De­cem­ber 19, 1814, Trochraig, Ayrshire, Scotland (on the River Girvan, apparently now named Trochrague).

De­cem­ber 29, 1868, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Campbell attended the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Ed­in­burgh while quite young, and later the University of Glas­gow. He practiced law in Sher­ring­ton, Wilt­shire, though he devoted much of his time to the classics. In 1848, he began translating La­tin hymns for relaxation.

In 1852, at age 38, Campbell left the Epis­co­pal Church of Scot­land and became a Ro­man Ca­tho­lic. His works in­clude:

  1. Eternal Spirit, God Supreme
  2. O Christians, Ever Bear in Mind
  3. They Come, God’s Mes­sen­gers of Love
  1. Again the Time Appointed See
  2. Alleluia, Sweetest Lay
  3. Ancient of Days, Thy Throne on High
  4. Angels, Look Down and Weep
  5. As at Morning’s Golden Ray
  6. At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing
  7. Awful Thought of Endless Doom
  8. Beauteous Star That Beams on High, The
  9. Before the Day’s Last Moments Fly
  10. Behold the Appointed Time to Win
  11. Behold and Bless the Solemn Day
  12. Behold, the Radiant Sun Departs
  13. Blest Day, When from the Savior Flowed
  14. Bright and Morning Star Arose, The
  15. Christ the Glory of the Sky
  16. Come, Pure Hearts
  17. Christians, Come, in Sweetest Measures
  18. Come, O Spirit, Lord of Grace
  19. Creator-Spirit, Lord of Grace
  20. Eternal Source of Light’s Clear Stream
  21. Fact That, in the Ancient Law, The
  22. God Needeth Not the Cleansing Wave
  23. Hail, the Body Bright and Glorious
  24. Hail, This Joyful Day’s Return
  25. Hark, in the Wilderness
  26. Heavenly Choirs with Anthems Sweet
  27. Herald of the Morn, The
  28. High Heaven’s Eternal Lord
  29. Holy Babe, Our Great Sal­va­tion
  30. Holy Cross, Blest Tree
  31. Holy Paschal Work Is Wrought, The
  32. Jesu, Highest Heaven’s Completeness
  33. Jesu, King o’er All Adored
  34. Jesu, Slain for Earth’s Release
  35. Jesu, the Earth’s Redeemer Thou
  36. King of Kings His Banner Rears
  37. Lamb, Whose Blood for All Men Streamed
  38. Light of the Troubled Heart
  39. Like Faithful Abraham’s Holy Child
  40. Maker of the Earth and Sky
  41. Morn Had Spread Her Crimson Rays, The
  42. Morning Shines with Eastern Light
  43. Now Ancient Shadows Flee
  44. O Christ, the True and Endless Day
  45. Oh Come, All Ye Faithful
  46. O Day, So Dear to Man Once Lost
  47. O Gracious Lord, Creator Dear
  48. Oh, How Great Shall Be the Fear
  49. O Ye, the Truly Wise
  50. Slow and Mournful Be Our Tone
  51. Soon the Sweetest Blossom Wasting
  52. Splendor of the Father’s Glory
  53. Swift as Shadows of the Night
  54. Thou, Creator, Art Possessed
  55. Thou Didst Not Need Creation’s Aid
  56. Thou from the Cradle to the Grave
  57. Thy Sweet Remembrance, Lord, Imparts
  58. Thy Work on Earth, O Christ, Is Done
  59. Thy Sacred Race, O Lord, Is Run
  60. Who Hath Heard What God Hath Wrought?
  61. Word of God, Eternal Son
  62. Word of God to Earth Descending
  63. Ye Choirs of New Jerusalem
  64. Ye People, Cease from Tears
  65. Ye Servants of a Martyred God
  66. Ye Servants of Our Glorious King