Scripture Verse

A man [shall] leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; and they twain shall be one flesh. Mark 10:7–8


Words: El­e­azor T. Fitch, in the Con­nec­ti­cut Con­gre­ga­tion­al Psalms & Hymns for Chris­tian Use and Wor­ship, 1845.

Music: Ira Hein­rich C. Zeu­ner, in The Psal­te­ry, by Lo­well Ma­son & George J. Webb, 1845 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Till Death Us Do Part
Edmund B. Leighton


By vows of love together bound,
The twain, on earth, are one;
One may their hearts, O Lord, be found,
Till earthly cares are done.

As from the home of earlier years
They wander, hand in hand,
To pass along, with smiles and tears,
The path of Thy command.

With more than earthly parents’ care,
Do Thou their steps attend;
And with the joys or woes they share,
Thy loving kindness blend.

O let the memory of this hour
In future years come nigh
To bind, with sweet, attractive power,
And cheer them till they die.

And to that blessèd, fadeless land,
Where partings may not be,
Lead them—a happy household band—
Forever near to Thee.