Scripture Verse

…and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:14


Louis J. F. Hérold

Words: John S. B. Mon­sell, Hymns of Love and Praise 1863, page 23.

Music: Mes­si­ah Lou­is J. Hér­old, 1830. Ar­ranged by George Kings­ley, 1838 (🔊 pdf nwc).

John S. B. Monsell


Glory be to God on high!
Peace on earth! good will to men!
Angels tell it from the sky,
Sinners answer it again;
Ye who round the throne admire,
Ye who are redeemed on earth,
Swell the everlasting choir,
Sing the glorious Savior’s birth.

We were lost, but we are found,
Dead, but now alive are we;
We were sore in bondage bound,
Till He came to set us free;
Strangers, and He takes us in,
Naked, He becomes our dress,
Sick, and He from stain of sin
Cleanses with His righteousness.

Therefore will we sing His praise
Who His lost ones hath restored,
Hearts and voices both shall raise
Hallelujahs to the Lord;
Alleluia! Heav’n is won!
Alleluia! man is free!
Alleluia! God’s own Son
Savior is eternally!

In the lowest, far beneath
All the depths of human care,
Where, amid the shades of death,
Man knew nothing but despair;
In the highest, far above
Seraph’s gaze or angel’s ken,
Glory to the God of Love!
Peace on earth! good will to men!