Born: De­cem­ber 31, 1823, Hing­ham Cen­ter, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Died: Oc­to­ber 19, 1902, Li­sbon Cen­ter, New York.

Buried: Jones Ce­me­te­ry, Schuy­ler Coun­ty, New York.

Cushing was the son of Un­i­tar­ian par­ents, and hus­band of Re­na Pro­per (mar­ried 1854).

After en­ter­ing the min­is­try, his first pas­tor­ate was at Sears­burg, New York. He lat­er served in Au­burn, Brook­lyn, Buf­fa­lo, and Spar­ta, New York. Af­ter his wife died in 1870 and his health de­clined, he re­tired from the min­is­try and be­gan writ­ing hymns. He com­plet­ed over 300 in his life­time.

Cushing was ev­er mind­ful of the suf­fer­ing of oth­ers. Once he gave $1,000—all he had, an enor­mous sum in those days—to a blind girl so she could get an ed­u­ca­tion.

  1. All Over the Val­leys So Green and Fair
  2. Anchored Soul, The
  3. Apples Are Ripe
  4. Art Thou He That Should Come?
  5. Band of Child­ren Free, A
  6. Banners of Peace Are Un­furled, The
  7. Be Ready to La­bor with Heart and Will
  8. Be Ready with the Heart
  9. Beautiful Val­ley of Eden
  10. Bells of Eter­ni­ty, The
  11. Beyond the Sea, Life’s Bound­less Sea
  12. Blessed Are the Friends
  13. Breaking Through the Mists and Sha­dows
  14. Bright Is the Mor­ning of the Day of Ju­bi­lee
  15. Bring Some One to Je­sus Today
  16. Children, Ral­ly, Ral­ly for the Ar­mies
  17. Chime On, Sweet Bells
  18. Christian, Faint and Wea­ry, The
  19. Climbing Up the Steeps of Glo­ry
  20. Come, Come, Come, the Bells
  21. Come to the Mea­dows Again
  22. Do They Know?
  23. Evening Dews Are Fall­ing, The
  24. Fair Is the Morn on That Ra­di­ant Shore
  25. Fair Is the Mor­ning Land
  26. Fishers Sat With­in Their Boat, The
  27. Floral Praise
  28. Follow On
  29. From the Shin­ing Morn­ing Land
  30. Gathering Home to the Si­lent Shore
  31. Go Bear the Glad Tid­ings
  32. Goodbye, Good­bye, We Hope Again to Meet You
  33. Hail the Joy­ful Tid­ings
  34. Hark, ’Tis the An­gel Cho­rus
  35. He Came in His Beau­ty, Strength and Pride
  36. He Came in the Hush of the Si­lent Night
  37. Hear Them Chim­ing Forth His Glo­ry
  38. Hear Them Chim­ing Forth the Mas­ter’s Glo­ry
  39. Heavenly Fa­ther, Teach the Way
  40. Hiding in Thee
  41. Home at Last
  42. Home, Home, Bright­est and Fair­est!
  43. Home, Home, Sweet, Sweet Home
  44. Homes for the Child­ren
  45. Hosts of God Are March­ing, The
  46. I Am Cling­ing to the Rock
  47. I Am Glad We’re on the Rock
  48. I Am Long­ing for Hea­ven
  49. I Am Rest­ing So Sweet­ly in Je­sus Now
  50. I Am Wait­ing All Day
  51. I Ask Not Why Some Days Are Fair
  52. I Heard Them Say in the Ho­ly Ci­ty
  53. I Love to Think of Je­sus
  54. I See the Shin­ing Domes Afar
  55. I Sometimes Think ’Tis Too Good to Be True
  56. I Want to So Live That My Heart Can Say
  57. I Will Praise My God When the Mor­ning Breaks
  58. I Will Tell What the Lord Hath Done for Me
  59. I Would Toil in the Field
  60. If I Were an An­gel
  61. If You Want to See the Light
  62. I’m Rest­ing Se­cure­ly in Je­sus Now!
  63. In the Land Where the Bright Ones Are Ga­thered
  64. Jesus Knows Thy Sor­row
  65. Let All With­in Me Praise the Name
  66. Let My Heart Be Pure From Sin
  67. Let Us Ne­ver Sigh nor Fal­ter
