Motherly Love, by Tony Johannot (1803–1852)
  1. At the Cross, Her Station Keeping
  2. Book My Mother Read, The
  3. Can a Boy Forget His Mother?
  4. Come Home, My Child
  5. Faith of Our Mothers
  6. From Morn Till Evening’s Purple Tinge
  7. Home Ties
  8. How Blest the Matron, Who, Endued
  9. I Thought of You, Mother
  10. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
  11. I’ll Be There (Garey)
  12. Infidel and His Daughter, The
  13. Like as a Mother Comforteth
  14. Lord of Life and King of Glory
  15. Gracious Savior, Who Didst Honor
  16. Memories of Childhood
  17. Memories of Mother
  18. Mother Is Praying for Me
  19. Mother’s Gone (Brackeen)
  20. Mother’s Gone (Matthews)
  21. Mother’s Goodbye, The
  22. Mother’s Grave
  23. Mother’s Prayers Have Followed Me
  24. My Mother Has Gone on Home
  25. My Mother Is Praying for Me
  26. My Mother’s Bible
  27. My Name in Mother’s Prayer
  28. My Mother
  29. My Mother Is Praying for Me (Crosby)
  30. My Mother Is Praying for Me (Osgood)
  31. My Mother’s Hands
  32. My Mother’s Prayer (O’Kane)
  33. My Mother’s Prayer (Van DeVenter)
  34. My Old Faded Book
  35. O Blessèd Day of Motherhood!
  36. O Mother Dear, Jerusalem
  37. Our Mother
  38. Promise Made to Mother, The
  39. Remember Your Mother’s Prayer
  40. Safest Way, The
  41. See, Where a Tender Mother Fondly Bends
  42. Shake Hands with Mother Again
  43. She Sweetly Dwells Up There
  44. Tell Mother I’ll Be There
  45. There’s a Picture Fair and Bright
  46. We Shall Meet at the Beautiful Gate
  47. When Mother Prayed
  48. Will My Mother Know Me There?
  49. Your Mother Loves You Still