Scripture Verse

The Beautiful gate. Acts 3:10


Mrs. J. M. Hunter

Words: Mrs. J. M. Hun­ter, 1903.

Music: Will­iam A. Stew­art (🔊 pdf nwc).

If you know Hun­ter’s full name, would you ?

William A. Stewart


Dear mother, safe on that bright shore,
For me will watch and wait;
I love to picture o’er and o’er
My welcome at the gate.


Beautiful gate of pearly white,
Beautiful gate so fair,
Beautiful city, God its light,
I know we’ll meet up there.

My mind goes back to other days,
When she was with me here;
I sang for her sweet hymns of praise
And heard her words of cheer.


And now when oftentimes I try
Some old and cherished strain,
Their tender memories dim my eyes
And fill my heart with pain.


Then comes the thought, we’ll meet again
At Heaven’s gate so fair,
And I shall sing some sweet refrain
With mother over there.


Yes, there ’twill be the glad new song
Which Christ Himself will give,
Thro’ Him I’ll reach the happy throng,
Thro’ Him in glory live.


There ransomed ones securely dwell,
And sing redeeming love,
Methinks I’ll hear the chorus swell,
O precious home above.