  68. Let Us Ral­ly Round the Word
  69. Let Us Strew Their Path with Ros­es
  70. Lift Up Your Fac­es
  71. Lift Up Your Head, De­spond­ing Chris­tian
  72. Listen to the Chime of the Bells
  73. Little Child­ren, Little Child­ren
  74. Live to Do Good
  75. Live to Do Your Du­ty
  76. Make Hay, While the Sun Shines
  77. March On, March On, for the Lord
  78. Mine Be a Hope That Is Change­less
  79. Morn So Fair
  80. My Days Are Pass­ing Sweet­ly
  81. My Fa­ther, While on Earth I Stay
  82. My Heart Is Glad, for This I Know
  83. My Mo­ther’s Cot Was by the Sea
  84. Name of Je­sus, The
  85. No Hope in Je­sus
  86. No One Can Tell What
  87. No Room in Hea­ven
  88. O Ban­ner of Je­sus
  89. O Blessed Pro­mise of My God
  90. O Child­ren, Come to Your Fa­ther’s House
  91. O Chris­tian, Now Be True!
  92. O Give Thy Heart to Je­sus
  93. O Je­sus, Star of the Morn­ing
  94. O Sav­ior, We Pray Thee
  95. O Sweet Are the Mo­ments
  96. O the Bells, the Joy­ful Bells
  97. O the Child­ren May Come to the Sav­ior Now
  98. O the Sab­bath Hours Are So Calm
  99. O They Need Not De­part
  100. O Wan­der­er, Come to the Fa­ther’s Home
  101. O Watch­man on the Moun­tain Height
  102. O We Have Stu­died Hard Now
  103. Oh, the Wells of Sal­va­tion That in Je­sus I Find!
  104. Once More, O Lord, We Pray
  105. One Soul Re­deemed by Je­sus’ Blood
  106. Our Lord Is Crowned Im­man­u­el King
  107. Over the Hills Are the Pas­tures
  108. Peaceful and Beau­ti­ful Ha­ven of Rest
  109. Peaceful Are the Tents
  110. Precious Is the Hope
  111. Ring the Bells of Hea­ven
  112. Savior Is Wait­ing, The
  113. See, O See the Shin­ing An­gels
  114. See, the Sun Is Peep­ing
  115. Shepherds of Beth­le­hem, The
  116. Sitting by the Way­side
  117. Sky Was Dark Above, The
  118. So Ma­ny, Ma­ny Mer­cies Crown My Days!
  119. Someone Must Go to the Far Off Lands
  120. Summer Days Are Com­ing
  121. Sunny Wea­ther
  122. Sweet Are the Bells of the Morn­ing
  123. Sweet Is the Sun­light
  124. Ten Thou­sand Hearts Are Bow­ing
  125. Tenting by the Shore of the Great, Deep Sea
  126. There in the Glo­ry of the Shin­ing Land
  127. There Is No Dew on the Moun­tains of Zi­on
  128. There Is No Name So Sweet on Earth
  129. There Were Ma­ny Child­ren’s Voic­es
  130. There’ll Be No Dark Val­ley
  131. There’ll Be No More Sorr­ow
  132. There’s a Bright, Hap­py Home
  133. They Are Com­ing Home
  134. They Have Tri­umphed at Last
  135. This Lit­tle Lamb Is Dol­lie
  136. Though All Men For­sake Him
  137. Times Flies, They Say, It Flies
  138. ’Tis On­ly Just a Step
  139. ’Tis Wrong to Be Cross, Dear
  140. To Be There
  141. Tossed by the Tem­pest
  142. Tread Soft­ly, Tread Soft­ly
  143. Under His Wings
  144. Waiting by the Ri­ver
  145. Waiting Still What­e’er Be­tide
  146. Wake, O Wake, the Bells of Morn­ing
  147. We Are All a Band of Schol­ars
  148. We Are Watch­ing
  149. We Should Think How We All
  150. When He Com­eth
  151. When Je­sus Comes
  152. When My Feet Shall Come to the Gold­en Gate
  153. When Sum­mer Blooms Are Rar­est
  154. When the Child­ren All Come Seek­ing
  155. Who May Be This Won­drous Strang­er?
  156. Who Will Meet Me When I Die?
  157. Who Will Run with the Tid­ings?
  158. Wide, Wide, World, The