These hymns can be especially effective at open air services, retreat centers, or other natural settings.

Torrent in Wood Behind Mill Dam, by William Haseltine (1835–1900)
  1. All Beau­ti­ful the March of Days
  2. All Creatures of Our God and King
  3. All Nature Feels At­trac­tive Pow­er
  4. All Nature’s Works His Praise De­clare
  5. All That’s Good, and Great, and True
  6. All the Beau­ty Out of Doors
  7. All Things Praise Thee
  8. All Things Bright and Beau­ti­ful
  9. Almighty Fath­er of All Things That Be
  10. Almighty God, Who from the Flood
  11. Angels, Assist to Sing
  12. Are You on the Right Trail?
  13. As We March Be­neath His Ban­ner
  14. Beautiful Bright Sun­shine, The
  15. Before the Lord We Bow
  16. Being His
  17. Blush, Athe­ists, Blush
  18. Bring, O Morn, Thy Mu­sic
  19. Come and Worship
  20. Come Lead Me to Some Lof­ty Shade
  21. Days Are Gliding Swift­ly By, The
  22. Dear God, Our Fath­er
  23. Eternal Wis­dom, Thee We Praise
  24. Father Above the Con­cave Sky
  25. Follow On
  26. Fairest of All the Lights Above
  27. Faith Is the Vic­t­ory
  28. Fairest Lord Je­sus
  29. Flower Car­ol
  30. For the Beau­ty of the Earth
  31. Glories of My Mak­er God, The
  32. Glory to God That Walks the Sky
  33. Go, Worship at Im­man­u­el’s Feet
  34. God Is Ever Good
  35. God Is Good­ness, God Is Love
  36. God of Na­ture and of Grace, The
  37. God of the Earth, the Sky, the Sea!
  38. God of the Glor­i­ous Sun­shine
  39. God of Thun­der, The
  40. God, Our Fath­er, Made the Day­light
  41. God Speaks to Us in Bird and Song
  42. God the Giv­er
  43. God Who Built the Lof­ty Sky, The
  44. God’s Free Mer­cy Stream­eth
  45. God’s Praise Book
  46. Grander Than Ocean’s Story
  47. Great God, the Heav’ns’ Well Or­dered Frame
  48. Great God, the World Is Full of Thee
  49. Great Giv­er of All Good
  50. Great Is the Lord, His Pow­er Is Great
  51. Great Ruler of All Na­ture’s Frame
  52. Hark, My Soul, How Ev­ery­thing
  53. Harp at Na­ture’s Ad­vent Strung, The
  54. He Reigns—th’Al­mighty Reigns Su­preme
  55. He Wa­ters the Hills
  56. Hear Now My Praise, O Lord
  57. Heavens De­clare Thy Glo­ry,Tthe (Watts)
  58. Heavens De­clare Thy Glory, The (Birks)
  59. Heav’ns Re­sound­eth, The
  60. How Ma­ny Are Your Works, Lord
  61. How Mar­vel­ous God’s Great­ness
  62. Hymn of Prom­ise
  63. I Sing the Mighty Pow­er of God
  64. In the Gar­den
  65. Into the Woods
  66. Kingdom over Yon­der, The
  67. Let All the World Re­joice
  68. Long Ago the Lil­ies Faded
  69. Lord of Earth, Thy Form­ing Hand
  70. Lord, When My Rap­tured Thought Sur­veys
  71. Maker of Man, Who from Thy Throne
  72. Memories of Gal­i­lee
  73. Men and Chil­dren Ev­ery­where
  74. Music in the Soul
  75. My God, Thy Bound­less Love I Praise
  76. My Voice Shalt Thou Hear
  77. Nature with Open Vol­ume Stands
  78. O Day So Won­drous
  79. O Give Thanks to Him Who Made
  80. O God, Cre­a­tion’s Sec­ret Force
  81. O God of Mighty Wind and Flame
  82. O God, Our Mak­er, Throned on High
  83. O God, Whose Love Is over All
  84. O God, Whose Smile Is in the Sky
  85. O Lord of Heav’n and Earth and Sea
  86. O Lord of Life, Thy Quick­en­ing Voice
  87. O Mighty God
  88. One Life, The
  89. Our Fes­tive Song
  90. Our Sun of Right­eous­ness
  91. Our God Is in the Sun­shine Gay
  92. Praise the Giv­er of All
  93. Praise the Lord
  94. Praise to God, Your Prais­es Bring
  95. Praise Ye, Praise Ye the Lord
  96. Praise Ye the Lord! Im­mor­tal Choir
  97. Prayer for Cre­a­tion
  98. Reflect the Christ
  99. Return of Sum­mer
  100. Rolling Year, Al­mighty Lord!, The
  101. Rush May Rise, The
  102. Say Then, Ye Worms of Earth
  103. Seasons Are Fixed by Wis­dom Di­vine, The
  104. See the Shin­ing Dew­drops
  105. Seek Not Afar for Beau­ty
  106. Shall We Gather at the Riv­er?
  107. Ships Glide in at the Har­bor’s Mouth, The
  108. Shout in the Camp, A
  109. Song of the Lil­ies
  110. Spacious Hea­vens De­clare, The
  111. Sweet Is the Breath of Morn­ing Air
  112. Thank Him for the Sun­shine
  113. Thanksgiving, A
  114. There Is a Book That All May Read
  115. There Is a God
  116. There Seems a Voice in Ev­ery Gale
  117. This Is My Fath­er’s World
  118. This Spa­cious Earth Is All the Lord’s
  119. Thou Art, O God, the Life and Light
  120. Thou Vis­it­eth the Earth in Love
  121. Thy Might Sets Fast the Moun­tains
  122. Thy Wis­dom and Thy Might Ap­pear
  123. Thy Word Is Like a Gar­den, Lord
  124. ’Tis by Thy Strength the Moun­tains Stand
  125. ’Tis Win­ter Now, the Fall­en Snow
  126. To God, the Uni­ver­sal King
  127. To God, Ye Choir Above, Be­gin
  128. Turf Shall Be My Frag­rant Shrine, The
  129. Unto the Hills Around Do I Lift Up
  130. Up and Away
  131. Valley Lil­ies
  132. We Thank Thee, Lord, for This Fair Earth
  133. We Thank Thee, O Our Fath­er
  134. What Would We Do With­out the Clouds?
  135. When God Sur­veyed the New Made World
  136. When Spring Un­locks the Flow­ers
  137. When the Great Sun Sinks to His Rest
  138. When the Lord of Love Was Here
  139. When the Earth Is Bright with Dew
  140. With Happy Voices Ring­ing
  141. With Songs and Hon­ors Soundi­ng Loud
  142. World With­in, The
  143. Yes, God Is Good