Au­gust 28, 1796, Cleve­dale (near Bris­tol), Eng­land.

No­vem­ber 25, 1877, Lyd­ney Park, Glou­ces­ters­hire, Eng­land.

At the par­ish church in Lyd­ney, Glou­ces­ter­shire, where he owned the fam­i­ly seat. There is a plaque com­mem­o­rat­ing him in the church, and the 14th Cen­tu­ry cross in Lyd­ney was re­stored in 1878 in his mem­o­ry.


William was the son of Charles Bragge, Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment, who took the name of Bath­urst on suc­ceeding to his un­cle’s es­tate of Lyd­ney Park, Glou­ces­ter­shire.

He was ed­u­cat­ed at Win­ches­ter, and at Christ Church, Ox­ford, grad­u­at­ing in 1818. He took Ho­ly Or­ders in 1819, and from 1820–52, was Rec­tor of Bar­wick-in-El­met, near Leeds. How­ev­er, he could not re­con­cile his doc­trin­al views with the Book of Com­mon Prayer, and re­tired from the min­is­try.

For some time he was Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment for Bri­stol. In May 1863, on the death of his el­der broth­er, he suc­ceeded to his pa­ter­nal es­tate at Lyd­ney Park. His works in­clude:

  1. Almighty Fa­ther, by Whose Care
  2. Amid the Dark­ness That Ap­pears
  3. Another Week Has Passed Away
  4. Arise, My Soul, from Mean­er Things
  5. Author of Ev­ery Good De­sire
  6. Author of Life, Whose Sov­er­eign Will
  7. Awaken, Lord, Our Hearts to Know
  8. Before Thy Cross, My Dy­ing Lord
  9. Before Thy Mer­cy Seat, O Lord
  10. Before Thy Pres­ence We Ap­pear
  11. Behold, the Son of God Ap­pears
  12. Behold What Un­speak­a­ble Love
  13. Blest Is the Man Who Ne­ver Strays
  14. Break the Chains, O Lord, That Bind Me
  15. Brethren, Let Us Haste to Go
  16. By a Thou­sand Foes As­sailed
  17. Cease, O My Soul, Thy Fond Com­plaint
  18. Come un­to Me, the Sav­ior Cries
  19. Come, Ye That Love the Lord
  20. Darkest Clouds of Hu­man Woe, The
  21. Darkness Long Hath Veiled the Na­tions
  22. Days of Man on Earth Are Few, The
  23. Dear Is Thy Sac­red Word to Me
  24. Did the Lord of Life Come Down?
  25. Do I Not Hear My Sav­ior Say
  26. Does the Lord of Glo­ry Speak?
  27. Earth’s Emp­ty Joys I Cease to Prize
  28. Ere the World with Light In­vest­ed
  29. Eternal Spirit, by Whose Pow­er
  30. Except the Lord Our La­bors Bless
  31. Faith Is a Pre­cious Gift
  32. Father, Be­fore Thy Throne We Bend
  33. Few Are the Hours When We Can Share
  34. Forbid It, Lord, That We
  35. From a Vain World’s En­snar­ing Arts
  36. From Thy Seat of Mer­cy Bend­ing
  37. Full of Weak­ness and of Sin
  38. Glory to the Al­migh­ty Fa­ther
  39. God For­bid That I Should Boast
  40. Great God, in Whom We Move and Live
  41. Great God, When I Ap­proach Thy Throne
  42. Hail Bright­est, Hap­pi­est, Morn
  43. Happy the Heart Re­newed by Grace
  44. Hark! The Dis­tant Isles Pro­claim
  45. Heaven Is a Place Where God Is Seen
  46. Holy Lord, Our Hearts Pre­pare
  47. Holy Spir­it from on High
  48. How Blest Are They, Who Feel the Weight
  49. How Blest Is He Who Safe Hath Past
  50. How Bright a Day Was That Which Saw
  51. How Doth the World Our Hearts Sur­round
