…casting all your care upon Him; for He cares for you.@1 Peter 5:7

T. E. Stephens, in Brightest Glory, edited by Frank Davis (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: John J. Hood, 1894), number 28.

Frank M. Davis (🔊 pdf nwc).

Frank M. Davis (1839–1896)

Art thou weary, worn and laden?
Is thy lot too hard to bear?
Tell it all to Christ, thy Savior;
He thy burdens all will share.


Tell it all, tell it all,
Tell it all, yes, all to Jesus;
Tell it all to Christ, thy Savior;
Tell it all, yes, tell it all.

With thy heart He’s well acquainted,
Knows its trials, griefs and fears;
Knows its yearnings, knows its longings,
All its cries of anguish hears.


Ah! He feels thy deepest sorrow,
Knows thy frame, that thou art dust;
Tell Him all thy grief and trouble,
He is worthy of thy trust.