Ap­ril 21, 1794, Hing­ham, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Sep­tem­ber 22, 1843, Fram­ing­ham, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Mount Au­burn Ce­me­te­ry, Cam­bridge, Mas­sa­chu­setts.


Henry was the son of Un­i­tar­ian min­is­ter Hen­ry Ware, Sr., and Ma­ry Clarke, and hus­band of Eliz­abeth Wat­son Wat­er­house and Ma­ry Lov­ell Picka­rd.

He at­tended Har­vard and be­came an as­sist­ant teach­er at Ex­e­ter Acad­e­my in New Hamp­shire.

In 1815, the Bo­ston Un­i­tar­i­an As­so­ci­a­tion li­censed Ware to preach, and in 1817, he was or­dained and be­came pas­tor of the Se­cond Church in Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts. He was al­so Pro­fess­or of Pul­pit El­o­quence and Pas­toral Care at the Har­vard Di­vi­ni­ty School (1829–42).

He al­so ed­it­ed the Chris­tian Dis­ci­ple (lat­er re­named the Chris­tian Ex­am­in­er), and ran the So­ci­e­ty for Re­li­gious Im­prove­ment at Har­vard Un­i­ver­si­ty (his fa­ther was on the fa­cul­ty there, as well). A two vol­ume Mem­oir and a four vol­ume Works were pub­lished three years af­ter his death.

  1. All Na­ture’s Works His Praise De­clare
  2. Around the Throne of God
    • O Holy, Ho­ly Lord
  3. Dwelling Place of God, The
  4. Farewell, Dear Scenes of Stu­dy and De­vo­tion
  5. Father of Earth and Hea­ven
  6. Father, Thy Gen­tle Chas­tise­ment
  7. Feed My Sheep, the Sav­ior Said
  8. Fling Wide the Tem­ple Door!
  9. Give Praise to the God of Our Fa­thers
  10. God Is a Spir­it, Great and Just
  11. Great God, the Fol­low­ers of Thy Son
  12. Great King of All, Our Na­tion’s God
  13. Happy the Home When God Is There
  14. How Beau­ti­ful the Feet of Those
  15. In This Glad Hour When Child­ren Meet
  16. Lift Your Glad Voices in Tri­umph on High
  17. Like Is­ra­el’s Hosts to Ex­ile Driv­en
  18. O Thou in Whom Alone Is Found
  19. O Thou Who for Thy­self Didst Raise
  20. O Thou Who on Thy Chos­en Son
  21. Oppression Shall Not Al­ways Reign
  22. To Pray­er, to Pray­er
  23. We Praise the Lord, Who o’er the Sea
  24. We Rear Not a Tem­ple
  25. With Praise and Pray­er Our Gift We Bring