  52. How Frail and Fal­li­ble Am I!
  53. How Frail Are All Those Earth­ly Things
  54. How Gra­cious­ly the Lord In­vites
  55. How Great the Love of Our High Priest!
  56. How Long Will Ye Des­pise My Name?
  57. How Oft Do Sin and Sa­tan Strive
  58. How Strange That Souls Whom Je­sus Feeds
  59. How Sweet It Is in Ear­ly Youth
  60. How Sweet the Hour of Clos­ing Day
  61. How Vain­ly Strive Un­god­ly Foes
  62. I Drank of Plea­sure’s Mad­den­ing Stream
  63. If Thou, O Lord, My Por­tion Art
  64. In Je­su’s Name with One Ac­cord
  65. In Mer­cy, Not in Wrath, Re­buke
  66. In Pi­ty to a Dy­ing World
  67. In the Fond Pursuit of Plea­sure
  68. Is There a Bright­er World Than This?
  69. Is There a World of Bit­ter Woe?
  70. Is There No Soul So Poor and Vile?
  71. Jesu, in Whose Bound­less Grace
  72. Jesus Hath Left the Grave
  73. Jesus, if Thou My Shep­herd Be
  74. Jesus, My On­ly Source of Peace
  75. Jesus, the Pro­phet of Thy Church
  76. Jesus, the Soul by Grace Made Thine
  77. Jesus, Thy Church with Long­ing Eyes
  78. Jesus, Thy Glo­ri­ous Deeds Ex­cel
  79. Joy in An­gel­ic Bos­oms Burns
  80. Leaves Fall, and Flow­ers De­cay
  81. Led by a Fa­ther’s Gen­tle Hand
  82. Long Ex­pect­ed Hour Draws Near, The
  83. Lord, a Bet­ter Heart Be­stow
  84. Lord, Bid Thy Light Arise
  85. Lord, Can I Ev­er Love to Be
  86. Lord, Didst Thou Give Thy On­ly Son
  87. Lord, I Own My Sins Are Great
  88. Lord, Let Thy Doc­trine, Like the Dew
  89. Lord, Let Thy Word Be My De­light
  90. Lord, My Grief Is Lost in Glad­ness
  91. Lord of Glo­ry, Prince of Peace
  92. Lord Shall Come, The
  93. Lord, Show Thy Glo­ry, as of Old
  94. Lord, Since We Wan­der Here Be­low
  95. Lord, What Bless­ed Con­so­la­tion
  96. Lord, When Our Of­fer­ings We Pre­sent
  97. Lord, When Thy Sov­er­eign Will Be­gan
  98. Lord, When Wilt Thou Ex­tend Thy Sway?
  99. Lord, Who Is He That Shall Abide?
  100. Man, in His Mak­er’s Im­age Formed
  101. Midst All the Beau­ties That Ap­pear
  102. My God, For­bid These Tears to Flow
  103. My God, When Trou­bles Fill My Mind
  104. My Trou­bled Spir­it Longs for Peace
  105. Nothing in­to This World We Brought
  106. Now the Sab­bath Morn Ap­pear­ing
  107. O Could I but Learn Where to Find
  108. O Could We but Awake to See
  109. O for a Beam of Heav­en­ly Light
  110. O for a Faith That Will Not Shrink
  111. O for a Heart That Knows the Worth
  112. O, for an Ea­gle’s Wing
  113. O for That Flame of Liv­ing Fire
  114. O Give Thanks un­to the Lord
  115. O How Is Zi­on’s Glo­ry Gone!
  116. O Lord, How Won­drous Is the Place
  117. O Lord, I Would Be Whol­ly Thine
  118. O Lord, My Ve­ry Heart Seems Dead
  119. O Lord, Thy Gra­cious Word De­clares
  120. O Lord, Up­hold Me in Thy Way
  121. O Lord, Vouch­safe Those Hopes to Crown
  122. O Lord, with Morn­ing’s Ear­li­est Light
  123. O Savior, May We Ne­ver Rest
  124. O Savior, When Thy Ser­vants Meet
  125. O Sun of Right­eous­ness, Arise
  126. O That I Had a Tongue to Speak
  127. O Thou, by Whose Re­fresh­ing Pow­er
