De­cem­ber 19, 1814, Troch­raig, Ayr­shire, Scot­land (on the Ri­ver Gir­van, ap­par­ent­ly now named Troch­rague).

De­cem­ber 29, 1868, Ed­in­burgh, Scot­land.

Campbell at­tend­ed the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Ed­in­burgh while quite young, and lat­er the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Glas­gow.

He prac­ticed law in Sher­ring­ton, Wilt­shire, though he de­vot­ed much of his time to the class­ics. In 1848, he be­gan trans­lat­ing La­tin hymns for re­lax­a­tion.

In 1852, Camp­bell left the Epis­co­pal Church of Scot­land and be­came a Ro­man Ca­tho­lic.

His works in­clude:

  1. Eternal Spir­it, God Su­preme
  2. O Chris­tians, Ever Bear in Mind
  3. They Come, God’s Mes­sen­gers of Love
  1. Again the Time Ap­point­ed See
  2. Alleluia, Sweet­est Lay
  3. Ancient of Days, Thy Throne on High
  4. Angels, Look Down and Weep
  5. As at Morn­ing’s Gold­en Ray
  6. At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing
  7. Awful Thought of End­less Doom
  8. Beauteous Star That Beams on High, The
  9. Before the Day’s Last Mo­ments Fly
  10. Behold the Ap­point­ed Time to Win
  11. Behold and Bless the Sol­emn Day
  12. Behold, the Ra­di­ant Sun De­parts
  13. Blest Day, When from the Sav­ior Flowed
  14. Bright and Morn­ing Star Arose, The
  15. Christ the Glo­ry of the Sky
  16. Come, Pure Hearts
  17. Christians, Come, in Sweet­est Mea­sures
  18. Come, O Spir­it, Lord of Grace
  19. Creator-Spir­it, Lord of Grace
  20. Eternal Source of Light’s Clear Stream
  21. Fact That, in the An­cient Law, The
  22. God Need­eth Not the Cleans­ing Wave
  23. Hail, the Bo­dy Bright and Glo­ri­ous
  24. Hail, This Joy­ful Day’s Return
  25. Hark, in the Wil­der­ness
  26. Heavenly Choirs with An­thems Sweet
  27. Herald of the Morn, The
  28. High Hea­ven’s Eter­nal Lord
  29. Holy Babe, Our Great Sal­va­tion
  30. Holy Cross, Blest Tree
  31. Holy Pas­chal Work Is Wrought, The
  32. Jesu, High­est Hea­ven’s Com­plete­ness
  33. Jesu, King o’er All Adored
  34. Jesu, Slain for Earth’s Re­lease
  35. Jesu, the Earth’s Re­deem­er Thou
  36. King of Kings His Ban­ner Rears
  37. Lamb, Whose Blood for All Men Streamed
  38. Light of the Trou­bled Heart
  39. Like Faith­ful Abra­ham’s Ho­ly Child
  40. Maker of the Earth and Sky
  41. Morn Had Spread Her Crim­son Rays, The
  42. Morning Shines with East­ern Light
  43. Now An­cient Sha­dows Flee
  44. O Christ, the True and End­less Day
  45. Oh Come, All Ye Faith­ful
  46. O Day, So Dear to Man Once Lost
  47. O Gra­cious Lord, Cre­at­or Dear
  48. Oh, How Great Shall Be the Fear
  49. O Ye, the Tru­ly Wise
  50. Slow and Mourn­ful Be Our Tone
  51. Soon the Sweet­est Bloss­om Wast­ing
  52. Splendor of the Fa­ther’s Glo­ry
  53. Swift as Sha­dows of the Night
  54. Thou, Cre­at­or, Art Pos­sessed
  55. Thou Didst Not Need Cre­a­tion’s Aid
  56. Thou from the Cra­dle to the Grave
  57. Thy Sweet Re­mem­brance, Lord, Im­parts
  58. Thy Work on Earth, O Christ, Is Done
  59. Thy Sac­red Race, O Lord, Is Run
  60. Who Hath Heard What God Hath Wrought?
  61. Word of God, Eter­nal Son
  62. Word of God to Earth Des­cend­ing
  63. Ye Choirs of New Je­ru­sa­lem
  64. Ye Peo­ple, Cease from Tears
  65. Ye Serv­ants of a Mar­tyred God
  66. Ye Serv­ants of Our Glo­ri­ous King