Scripture Verse

We hear only a whisper of Him! Who can understand the thunder of His power? Job 26:14


Henry Ware, Jr.

Words: Hen­ry Ware, Jr., 1811. The In­com­pre­hen­si­bil­i­ty of De­ity.

Music: Mainz­er Jo­seph Mainz­er, 1841 (🔊 pdf nwc).

Joseph Mainzer


God is a spirit, great and just;
We His dependent creatures are:
His pleasure called us from the dust;
His goodness keeps us, and His care.

He dwells enthroned in light on high;
He lives throughout the boundless whole;
Invisible to mortal eye,
Unsearchable by human soul.

To feeble man ’twas never giv’n
The great mysterious One to know,
To scan the majesty of Heav’n,
Or make His essence known below.

Enough for us, His sovereign Word
Reveals Him as the God of love,
The just, the ever gracious Lord,
Who can but righteousness approve.

Unfolds His blissful Heav’n above,
And glory for His children there;
While those who slight His offered love
Shall sink to darkness and despair.

There, also, is enough revealed,
To guide us in the way we go;
And what His wisdom has concealed
Might be but misery to know.

O, then adore th’eternal Mind
With wonder, gratitude, and fear;
Nor seek what man may never find,
The knowledge of His essence here.