  128. O Thou, the Ho­ly, and the Just
  129. O Thou, Whose Com­pas­sion­ate Care
  130. O Thou, Whose Grace No Lim­it Knows
  131. O Thou, Whose Hand Alone Can Guide
  132. O Thou, Whose Mer­cy Spreads the Feast
  133. O Thou, Whose Pierc­ing Eye Sur­veys
  134. O Thou, Whose Ten­der Care Sup­plies
  135. O Thoughtless Youth, Let World­ly Joy
  136. O Vain Heart, Where Art Thou Rov­ing?
  137. O What Is Death?
  138. O When Will All This Con­flict Cease?
  139. O Where Can Hap­pi­ness Be Found?
  140. Once More As­sem­bled on Thy Day
  141. Path That Sin­ners Love to Tread, The
  142. Peace, Doubt­ing Soul
  143. Peace, My Soul
  144. Peace, Trou­bled Soul
  145. Polluted, Fee­ble, Lost and Blind
  146. Raise, My Soul, the Note of Joy
  147. Rest, Wea­ry Soul, Thy Race Is Run
  148. Savior, at Thy Feet We Bow
  149. Savior Comes, The
  150. Savior, Let Thy Gos­pel Light
  151. Shepherd of Is­ra­el, from Above
  152. Short Is the Space to Man Al­lowed
  153. Should Not Sin­ners, Saved by Grace
  154. Sinners Hear, the Lord In­vites You
  155. Spirit of Ho­li­ness, Look Down
  156. Spirit of Life, Thy In­flu­ence Shed
  157. There Are Some Hours to Mor­tals Giv­en
  158. There Is a Land of End­less Rest
  159. This Day the Lord Hath Called His Own
  160. Thou Art More Rea­dy, Lord, to Hear
  161. Though in a Wild­er­ness We Roam
  162. Thy Love, O Lord, Is Great and Free
  163. Thy Prais­es, O Lord, We Love to Re­peat
  164. Time’s Cease­less Tide Is Roll­ing On
  165. To God I Look Up
  166. Vain World, What Are Thy Joys to Me?
  167. We Come Be­fore Thy Throne of Grace
  168. We Have a House Not Made with Hands
  169. Welcome, Sweet Day of Rest
  170. What Can Re­lieve the Trou­bled Soul?
  171. What Is Life? An Emp­ty Show
  172. What Is There in Death So Ap­pall­ing?
  173. What Joys Are Thine, O Earth?
  174. What Tongue Can Speak the Won­drous Love?
  175. What Will These Sac­red Walls Avail?
  176. When Faith­less Pro­fess­ors De­part
  177. When I Hear the Tem­pest Rave
  178. When Je­sus Left His Glo­ri­ous Throne
  179. When Shall Thy Name Be Known?
  180. When Temp­ta­tion’s Flood Des­cend­ed
  181. When the World My Heart Is Rend­ing
  182. When Threat­en­ing En­e­mies As­sail
  183. When We Draw Nigh to Thee
  184. Where Can the Hap­py Souls Be Found?
  185. While Oth­ers Wan­der Far and Wide
  186. Who Can De­clare the Day or Hour?
  187. Why Buy We That Which Is Not Bread?
  188. Why Do I Shrink from Death?
  189. Why Is My Faith­less Heart So Slow?
  190. Why Search Ye in the Nar­row Tomb?
  191. Why Should a Liv­ing Man Com­plain?
  192. Why Should Earth­ly Beau­ties Tear Me
  193. Why Should Our Tears in Sor­row Flow?
  194. Wide o’er Earth’s Re­mot­est Bor­der
  195. With Hum­ble Heart and Tongue
  196. With Joy We Hear What God Has Done
  197. With Morn­ing’s Ear­li­est Ray
  198. Would That My Heart Were Ful­ly Bent
  199. Ye Ser­vants of the Liv­ing God
  200. Ye That Through This Vale of Tears
  201. Ye Vain En­gross­ing Thoughts, Away!
  202. Zion, by Her God For­sak­en