Scripture Verse

Cast all your care on Him, for He cares about you. 1 Peter 5:7


Elisha A. Hoffman

Words & Mu­sic: Eli­sha A. Hoff­man, 1893 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Origin of the Song

There was a wo­man to whom God had per­mit­ted many vi­si­ta­tions of sor­row and af­flic­tion. Com­ing to her home one day, I found her much dis­cour­aged. She un­bur­dened her heart, con­clud­ing with the ques­tion, Brother Hoff­man, what shall I do? I quot­ed from the word, then add­ed, You can­not do bet­ter than to take all of your sor­rows to Je­sus. You must tell Je­sus.

For a mo­ment she seemed lost in med­i­ta­tion. Then her eyes light­ed as she ex­claimed, Yes, I must tell Je­sus. As I left her home I had a vi­sion of that joy-il­lum­in­at­ed face…and I heard all along my path­way the ec­ho, I must tell Je­sus. I must tell Je­sus.

Hoffman wrote these words af­ter reach­ing home.


I must tell Jesus all of my trials;
I cannot bear these burdens alone;
In my distress He kindly will help me;
He ever loves and cares for His own.


I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus!
I cannot bear my burdens alone;
I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus!
Jesus can help me, Jesus alone.

I must tell Jesus all of my troubles;
He is a kind, compassionate friend;
If I but ask Him, He will deliver,
Make of my troubles quickly an end.


Tempted and tried, I need a great Savior;
One who can help my burdens to bear;
I must tell Jesus, I must tell Jesus;
He all my cares and sorrows will share.


O how the world to evil allures me!
O how my heart is tempted to sin!
I must tell Jesus, and He will help me
Over the world the victory to win.