Holy Trinity, by Hendrik van Balen, I (1575–1632)
  1. All Hail, Adored Trinity
  2. Ancient of Days
  3. Be Present, Holy Trinity
  4. Blest Be the Father and His Love
  5. Blest Trinity, from Mortal Sight
  6. Bright King of Glory
  7. Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
  8. Come, Holy Ghost, Who Ever One
  9. Eternal Father, When to Thee
  10. Eternal Light, Divinity
  11. Father, Let Thy Smiling Face
  12. Father Most Holy, Merciful, and Loving
  13. Father Most Holy, Merciful and Tender
  14. Glory to God the Trinity
  15. Glory to the Father Give
  16. God Eternal, Lord of All
  17. God of Mercy Be Adored, The
  18. God the Father, God the Son
  19. God the Father, God the Word
  20. Hail, Co-essential Three
  21. Hail! Father, Son and Holy Ghost
  22. Hail Father, Son and Spirit Great
  23. Have Mercy on Us, God Most High
  24. Heavenly Father, All Creation
  25. Holy Father, Cheer Our Way
  26. Holy Father, God Almighty
  27. Holy Father, Great Creator
  28. Holy God, We Praise Thy Name
  29. Holy, Holy, Holy
  30. Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
  31. Holy Trinity, Thanks and Praise to Thee
  32. I Believe in God the Father
  33. In One True God We All Believe
  34. Jehovah, God the Father, Bless
  35. Jehovah, Thee We Praise
  36. Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us
  37. Mighty Father, Blessèd Son
  38. Morning
  39. My Father God of Pow’r and Might
  40. O Blessèd Holy Trinity
  41. O God of Life, Whose Power Benign
  42. O Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
  43. Oh! My Soul, Bless Thou Jehovah! (Torrey)
  44. O Saving Victim Open Wide
  45. O Trinity of Blessèd Light
  46. Praise Ye the Triune God
  47. Sing Aloud Jehovah’s Praises
  48. Sing, My Tongue, the Glorious Battle
  49. Sing Praise to the Father
  50. Son of Thy Sire’s Eternal Love
  51. St. Patrick’s Breastplate
  52. Thee We Worship
  53. Thou Dost Love Us Ever
  54. Thousand Oracles Divine, A
  55. Three in One and One in Three
  56. To God Be Glory
  57. Unfailing One, The
  58. We All Believe in One True God
  59. We Believe in God the Father
  60. We Believe in One True God
  61. We Bless the Triune God of Might
  62. With Hearts Renewed
  63. Ye Watchers and Ye Holy Ones