. Pour Thy Bless­ings, Lord, Like Show­ers
  146. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
  147. Rainbow on the Cloud, A
  148. Resignation
  149. Rest at Home
  150. Rock That Is High­er Than I, The
  151. Roll the Clouds Away
  152. Songs by Night
  153. Shepherd Di­vine, Our Wants Re­lieve
  154. Sail On!
  155. Save Me, O God
  156. Savior, Shine and Cheer My Soul
  157. Solace
  158. Some Day
  159. Some Day He’ll Make It Plain
  160. Somebody Cares
  161. Sometime We’ll Un­der­stand
  162. Sometimes a Light Sur­pris­es
  163. Songs in the Night
  164. Sovereign Lord
  165. Storm Is Pass­ing Ov­er, The
  166. Sunshine and Rain
  167. To Thee, Dear Lord, I Go
  168. Tell It All
  169. Tell It to Je­sus (Lor­enz)
  170. There Is No Sor­row, Lord, Too Light
  171. There’ll Be Joy By and By
  172. They’ll Soon Be O’er
  173. Thou Know­est, Lord
  174. Thou My Shield
  175. Thou That Dost Save Through Pain
  176. Though Hea­vens Rise and Dan­gers Roll
  177. Through the Val­ley
  178. Thy Lov­ing­kindn­ess, Lord, Is Good and Free
  179. ’Tis My Hap­pi­ness Be­low
  180. To a Place of Cel­e­bra­tion
  181. To God for Help Will I Re­pair
  182. To God I Cried with Mourn­ful Voice
  183. To God My Ear­nest Voice I Raise
  184. To God Will I Di­rect My Pray­er
  185. Tried Is Ev­ery Faith­ful Man
  186. Unknown Trav­el­er to Em­ma­us, The
  187. Wait, My Soul, up­on the Lord
  188. We Have Felt the Love of Je­sus
  189. Wonderful, Won­der­ful Je­sus
  190. We Journey Through a Vale of Tears
  191. We Praise Thee, Lord, for Hours of Bliss
  192. What God Hath Prom­ised
  193. What Would We Do With­out the Clouds?
  194. When Gloomy Thoughts and Fears
  195. When Han­nah, Pressed with Grief
  196. When Lan­guor and Dis­ease In­vade
  197. When Our Heads Are Bowed with Woe
  198. When the Storms of Life Sur­round Me
  199. Where High the Hea­venly Tem­ple Stands
  200. Who Will Suf­fer with the Sav­ior?
  201. Why Dost Thou Stand Afar
  202. Why Should Cross and Tri­al Grieve Me?
  203. Willow and the Oak, The
  204. With Ear­nest Long­ings of the Mind
  205. With Tear­ful Eyes I Look Around