Scripture Verse

This night thy soul shall be required of thee. Luke 12:20


Oswald J. Smith (1889–1986)

Words: Os­wald J. Smith, in The Voice of Thanks­giv­ing No. 2, ed­it­ed by Da­ni­el Tow­ner (Flem­ing H. Re­vell, 1916), num­ber 20.

Music: Da­ni­el B. Tow­ner (🔊 pdf nwc).

Daniel B. Towner (1850–1919)


Are you living for today,
With the future far away,
Knowing not that ere the night
Death may come and claim his right?
Then, I bid you stop and think
Ere you reach the awful brink,
For ’twill then be all too late,
To avoid your certain fate!


Are you rea­dy for the judg­ment day?
Are you rea­dy for the judg­ment day?
Have you pardon full and free
Through the Sav­ior slain for thee?
Are you rea­dy for the judg­ment day?

Have you turned away the Light,
Sought the darkness and the night?
Do you tread in error’s way,
And avoid the Sav­ior’s way?
Oh, beware! beware, I pray,
And the voice of God obey,
For to turn away the Light
Is to dwell in endless night!


Have you lost the sense of sin,
Silenced conscience’s voice within,
Placed the judg­ment far away,
Fought the light and shunned the day?
You will meet in sin or grace,
Meet the Sav­ior face to face;
’Tis for you the question when?
You must meet Him now or then.


Is it better then to sin
Than to have His peace within?
For the Sav­ior came to God,
Bending low beneath the rod—
Died for guilty sinners lost,
Paid the debt at fearful cost;
Oh, then come! no longer wait,
Ere for­ev­er ’tis too late!