Scripture Verse

God maketh my heart soft, and the Almighty troubleth me. Job 23:16


Julius K. R. Sturm

Words: Ju­li­us K. R. Sturm (1816–1896). Trans­la­tor un­known, be­fore 1868.

Music: Com­po­ser un­known (shown in some hym­nals as Quis­quam—La­tin for an­y­one), be­fore 1886 (🔊 pdf nwc).


Pain’s furnace heat within me quivers,
God’s breath upon the flame doth blow,
And all my heart in anguish shivers,
And trembles at the fiery glow.


And yet I whisper, As God wills,
And in His hottest fire hold still;
And yet I whisper, As God wills,
And in His hottest fire hold still.

He comes and lays my heart all heated,
On His hard anvil, minded so;
Yet in His own fair form to beat it
With His great hammer, blow by blow.


He takes my softened heart and beats it;
The sparks fly off at every blow;
He turns it o’er and o’er and beats it,
And lets it cool, and makes it glow.


He kindles for my profit, purely,
Affliction’s glowing, fiery brand;
For all His heaviest blows are surely
Inflicted by a master hand.


I will not murmur at the sorrow
That only longer lived would be;
The end may come, and that tomorrow,
When God hath wrought His will in me.