No­vem­ber 8, 1889, Odes­sa, On­tar­io, Can­a­da.

Jan­u­a­ry 25, 1986, To­ron­to, Can­a­da.

Wes­tmin­ster Mem­or­i­al Park, To­ron­to, Can­a­da.

Smith wrote some 1,200 hymns, Gos­pel songs & po­ems. From 1915–59, he served as a pas­tor in To­ron­to, Can­a­da. His works in­clude:

  1. Alone with Thee
  2. Blessed Hope, The
  3. Breaking of the Day, The
  4. Christ Is Com­ing Back Again
  5. Deeper and Deep­er
  6. Glory of His Pres­ence, The
  7. God Is in the Sha­dows
  8. God Is Wait­ing in the Si­lence
  9. God Un­der­stands
  10. His Love Is All My Plea
  11. Jesus, Only Je­sus
  12. Jesus On­ly, Let Me See
  13. Jesus Shall Reign
  14. Joy in Ser­ving Je­sus
  15. Judgment Day, The
  16. Just Leave It All with Je­sus
  17. Revival Hymn, A
  18. Satisfied with Thee
  19. Savior Can Solve Ev­ery Prob­lem, The
  20. Saved!
  21. Someone Has Come from the Glo­ry Shore
  22. Song of the Soul Set Free, The
  23. Spirit’s Migh­ty Pow­er, The
  24. Tarry, Dear Lord
  25. Then Jesus Came
  26. There Is Joy in Ser­ving Jesus