Why do you stand here idle all day?@Matthew 20:6

Mrs. C. W. Pember, in Green Pastures for the Lambs, by Alonzo Abbey & Merritt J. Munger (Cleveland, Ohio: S. Brainard’s Sons, 1886), number 5.

Alonzo J. Abbey (🔊 pdf nwc).

The Master bids you work for Him,
Work while the day doth last;
For the hand will fail, and the eye grow dim,
And night will come at last.


Then work, work, work with a willing mind,
Work with a right good will,
While the morning dawns and the sun goes down,
Tho’ idle hands are still.

Why wait ye here, and idle stand,
When earth is filled with woe?
With a word of cheer, and a helping hand,
Go to the suffering, go.


Go to the hearts, bowed down with care,
Tell them of rest on high;
With many a star in your crown so fair,
That waits you by and by.