Sep­tem­ber 17, 1789, Falcon Street, London, Eng­land.

De­cem­ber 27, 1855, Hamp­stead, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land.

Abney Park Ce­me­te­ry, London, Eng­land.


Son of an engraver and bookseller, Conder lost his right eye at age five, due to a bad smallpox vaccination. However, his gifts led him to be a successful author, editor and publisher. He edited The Eclectic Republic and The Patriot, and wrote books on a wide variety of secular and religious subjects. A member of the Con­gre­ga­tion­alist denomination, his Congregational Hymn-Book sold 90,000 copies in its first seven years. His other works in­clude:

  1. Baptized into Our Savior’s Death
  2. Be Merciful, O God of Grace
  3. Beyond, Beyond That Boundless Sea
  4. Blessed Be God, He Is Not Strict
  5. Bread of Heaven, on Thee We Feed
  6. Comrades of the Heavenly Calling
  7. Day by Day the Manna Fell
  8. Followers of Christ of Every Name
  9. Forever Will I Bless the Lord
  10. Grant Me, Heavenly Lord, to Feel
  11. Grant, O Savior, to Our Prayers
  12. Hallelujah! Raise, O Raise
  13. Head of the Church, Our Risen Lord
  14. Heavenly Father, to Whose Eye
  15. Heavens Declare His Glory, The
  16. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord, in the Highest Heaven
  17. How Honored, How Dear
  18. How Shall I Follow Him I Serve?
  19. I Am Thy Workmanship, O Lord
  20. In the Day of My Distress
  21. Jehovah’s Praise Sublime
  22. Leave Us Not Comfortless
  23. Lord, for Thy Name’s Sake!
  24. Lord Is King, The
  25. My Lord, I Did Not Choose You
  26. Now with Angels Round the Throne
  27. O Be Joyful in the Lord
  28. O Breathe upon This Languid Frame
  29. O Comfort to the Dreary
  30. O Give Thanks to Him Who Made
  31. O God, Protector of the Lowly
  32. O God, to Whom the Happy Dead
  33. O God, Who Didst an Equal Mate
  34. O God, Who Didst Thy Will Unfold
  35. O God, Who Dost Thy Sovereign Might
  36. O God Whose All Creating Might
  37. O Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
  38. O How Feeble Flesh and Blood
  39. O How Should Those Be Clean Who Bear
  40. O Lord, Hadst Thou Been Here!
  41. O Say Not, Think Not in Thy Heart
  42. O Show Me Not My Savior Dying
  43. O Thou Divine High Priest
  44. O Thou God Who Hearest Prayer
  45. O Thou Who Givest All Their Food
  46. O Thou Whose Covenant Is Sure
  47. Praise on Thee, in Zion Gates
  48. Praise the God of All Creation
  49. See the Ransomed Millions Stand
  50. Thou Art the Everlasting Word
  51. Thou from Whom All Being Sprang
    • Father of Eternal Grace
  52. Thy Hands Have Made and Fashioned Me
  53. ’Tis Not That I Did Choose Thee
  54. To All Thy Faithful People, Lord
  55. To His Own World He Came
  56. To Our God Loud Praises Give
  57. Upon a World of Guilt and Night
  58. Welcome, Welcome!
  59. When in the Hour of Lonely Woe
  60. Wheresoever Two or Three